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The space you inhabit plays an important part in your quality of life and well-being. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money getting your room decor just right, regardless of your personal tastes or style. If you’re not sure how to approach it, these tips and tricks will get you started.

nordic style greenery
Room Decor

Embrace form and function with Nordic style

Nordic style (sometimes known as Scandi) focuses on minimalism, simplicity and functionality. It is often characterised by minimal styling, white walls, muted colour palettes and light wooden floors, which come together to deliver a popular interior design style that…

industrial interior design
Room Decor

Convert your space with industrial interior design

What is industrial interior design? Industrial interior design is a style that is informed, as the name suggests, by the factory look. Mainly comprising of sparse warehouses and industrial workshops and the items they contain, which are repurposed for…

maximalism artwork
Room Decor

Live life to the maximalism! Decor for the bold

What is maximalism? There are many people in the world that adore minimalist interior design. But there are just as many that find it bland and lacking in personality. Enter maximalism. Maximalism is an all out mixture of as…

green colour combinations
Room Decor

Standout colour combinations: room by room

Without a doubt choosing the right colour combinations are a key factor in home decor. It’s that important first step that hinges all other aspects of design. It can be really hard choosing the right colour palettes for the…

floral patterns of tulips
Room Decor

Floral patterns are now trendy – goodbye chintz!

Chintz is outdated, heavy and overwhelming. When you think of floral patterns you’ll be forgiven for recalling your grandma’s busy flower curtains. But florals deserve a second chance! It’s time to reframe your thinking about floral patterns. Thankfully, modern…

interior colour schemes for lounge rooms
Room Decor

Interior colour schemes— the 2019 palette

If you adored the interior colour trends of 2018 as much as we did, then get ready for a whole new year and a whole new look. Dulux have released their 2019 colour palette and it’s solely focused on ‘creating your…

meditation room artwork
Room Decor

Does your home need a meditation room?

This world is hectic, right? With ever increasing levels of stress and tension which lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems and general discomfort with life, you can see why more and more people are turning…

lighting interior design ideas
Room Decor

Luxury interior design ideas: from hotel to home

Who doesn’t love the absolute luxury of a hotel? Especially when it incorporates some of the best interior design ideas. The crisp sheets, room service, tiny bottles of shampoo. They all induce a feeling of pure relaxation and indulgence…

tropical interior trends
Room Decor

Micro interior trends: bringing the outdoors in

There are a number of exciting micro interior trends that focus on the outdoors. We know it can be overwhelming and time consuming to deck out the whole house in a particular interior trend. So we’ve broken down four of…

interior design ideas with indoor plants
Room Decor

Interior design ideas worth planting

One of the most refreshing interior design ideas is the use of indoor plants. Particularly when you combine them with just the right art to show off their natural beauty and enhance the crispness of any space. There are…

interior design apps
Room Decor

8 of the best interior design apps

As technology progresses, we see the invention of many things that can assist us with epic home design. Namely, a bunch of great interior design apps for your smartphone, device or computer so you can incorporate hot décor trends…