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Monochromatic Delight: Sweet Blue O’ Mine

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a simple, yet highly effective tactic to transform the space. Picking the right colour for the interior design project is touch choice, however, and one has to think beyond the matters of favouritism. Colours have a profound effect on our mind, especially when they surround us in our abodes.

Mixing them is something that demands some planning, but it is not always a prudent solution. Namely, a single hue can do wonders for the appearance of the home.

Blue is a sound option, as it encourages contemplation, spurs creative thinking and enables the clarity of mind.

Monochromatic Delights

Image Source: Pexels

A fresh start

You may start with a hub of domestic life, the living room. Preferably pick a natural paint, roll up the sleeves and give your walls a makeover.

Note that the soothing blue backdrop works well with white furniture and wall art, while leaving the ceiling white defines the space with the exciting contrast of colours. However, this deviates from the rules of designing rooms around monochromatic colour palette.

Monochromatic Delights

Image Source: Pinterest, Rilane.

So, to introduce some variety, introduce different shades, maybe even make one accent wall stand out from the rest of the visual spectrum.

A subtle inclusion of other colours is fine by me, just pay close attention not to break the whole monochromatic order of things. For example, put some décor pieces such as throws, pillows and rugs in: They serve as splashes of various hues and textures, making the living room more inviting and cheerful.

Now, lighting is another key aspect of swell interior design. With appropriate lights, one can highlight the artwork statement pieces and other focal points, but also add life to dull corners and areas.

As for the fittings, it pays off to pick long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting. In terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and quality, fluorescent and traditional light bulbs are no match for these cutting-edge products.

Monochromatic Delights

Image Source: Cerulean watercolour, Summer beach with shells, Dandelion blues

The lighthouse on the horizon

In the bathroom, harness the shimmering visual synergy of colour, lighting and mirrors, and create a reflective spectacle that will make you never want to leave your small retreat. For instance, you can check out Superlight’s LED lighting, as it could better fit into your design vision.

The colours of the fittings will likely work to your advantage, and induce the exciting interplay of different tones.

Monochromatic Delights

Image Source: Specihome, Photowizdesign

Many people invest in solutions such as marine blue marble tiles and muse on blue cabinet finishes to push the ambience closer to the monochromatic perfection. Moreover, do not hesitate to get your creative juices flowing and bring in some unexpected décor elements that you do not usually see in bathrooms.

Blue is an increasingly popular choice in bedrooms as well, and research shows that it even benefits the length and quality of sleep time. Inject this space with some Caribbean blue and compliment it with the linen in brighter shades.

A calming presence of the water can also be summoned with indigo details and furnishings that echo the waves with their texture.

Mind that the fabric detailing is crucial for the fine tuning of the visual identity, so go for some soft blue when choosing items such as headboards, footboards, curtains and cushions. At last, a nice table lamp is an excellent way to deliver a finishing touch and instil even more style.

Monochromatic Delights

Image Source: Sheridan, Shakiraaz

Sea change

Considering how much time we spend at home, it is time to feel the soft embrace of its visual appeal. With the monochromatic approach, you can create diversity and attractiveness: Use décor and furniture to provide deeper and brighter shades of blue, and explore the mesmerising maritime landscape.

Make a positive change in your living environment and do not overlook a single room. Fold a series of patterns, textures and materials into a space which is unified by the hale and hearty embranchment of blue.

Author: Derek Lotts, Editor-in-chief of Smooth Decorator.

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