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12 Top Nature Photographers To Inspire Your Home Decor

12 Top Nature Photographers To Inspire Your Home Decor

Too scared to let you know you knew what you were looking for
I lied until I fit the bill – God bless the great indoors
I lied about being the outdoor type
I’ve never owned a sleeping bag, let alone a mountain bike

– Lemonheads

God bless the great indoors! We all love nature, but we don’t all love getting up close and personal with it.

And that’s why nature photographers are a glorious treasure to us all. They capture the best of the beauty so we can enjoy it in the comfort of our own home – online, in magazines, calendars and wall art.

Many of us love to travel, but often we do so within the confines and safety of a guided walk, a tour van and a comfortable bed to sleep in. So we experience some of the beauty, but we don’t experience all of it.

Photographers of wildlife – flora, fauna and other natural wonders of the world – revel in the challenge of capturing that perfect moment. It’s never dumb luck, it’s a combination of patience, perseverance and extraordinary talent.

We’ve put together a snapshot of 12 top nature photographers who we believe have influenced other fine art photographic gems that feature in our landscape, animal and travel collections.

We love making art affordable and accessible, so we’re excited to share how you too can ‘get the look’ in your own home.

1. Nick Brandt

In 2000, in fear of the vanishing wildlife of East Africa, Brandt produced a trilogy of books to capture the grandeur before it disappeared. His style was epic and dramatic, using black and white film without zoom, almost like studio portraits.

In our black and white collection, we have a selection of African animal photography that pays homage to his distinct style.

Nature Photographers - Nick Brandt

COURAGE: The masculine energy of ‘The Young Lion’ print would suit a boy’s bedroom or man’s office.

2. Daniel Bergmann

Born and raised in Iceland, Bergmann had an interest in nature and travel and is now an accomplished photographer with four published books to his name. He now runs photography tours.

This print of a waterfall in Iceland, from our landscape photography collection, sums up everything there is to love about the appeal of the country, located at the other end of the earth. Now you too can have a piece of Iceland in your own home.

Nature Photographers - Daniel Bergmann

VIBRANT: This print of Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland will add life, energy and spirit to any living space.

3. Eric Nguyen

Thank you, storm chasers, for doing what you do so we can enjoy the magnificence and mood of a storm without the terror. Nguyen is an American professional storm chaser who is also one of the best photographers in that medium.

Here’s a storm chaser wall art piece, below, that gives a room thrill and drama. Complement it with a rich, contemporary decor and you have a thought-provoking talking point.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Eric Nguyen

ACTION: ‘Stormy Days’, for sale online, captures a different aspect of an otherwise quiet country landscape.

4. Miguel Lasa

Wildlife photographer Lasa’s eclectic works are awe-inspiring. He covers land, sea and sky, capturing birds in flight, animals on ice and ocean life.

This precious moment in time, available for sale in our animal photography collection, is very Lasa-esque.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Miguel Lasa

CHILLED: This ‘Family Love’ piece adds warmth to an otherwise cool, fresh decor.

5. Brian Valentine

A retired microbiologist, Valentine’s macro photography is apparently mostly captured in his own garden. He has an amazing ability to turn the real into the surreal.

Our wall art piece, below, is clearly inspired by this style of nature photographer. Just make sure to hold back the pest inspector.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Brian Valentine

SURREAL: This ‘Turkish Jumping Spider’ print will add plenty of pizzazz to a contemporary living space.

6. Tina Owens

It’s time to venture under the sea. Owens loves taking macro underwater photos of both popular and obscure creatures.

This photo from our collection reflects Owens’ style – clear, bright, active.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Tine Owens

CLOWNING AROUND: You can find Nemo in our animal photography collection, a beautiful print for adults and children alike.

7. Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

Another Icelandic photographer, award-winning Atli is known for his colourful landscapes. Particularly stunning are his Auroras.

This Aurora, below, inspired by Atli’s haunting hallmark, will add mystery and intrigue to a room – a great way to spice up a bedroom.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Örvar Atli

ENCHANTING: Create a room with allure with this sensational print ‘Aurora Borealis Over The Sea’

8. Adam Andrearczyk

It doesn’t get any more fantastical than Andrearczyk, but we’re quite sure this print, below, is one of our most popular because it shares some of the similar traits – theatrical, spine-tingling and breathtaking.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Adam Andrearczyk

MAGICAL: ‘The Forest Stairwell’, a must have for any library or sitting room, will walk you right into another world.

9. Ansel Adams

The king of black and white nature photography, Adams was also an environmentalist with a love of Yosemite National Park.

An inspiration to many photographers to follow, we believe this print of Bridalveil Falls pays its respect to Adams’ revered work.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Ansel Adams

WILDERNESS: From our Man Cave collection, ‘Bridalveil Falls’ oozes character.

10. Galen Rowell

A wilderness photographer and climber, Rowell’s passion for mountains is contagious. There are many similar works in our collection that share Rowell’s love of clear, crisp, colourful photographic art.

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Galen Rowell

FRESH: As the sun goes down on your day, this ‘Tipsoo Lake Sunset’ print, will transform a room into the perfect place for a quiet drink.

11. David Muench

American landscape and nature photographer,Muench, while known for his portrayal of the American western landscape, has branched out further afield and has recently visited Iceland.

This snow covered mountain and lake print, below, celebrates Muench’s classic approach.

Nature Photographers - By David Muench

CHARMED: This photographic beauty ‘Vivid Hues Of Lake Moraine, Canada’, matches perfectly with this lime and tan colour scheme.

12. Arthur Morris

Bird as art is Morri’s mantra, so we’ve included this penguin print to applaud that specialty. Aren’t the colours grey, white, yellow and tan just perfect together?

Nature Photographers - Inspired by Arthur Morris

STYLISH: This ‘King Penguin’ print adds joy and life to a contemporary setting.

To decorate your home with prodigious photographic prints inspired by the masters, browse our nature, animal, travel and landscape photography collections.

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