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How To Nail Boho Chic Interior Design

How To Nail Boho Chic Interior Design

‘I’m a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian,’ Brigitte Bardot.

Evolving after the French Revolution in the early eighteen hundreds, the Bohemian lifestyle and counter culture has generously inspired one of the world’s most beloved home decor and fashion trends of the twenty first century: Boho chic.

The Bohemians comprised of artistic and intellectual individuals that took to living an unconvential and adventurous life. And these traits play out heavily in the Boho chic decor that we still see today.

Modern day Bohemians love expressing their individuality through art, music and travel. But you don’t have to be a creative adventurer to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Boho interior design.

To start channelling your inner Boho diva, take a look at what style, colour, mood and place means to modish hippie goddesses in the world of interior design and how you can encapsulate the free spirit into your Boho room decor.


Boho style is less about convention and more about accepting that absolutely anything goes. However, one thing is consistent: there is a rich sense of femininity that pervades all Boho chic decor.

Boho chic is almost like the Geisha (a person of art) for the western world: soft, tender, spirited yet cheeky, fun and lively.

Effortless femininity

effortless Boho Chic

AVANT-GARDE: Relax with a book while enjoying floral fantasies with this Fashion art watercolour painting.

Flowing figures

Boho Chic Art Print

FREEDOM: Couch cushions are an amazing way to create a boho chic look, with the With Fishes In Her Hair print the perfect complement.

Folk art finery

Boho Chic Meets Folk Art

ECLECTIC: Mix and match chairs and artwork, like this Birds And Buds Khokhloma from our Folk Art collection.


Boho chic encourages you to step into a world of colour. The wonderful thing is you have the freedom to complement or contrast colours, be inspired by seasons and even embrace cool, carefree white when it comes to nailing Boho chic interiors.

Luminous lanterns

To achieve the effect of paper lanterns without the electricity bill to go with it, hang this Lanterns Of Hoi An, Vietnam print, available from our travel photography collection.

Boho Chic exotic lanterns

BOLD: baubles of colour inspire freedom.

Autumn attraction

Boho Chic Autumn Colours

FANCY FALL: Take the earthy tones of boho and add colour to a wall using pattern art to match like Autumn Foliage.

Mixing things up

From Brit & Co.

Colourful Boho Chic

HAPPY: Throw your cares away with colourful cushions, rugs and decorations that clash and contrast.

Whimsical white

From Brittany Ambridge.

Boho Chic White

COOL OFF: Combine neutral tones with different shades of white to create a fresh, natural interior.


Whether you’re away travelling or cosied up at home, the essence of Boho never needs to leave. Sure, it’s tricky to carry the free spirit in your heart after returning from your 9 to 5 office job so let your home decor aid in retaining that open sense of wonder.

With Boho chic interior design at your doorstep, at least you know your home provides an escape into a place where you can be a free, spirited version of yourself.

Fly into freedom

Boho Chic Room Decor

FEARLESS: Remember the boho girl you really are with this Be Free print from our inspirational art collection.

Earthy enhancements

From Carley Summers.

Boho Chic with indoor plants

GREEN GOODNESS: Plants are nature’s artwork, so bring them all inside.

Day dreaming

Boho chic artwork

FANCIFUL: Sometimes the Boho lifestyle seems so far away, but this Dream print gives you permission to escape the humdrum.

Musical musings

From A Cup Of Jo.

Boho Chic Music Inspired Design

SWEET SOUNDS: When instruments aren’t in use, don’t store them away. Display them like you would a work of art.

Breathe easy

From Pinterest.

Boho Chic indoor hammock

LET GO: Buy the biggest hammock or hanging chair you can possibly imagine and give it pride of place in your Boho home.


Kick off those heels! It’s time to go globetrotting in true Boho style. To inspire your next adventure, welcome multicultural art into your home and cap off the ultimate in Boho room decor.

If you’re taking a break from travel but yearn for those distant lands, get your mojo back with these exotic interior delights.

Islamic inspirations

Boho Chic Islamic Artwork

PERFECT PATTERNS: This Islamic Inspiration print is just one of many extraordinarily beautiful pattern prints that can be used to give your living space an exotic feel.

Mexican mojo

From IDecor.

Boho Chic Mexican Decor

VERY MERRY: When it comes to Mexican decor, all it takes is one signature art piece like this wall hanging and your home is transformed into a Mexican bazaar.

Moroccan maverick

From El Ramla Hamra.

Boho Chic Moroccan

WHOOPEE: Every free spirit needs a giant swing!

Wild turkey

Boho Chic Interior Design

PEREGRINE: Pretend you’re in Turkey or Saudi Arabia with colourful scarves, rugs, cushions and Cultured Camels.

The Bohemian lifestyle is all about the arts and supporting the arts, so get on board and invest in new canvas art today.

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