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Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

If it feels like your home is a blank canvas and you desperately need art inspiration, don’t despair – it’s actually the perfect place to start! Generally speaking, there are three reasons why your home might feel like a blank canvas for new art options:

1) It’s your new home. There’s nothing on the walls at all yet. Easy peasy – you’re good to go.

2) It’s your existing home. There’s a smattering of art on the walls, but lots of rooms are missing something special. 

3) It’s your existing home. There’s art all over the place, but it’s either hand-me-down, old or faded. Or you’re simply utterly bored of it. Start imagining what an entire revamp could look like.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you – and your walls – covered! Join us for a room-by-room art inspiration tour…

Grand Entrance

Dazzle your guests from the word go with artwork that sets the tone for your entire home. Whether you prefer a more formal style or thrive on relaxed interior design, make an impact at the entrance with complementary art. 

Art Inspiration - Entrance

SET THE SCENE: Welcome visitors into your home with ‘Coffee And Love’

Happy Hallway

Add a skip to your step as you go from one room to another with a work of art in your hallway. It’s also the ideal place to go nuts and add multiple prints for a gallery vibe. Just make sure the pieces share a similar style or colour palette for a cohesive look – abstract landscapes are an easy option if you’re just getting started.

Hallway artwork

LIGHTEN UP: Add interest to a hallway with soft and fresh ‘Morning Meadow’

Lavish Living Room

Get creative with complementary or contrasting colours to give your living area a new lease of life. For art inspiration look to your existing décor and soft furnishings (sofa, cushions, rugs etc) for an easy and effective way to bring a living space together.

Art Inspiration - Living Room

SPRING FLING: Fall in love with your living room with ‘Paris In The Spring’

Spiced Up Kitchen

An often forgotten area when it comes to wall hangings, add pizzazz to a kitchen area using food art inspiration. Create a visual feast for your eyes with delectable delicacies, from the pleasing symmetry of sliced fruits to the prettiest of pastries and rainbow of spices. 

Art Inspiration - Kitchen

FEAST YOUR EYES: Pep up your kitchen with the earthy tones of ‘Spice Of Life’

Relaxed Dining Room

A place to eat, drink and be merry, create a dining area your family and friends can feel right at home in. Celebrate a love of good food and happy times by choosing art that evokes warmth and ambience. 

Art Inspiration - Dining Room

GRAB A BITE: Brighten a breakfast nook with joyful art that tells a story

Cool Games Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate games, media or entertainment room in your house, this is the place where you can really cut loose! Supersize your style with large wall art that reflects your interests, hobbies or dreams and let your personality shine.

Art Inspiration - Games Room

PLAY TIME: Add a reminder about the fun of the great outdoors with ‘Three Canoes’

Dreamy Master Bedroom

Find relief from the stresses of daily life with a master bedroom that oozes romance, warmth and style. Look for art inspiration in deep, moody colour palettes featuring calm and nurturing scenes for the most restful of slumbers.

Art Inspiration - Master Bedroom

ROMANTIC INTERLUDE: Create the sanctuary of your dreams with timeless ‘Days End’

Wonderland For Girls

Add a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of magic to create a wonderland room for girls. From the cutest creatures to fairy kingdoms and sassy quotes, adorable art will transform her room into a dreamland where anything is possible. A room fit for a princess, you might say! 

Art Inspiration - Girls Room

SWEET DREAMS: ‘Moonlight Friends’ will become every girl’s new best friend

Art Inspiration For Boys

Ignite his imagination with a wonder wall of colourful art in your boy’s bedroom. Rocket into space, enjoy deep sea adventures, engage in swashbuckling pirate battles or travel back to a land before time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Whatever sparks his interest, you’re sure to find an artwork to match! 

Art Inspiration - Boys Room

EXPLORER: Voyage to the bottom of the sea with bright and cheerful ‘Yellow Submarine’

Edgy Teenagers Room

Let your teenager express themselves with contemporary urban art and striking, bold colour. This vibrant genre of art symbolises the here and now – the ultimate style statement with an edge.

Art Inspiration - Teenager

EMOTIVE: ‘Girl With The Lion Mask’ will add a touch of intrigue to a young adult’s room

Charming Guest Bedroom

Floral art is loved by all, making it the perfect choice for a guest bedroom. From pretty spring blossoms to joyful sunflowers, a flower painting will lift the spirits and inspire a smile. If you’re starting from scratch, try using your chosen piece as inspiration for the rest of the décor. Just pick out a couple of hues and colours from the artwork and match to cushions, linen and throws for an easy ‘put together’ look.  

Art Inspiration - Guest Room

ELEGANT: For simple style, match colours from your artwork to cushions on the bed

Super Sweet Nursery

Stimulate developing senses with the sweetest nursery wall art. From soulful elephants and playful teddy bears to colourful rainbows and balloons, choose between classic hues of blue and pink or opt for gender-neutral yellows and green.

Art Inspiration - Nursery

ADORABLE: Soft and sweet ‘Baby Owl Tree’ is the perfect addition to a nursery room

Art Inspiration For Bathrooms

Unwind after a long, hard day in a bathroom styled with serene artwork to evoke a sense of tranquillity. Often overlooked in this functional space, a well chosen print can soften a utilitarian feel to create a relaxing haven.

Art Inspiration - Bathroom

CHILL OUT TIME: Relax in a bubble bath ‘With Fishes In Her Hair’

Stylish Office

If you’re still working from home, you’re probably ready to refresh your office décor. Inspire creativity by picking art that motivates and speaks to you. It might be a picture of your favourite place, an inspirational quote that resonates or a visual bucket list of the places you want to go and things you want to try. Anything goes in this personal space, so choose for yourself and nobody else. Unless you share the office, of course!

Art Inspiration - Office

BUCKET LIST: Imagine adventures beyond your office with this matching set of prints

Masculine Man Cave

Make his day with a statement piece of art, ideal for the man cave or bachelor pad. Whether a sports fan, nature lover, music aficionado or trainspotter, this is a space for style to flow freely. Just like a beer with mates!

Art Inspiration - Man Cave

REV YOUR ENGINES: Make a statement with the monochrome tones of ‘Shine And Speed’ 

Chic She Shed

And finally, one for the girls! Be it a she shed, peaceful retreat, cosy nook or bachelorette pad, embrace your femininity with soft and sassy art for women. Find comfort in the beauty of a blooming flower, bliss out with soothing zen art or enjoy a moment of peace with a solitary landscape.    

Art Inspiration - She Shed

DIVINE: Embrace femininity with the soft hues of exquisite ‘Spring Apple Blossoms’

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