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Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

There are three ways of visualising your home as a blank canvas, with a view to completely opening your mind to new, exciting and high impact art inspiration.

1) It’s your new home. There’s nothing on the walls at all yet. Easy peasy. You don’t even have to try.

2) It’s your existing home. There’s a smattering of art on the walls, but lots of rooms are missing something special. Start imagining what those rooms could look like.

3) It’s your existing home. There’s art all over the place, but it’s either hand-me-down, old or faded. Or you’re simply utterly bored of it. Start imagining what an entire revamp could look like.

Whatever your situation, your walls don’t have to literally be blank. Just imagine they are!

Let’s take a little art inspiration tour now, room by room.

Grand Entrance

Dazzle your guests from word go with a work of art that will set the tone for their entire visit. Whether you relish formal decor or thrive on a more relaxed interior design, make an impact at the entrance.

Art Inspiration - Entrance

WELCOMING: Word art quotes like ‘Coffee And Love’ are a wonderful way to make visitors feel at home.

Happy Hallway

Add a skip to your step as you go from one room to another with a work of hallway art that creates colour and cheer.

Art Inspiration - Hallway

CHEERFUL: For something bright yet subtle, use ‘Morning Meadow’ to decorate a hallway.

Lavish Living Room

Get creative with complementary colours – a work of art to match your existing interior decor is a spectacular way to bring a living space together.

Art Inspiration - Living Room

PLUSH: Create a designer space with this gorgeous ‘Paris In The Spring’ picture.

Spiced Up Kitchen

An oft forgotten area when it comes to wall hangings, add pizzazz to a kitchen area using food art.

Art Inspiration - Kitchen

JAZZY: Pep up the kitchen with a food art print like ‘Spice Of Life’.

Cosy Dining Room

Create a dining area your family and friends can feel right at home. Use art to create warmth and ambience. The options are endless, so find something that is ‘you’ and hang it proudly.

Art Inspiration - Dining Room

CHARACTER: Choose a print – ‘Breakfast With Birds’ is just one idea – that matches the mood you want to convey.

Cool Games Room

Go large with magnificent wall art in your entertainment area. Match or contrast, it’s completely up to you.

Art Inspiration - Games Room

GOOD TIMES: While enjoying yourself indoors, remind yourself of the fun of the great outdoors with ‘Three Canoes’.

Soothing Master Bedroom

Find relief from the stresses of adult life with a main bedroom that oozes romance, warmth and style.

Art Inspiration - Master Bedroom

SOFTEN: Stress less with this stunning ‘Days End’ print, a thoughtful way to spruce up a master bedroom.

Wonderland Girl’s Room

Her imagination will go wild with this gorgeous owl print, a magical wonderland that’s all about dreaming, but also about sleeping.

Art Inspiration - Girls Room

DREAMY: ‘Moonlight Friends’ will become every girl’s new best friend.

Comical Boy’s Room

Jazz up a boy’s room with comical art full of fun, colour and movement.

Art Inspiration - Boys Room

ENGAGING: Bring a young boy’s room to life with ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Brazen Teenager’s Room

Revamp your son or daughter’s room, bringing in funky urban, modern or contemporary art pieces.

Art Inspiration - Teenager

HIP: This ‘Girl With The Lion Mask’ will add much needed edge to a young adult’s interior.

Charming Guest Bedroom

Satisfy everyone’s taste with a floral piece that is stylised using beautiful, complex artistic elements.

Art Inspiration - Guest Room

ELEGANT: This creative ‘Blooming Flower Splatter’ print is more than just easy on the eye, it’s gloriously beautiful.

Super Sweet Nursery

This non-gendered print is a perfect addition to a cute, classy green nursery.

Art Inspiration - Nursery

ADORABLE: Owls are for everyone and this ‘Baby Owl Tree’ is the perfect addition to baby’s first bedroom.

Tranquil Bathroom

Unwind after a long, hard day in a bathroom decked out with serene artwork.

Art Inspiration - Bathroom

CHILL: Wile away the hours in a relaxing bubble bath featuring ‘With Fishes In Her Hair’ as your eye candy.

Funky Office

Shoot for the stars (or Europe) with a matching set of Parisien prints. Ooh la la!

Art Inspiration - Office

DARING: Imagine adventures beyond your office with this matching set of Paris pictures, ‘Evening Stroll’ and ‘Strolling In The Rain’.

Edgy Man Cave

Rev up his engines with a statement piece of masculine art, ideal for the man cave or bachelor pad.

Art Inspiration - Man Cave

RIDE ON: ‘Shine And Speed’ will add spunk to a man’s own space.

Chic She Shed

Floral art with an edge is the ideal complement to a modish, shabby chic interior design. Think she shed, woman’s retreat or bachelorette pad.

Art Inspiration - She Shed

DIVINE: Embrace femininity with this exquisite ‘Spring Apple Blossoms’ art print.

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