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Office decor to inspire creativity

A lot of us are still working from home. Which brings many benefits – less time in traffic, working in our pyjamas (go on – admit it!), popping on a load of washing in between meetings. But have you found that your office decor is just not up to scratch?

Don’t worry, refreshing your office decor can be simple and affordable. Below, we’ll guide you through some of the ways you can make your home office as delightful as every other room in your home.

The business of basics

A pleasing space

peaceful office decor
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: choose a quiet, bright, pleasing space for your office

Just because you’re not working onsite doesn’t mean that location doesn’t matter! Make sure you choose the most peaceful, pleasing and quiet space that is available to you so you can make working as comfortable as possible. It doesn’t have to be a separate room if space is tight – a well-considered nook can work just as well.

Comfy yet chic

ergonomic office decor
FUNCTION OVER FORM: get the basics right to maximise comfort

You can still opt for comfort without forgoing chic in your home office. With an array of furniture and office decor accessories available, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for an aesthetic.

Like it or not, you’re probably going to be spending quite a lot of time sitting in your office chair if working from home. So make it a priority to choose a comfortable and adjustable chair with a well-proportioned desk. Opting for an ergonomic chair will save your back and neck, leaving you to focus on the task at hand.

Consider colour

calming colours in office decor
KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON: a neutral colour palette provides a calming backdrop

Keep your cool in meetings and with impending deadlines by surrounding yourself with a colour palette that soothes your soul. To encourage creativity, first you need to calm your mind!

If you find neutral colour schemes of white, beige and cream too boring and uninspiring, don’t fret. Instead, consider applying the principles of colourology to your office decor. For example, blue is synonymous with calming and soothing moods, while yellow encourages feelings of optimism and confidence.

YOU GOT THIS: boost your confidence with the power of yellow

The organisation of being organised

Office decor storage

office shelving and decor

A tidy office is always going to look better and be more enticing to work in. Investing in quality shelves and storage means you can tuck away any clutter that bogs you down and gets in the way of your creativity.

Don’t forget to keep cords and cables tidied too. Not only will you gain the benefit of a clear desk, but it also makes sense if your pet has become your new office colleague!

Light it right

BRIGHT AND BREEZY: boost your brain power with as much natural light as possible

Lighting can affect our mood, health and eyesight. So it’s important to get enough lighting for various times of the day (or night, if you are a night owl).

Don’t forget to introduce as much natural light as possible by placing your desk near a window. Adding in a lamp or two will help soften the mood of the room and help on those gloomy winter days. A study shows that 70 per cent of workers who have access to natural light show improved work performance.

Stocked up stationery

office stationery organising
IMAGE CREDIT: Pottery Barn

Who doesn’t love stationery? It’s probably the most fun part about working – and certainly the most pleasing aspect about updating your home office decor! These days there is such a variety of stationery available, with numerous options for organising it, there’s really no excuse for not having the tools of your trade available at your fingertips.

Office decor organisation
KILL THE CLUTTER: maximise space and minimise clutter with drawer inserts

Don’t forget about your ‘hidden’ stationary too. A couple of drawer inserts will make all the difference in keeping your work space clear. And as we all know, a clear work space is the first step in achieving a clear head space.

This helpful stationery organising video will help you get your pens in a row.

Department of details

Inspiring office art

office decor wall art
SHINE BRIGHT: light up the dullest of work assignments with ‘Hong Kong Lights’

Now comes the best part. Adding the right kind of finishing touches will really elevate your space and make it a joy to work in. To inspire creativity, choose art and accessories that speak to you and motivate you. For example, consider hanging a picture of your favourite place, favourite recreational activity or an inspirational quote.

Another great idea is a visual bucket list of all the places you want to go and all the things you want to do. These kinds of artistic inspirations will remind you why you work as hard as you do.

map art office decor
WHERE WILL LIFE TAKE YOU? plan your next adventure with ‘Rainbow World Map’

Office decor accessories

We may live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have physical accessories to elevate your home office decor.

One way to make your space more pleasing and inspire creativity is to incorporate meaningful knick-knacks and ornaments. A vision or mood board with clips or pegs is a great way to display cherished photos, notes and other significant bits and bobs. This little touch of nostalgia will go a long way in providing motivation to keep your eyes on the prize.

And, of course, don’t forget your favourite scented candle and plants!

IMAGE CREDIT: Pottery Barn

Like the ideas but working back in the office? Make your workplace dazzle with eye-catching corporate art.

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