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Types of Art

One thing is always true: There are more types of art and examples of creativity in this world than any person could ever know about, much less master. That doesn’t mean the effort is wasted. Life should be a never-ending quest for knowledge, and this introduction is just the beginning.

chinese artwork
Types of Art

The magic of Chinese artwork

Dating back to more than 4000 BC, traditional Chinese artwork is one of the oldest styles of art to ever exist. Whilst it changes slightly depending on the era, Chinese art typically features strong symbolism woven into the rich…

Types of Art

Splash out: watercolour art for every season

Watercolour art is perennially loved because it is not only beautiful but offers flexibility and dynamism. The transparency of the paint is especially appealing as it can deliver a wide range of effects and colour palettes; from bright and…

cat art as Audrey Hepburn
Types of Art

Purrfect cat art to get your claws into

On October 29th it’s National Cat Day, but we believe that every day should be a day dedicated to our furry friends. Cat art is the purrfect way to keep you feline fine! Fun and frisky cat art When…

art deco history
Types of Art

The history of art deco

It’s easy to get Art Nouveau and Art Deco confused. While both movements were born out of a response to major world events, the two couldn’t be more different. Art Nouveau gave emphasis to elaborate and flowery decorations and was…

monochrome photography for lounge room
Types of Art

Monochrome photography: black is back

Black is a unique colour (some argue that it’s not even a colour) in that it is surprisingly multifaceted. It conveys so many things – moodiness and mystery, elegance, sophistication, class and even death. It’s deceptive in that it…

Dog Art - Pug
Types of Art

Find Your Fortune With Delightful Dog Art

Celebrate Chinese New Year and 2018’s Year Of The Dog with delightful dog art. While The Dog is just one of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year to honour the qualities of The…