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Abstract Art Ideas For Every Personality Type

Abstract Art Ideas For Every Personality Type

There are few things more abstract than personality type tests. You know the deal. You’re sitting in a workplace team building day or attending a job interview, you diligently complete the test and the result:

a/ draws absolutely no correlation to who you are;
b/ makes you sound like the most neurotic person in the world; or
c/ makes it clear that you have no desire to work with others.

It’s happened to the best of us!

The beaut thing about using personality type testing to help you choose art is that it’s clearly just 100% pure fun – and using it to inform your choice of abstract art takes the experience to a whole new level of esoteric.

Take the test now then check back to determine which piece of abstract art corresponds to your personality type.

The good news is that, if you’re a square peg in a round hole, you can delight in knowing that every single one of these abstract art ideas is available to you.

Better yet, you – yes even you Mediator, Debater and Consul  – can ignore it at will. But not before you’ve had some fun working out if that abstract work is totes ‘all you’.

1. Virtuoso

ISTP personality types or ‘Virtuosos’ are quite enigmatic. They may have a sense of practical realism, but they are friendly despite being very private and they are calm despite being suddenly spontaneous.

In this dominantly red abstract piece, pops of colour seemingly break loose, cheering up this otherwise functional hall space.

POP: Break loose with this spontaneously exciting ‘Desert Fire Orbs’ abstract print.

2. Protagonist

If protagonists are passionate, charismatic leaders then embrace your favourite colour and let it lead into every aspect of the bedroom. Abstract art is ideal, but creative photography can also add oodles of charisma. Here, blue takes a leading role in connecting all the ideas together towards a common goal, in this case – beauty. Truly mesmerising.

Abstract Art Ideas - Protagonist

MESMERISE: Give a room plenty of passion and charisma with ‘Kaleidoscope Blues’.

3. Mediator

Poetic, kind and altruistic? Then take a peek into the Mediator’s mind’s eye. Build a fantasy world in your living space with this purple and pink piece that honours purity of intent, beauty and virtue.

Abstract Art Ideas - Mediator

PURE FANTASY: Take a peek inside ‘Minds Eye’, a piece of purple and pink perfection.

4. Executive

If good order is the foundation of all things then this abstract piece will speak directly to The Executive personality type. Lead by example with an honest work that demonstrates dedication and rejects laziness.

Abstract Art Ideas - Executive

ORDER: The wonderful ‘Black Square Abstract’ is about as functional as abstract can get, a great piece for the office.

5. Entrepreneur

This piece epitomises the high energy of the Entrepreneur. This ESTP personality type can’t help but impact their surroundings, revelling at being the centre of attention. Fluorescent pink, blue and yellow abstract art will also do that.

Abstract Art Ideas - Entrepreneur

ENERGY: All eyes will gaze upon ‘On The Edge’, a fun, high impact abstract work that will inspire.

6. Entertainer

Life is never boring around an Entertainer and this work is far, far from dull. ESFP types tend to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and this tangle of aquas, blues, greens and mustards portrays that perfectly.

Abstract Art Ideas - Entertainer

EXCITE: Enjoy being a born entertainer with ‘Urban Rainbow’, the ideal upbeat print for wining and dining.

7. Defender

Despite being meticulous by nature (to the point of perfectionism), the Defender also has plenty of warmth. The strong pink lines in this abstract combine with a blurred effect to personify those qualities.

This print, as you gaze into the detail, exceeds expectations, much like ISFJs who often go above and beyond the call of duty to delight others at work and at home.

Abstract Art Ideas - Defender

DELIGHTFUL: ‘Pink Horizon’ is the perfect match for this Defender bedroom decor.

8. Debater

The smart and curious personality type will love the intellectual challenge provided by this abstract art piece. I mean, what is it? A deconstruction could go on for hours and hours and hours …

Abstract Art Ideas - Debater

QUESTION TIME: Become talk of the town (or at least talk of the home) with this inscrutable ‘Form And Flow’ piece.

9. Consul

Caring, social and popular, The Consul loves to make people happy and restore harmony without causing too much offence. This colourful piece isn’t as vibrant as The Entrepreneur’s fluro colours, but more easy on the eye – lively, zesty and full of pep. The colours are in step with the rest of the decor.

Abstract Art Ideas - Consul

ZESTY: Add pep to a living space with the ever-sublime ‘Awaken’ abstract print.

10. Commander

Nothing says bold, imaginative and strong willed than this stunning red and pink arrows piece. A slight step away from abstract without a complete leap towards realism, this work is all about achieving a common goal – and the challenges around that. This work has Commander written all over it.

Abstract Art Ideas - Commander

STRONG: Choose your own direction with ‘Red Arrows’, an urban piece that will instantly add edge.

11. Campaigner

A free spirit who always finds a reason to smile, this enthusiastic, creative piece sums up The Campaigner to a tee. An ENFP will give an abstract artwork like this pride of place in the living room as a way to surprise and delight all who visit their home – a shameless expression of feeling.

Abstract Art Ideas - Campaigner

ALL THE FEELS: Use a bright work of art like ‘Vibrant Summer’ to channel your inner Campaigner.

12. Architect

Imaginative and strategic, The Architect loves creativity but also loves to have a plan. This piece seems to have a sense of purpose, but goes off on many tangents, but that’s OK because the INTJ often finds social conventions downright stupid.

Abstract Art Ideas - Architect

INNOVATE: This stunning ‘Slope’ piece sits safely between the lines of creativity and common sense.

13. Advocate

This gorgeous piece is meant for the quiet and mystical Advocate, someone who uses creativity, conviction and sensitivity to create balance in society and in their everyday lives. Advocates are always out there trying to make the world a better place, so it’s important they have something like this to come home to that will help them decompress and recharge.

Abstract Art Ideas - Advocate

OH SO QUIET: Bring a bit of shhhh to your entire home with this beauty, ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

14. Adventurer

Flexible and charming are characteristics of The Adventurer that shine through in this speckled beauty that somehow manages to win over a room that is rather conservative in nature. ISFP personality types are ‘true artists’ and love pushing the limits of social convention. Party on!

Abstract Art Ideas - Adventurer

CHARMED: Enjoy crazy adventurers in the comfort of home with ‘In My Head’, a shiny happy wall art print.

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