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Global fusion trends to spice up your home

Interior decor is following the global fusion trends in Australian food and modern interior design in Australia takes the best of east and west, northern and southern hemispheres and integrates them. The result is an endless array of design and decor options, unique to the individual but influenced by the best the world offers.

Asian and Scandi— a match made in wood

global fusion decor trends

Pulling from opposite sides of the globe, Scandi and Asian designs are both minimalist at heart. Harmony with the environment is a common theme and you’ll find a lot of wood, smooth lines, and indoor greenery. Wood furniture is always a welcome vision but the raw simplicity of a wood floor or even wood as a design element on the walls is appropriate. While Nordic design generally keeps to a light hue, deep tones on a wall, art print or in a piece of furniture can add some striking Asian contrast, with excellent effect. Include natural fibres and textiles for a lovely Japandi look.

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Combine mid century with modern designs

global design mid century modern

The marriage of mid century and modern designs is an exquisite thing. The sophisticated, curvilinear and geometric designs of the post World War II era add a spark of interest to the clean, sleek, smooth elements of modern design. Both are fully functional yet aesthetically pleasing and can lean towards a fun, bright vibe or more of a monochrome palette, with equal ease.

Rustic design makes its way throughout the world

global fusion trends combining rustic design

A rustic, time worn look is prized across many home design trends right now. The speed of our technology driven age perhaps highlights the beauty of a slower time and rustic elements bring a long lasting, timeless feel to a space. Today, “planned obsolescence” is a focus for many industries; there is something comforting about things that were intended for use by generations. A worn, imperfect appearance can be pleasing and anchoring to a room.

Expect bigger trends in smaller changes

global fusion trends that are smaller

With minimalism a key part of sustainable home living, expect global fusion trends to incorporate small pieces in the décor of smaller ecological footprints.

Small is the new big! With tiny homes maintaining a strong following and the increase in interest in sustainable living and minimising one’s environmental impact, global fusion will bring a scaling down of decor. Seek out smaller pieces fit for smaller ecological footprints.

More natural materials

natural looking global fusion trends

Porcelains, woods, cotton and wool fabrics are all making come backs in global fashion trends.

Global fusion is bringing a resurgence of natural materials to decor, whether that’s porcelain, glass, and wood, or textiles and fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen. Similar in some ways to rustic design elements, natural materials bring an organic, timeless feel of harmony with the earth. So much of our life and work tends towards the digital, the virtual, the ethereal and elements from the earth and from nature offer a tangible, grounding feel to a space.

Integrating cultural geometric designs in your home

global fusion geometric patterns

This photo showcases a striking Indian geometric pattern but there are many geometric patterns that play between varying cultures that add beauty to your home décor.

Every culture has its art and design and its own command of geometry. An appreciation for the world’s beauty and design, especially when it’s not from your own heritage, is a perfect example of spicy global fusion trends. Incorporate cultural craftsmanship in to your decor and enjoy design from around the globe.

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Food fusion and interior design

global fusion trends involving food

Food has always been a prominent element of design, whether as still life art, a pleasing presentation of food as art or the functional utility of a space. It must be prepared, presented, consumed and there are entire rooms devoted to these. Look for food— depicted in art, or displayed in reality — to bring a natural, elemental aspect to a room and increase the worldwide vibe.

Fabric and natural wood fusion

global fusion trends made from wood

The pairing of natural wood and fabric, whether as upholstery or accessory, is delightful. The natural hues of wood and the pleasing texture of fabric can be a perfect balance between the organic and the manufactured, the elemental and the sophisticated. These two can fit almost any space, and add to several different global fusion design aesthetics.

Integrating multicultural seating styles

global fusion seating trends

From floor mats to dining room chairs, interior design fusion includes multiple types of seating.

Additionally, layering seating can integrate global designs as well as adding some texture and variation to a space. Floor mats, floor cushions or pillows, benches, dining chairs, lounges, all can be used as seating for family and friends, to dine, relax, or converse. Incorporate different types of seating for a multicultural decor.

Richer palettes in colour

global fusion colour trends

Multitoned woods, natural rocks and mid century fabrics all have a variety of hues and colours and are a standout global design trend.

Enjoy some of the richer colours in decor and design. The deep hues of multitoned woods in floor and furniture bring a natural warmth to a space and the array of hues found in natural stone and brick can do the same. The occasional bright colours of mid century fabrics and accessories can add interest and even highlight some of the more muted elements of a room.

Minimalist fusion in the bedroom

global fusion minimalist trends

Since a bedroom needs to be a place where you relax and rest, design trends in your place of rest should be muted, softer colours and geometric shapes that help aid natural sleep cycles.

A bedroom should be a relaxing, restful space. With that in mind, minimalism can be effective and helpful theme to keep in mind. Use muted, softer colours in your palette and geometric shapes in your art and furniture choices to create a room that promotes calmness and repose. Read more about sleeping easy in your master bedroom.

Start fusing together prominent global design trends for a home you love to spend time in. If you’re looking for an easy way to start, the diverse colours and designs of Indian patterns and African patterns will provide great inspiration for your global fusion trends journey.


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