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5 easy ways to update your home decor

5 easy ways to update your home decor

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • your home decor feels stagnant
  • you’re bored of every room
  • there’s a sense of unease every time you step through the doorway
  • you keep scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram wistfully?

Rather than undertake the expensive and taxing task of moving houses or a complete renovation, try these easy methods to update your home décor effortlessly and with budget restraints in mind. With just a few simple changes, you can introduce a sense of novelty to your home decor without emptying your entire savings account.

1.     A feature wall as an accent detail

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If your home is steeped in neutrals or grey colour schemes, then instantly create a stunning effect by transforming a single wall into an accent feature. With so many inspiring options, you can easily find a design that fits your overall home design style.

Wallpaper is a simple way to spruce up a wall, offering plenty of inspiring motifs, such as natural, botanical patterns, whimsical florals and modern geometric designs etc. However, if you’re not a fan of wallpaper, you can always add a coat of fresh paint. Opt for a conspicuous hue, such as navy blue, forest green or deep maroon to really heighten your home decor.

Those who want to try something different and daring can try adding texture to a wall by affixing wooden planks. Not only will you create a mesmerising focal point but you’ll also introduce the warmth of wood to your home.

These accent wall ideas provide a glamorous addition to any lacklustre home.

2.     Playful arrangement of art

Home decor ideas for art

There’s nothing like art when it comes to elevating your home decor. However, simply exhibiting your collection of artwork isn’t the only way to style up your home. You can experiment with the arrangement of prints that will make your pieces truly stand out. Try placing several paintings horizontally or opt for a salon inspired style by creating a gallery wall. Another simple but enchanting option is placing your artwork on the floor, leaning it against a wall or using a single, big painting as a focal point. When arranging your artwork, pick a colour or theme to create a harmonious, cohesive look.

The arrangement of the artwork is artwork in and of itself.

3.     Comfy furniture for cosiness

Home decor furniture ideas

The average renovation costs $66 900 in Australia, according to Houzz.

Applying frugal measures when updating your home decor, like the suggestions in this post, will enable you to save for those much needed splurge items. Buying high quality, durable pieces of furniture such as couches and armchairs are a savvy, long term investment in your home decor that will also reward you in comfort.

Not only is large scale, comfortable furniture one of the biggest trends for 2018 but it will also create a cosy, inviting ambiance in your home. In addition, subtle but elegant couches can work as enticing home decor statements in the living room, especially when combined with stylish side tables or decorated with layered throw pillows and covers. Another option is getting a cosy armchair for your reading nook— you can place it in a sun drenched spot next to a bookcase and a chic standing lamp.

4.     A play of patterns

home decor patterns

If your home decor features a neutral, monochromatic background, consider elevating your interior design by using and mixing playful patterns. It may seem overwhelming at first but once you master the art of spotting complementary or deliberately clashing patterns, you will wonder why you didn’t incorporate it earlier. It takes a fair amount of bravery to give it a go so don’t worry if you feel hesitant at first.

‘Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold,’ Helen Keller.

From glamorous art deco geometric designs to romantic vintage florals, you can add patterns that will help you create a particular atmosphere in your home. While black and white patterns can create an elegant look, blue and white stripes can introduce a relaxed, nautical inspired vibe. Don’t forget: the key to using patterns in home decor lies in subtlety and moderation. A few accent details will be enough to make a décor statement.

5.     New faucets for an instant shine

home decor tap ware

By changing your old faucets and tapware, you will you create a fresh look. You’ll also have an opportunity to introduce chic finishes that will give your home decor a new flair. The overlooked details can make a monumental difference and make you feel completely different about the way your home looks. Your eyeline is automatically drawn to these design features and updated, new fittings will change a whole room instantly.

Tapware now comes in an array of colours and not just the usual chrome. Choose from the following tones to complement any wet area:

  • rose gold
  • white
  • bronze
  • copper
  • silver
  • matte black.

Additionally, tapware comes in a variety of different textures that incorporate elaborate patterns that add interest and an unusual point of difference. And different heights and mounts add to illusory interest.

Opt for a black matte finish for a minimalist look, especially if you’re a fan of Zen and Scandinavian inspired styles. Such a monochromatic finish exudes effortless beauty and subtle elegance. Alternatively, use a soft gold finish to add a touch of luxury and opulence to your space. A rose gold finish will give it a romantic flair.

The more industrial look works for a variety of kitchens and bathrooms— both traditional and rustic decor as well as sleek, contemporary homes.

Home decor offers plenty of opportunities for experimentation and freshness. Dive into the world of design inspiration and take your pick!

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