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Live The Magic With Homemade Christmas Decorations

There are two types of people in life, people who love and do homemade and people who love and don’t do homemade. Given how busy the festive season can be, when it comes to homemade Christmas decorations some of the former group creep over into the latter group.

Of course there’s the third group, the group who fawns over all sorts of Christmas decoration ideas without ever committing to making a change to their seasonal interior design.

The good news is no matter what category you fall into, this beautiful collection of handcrafted ideas will lift your Christmas spirits. Get into some DIY crafting or bring home something special an artist has poured their heart into; bold and bright, rustic refinements, metallic beauties or unique fun. 

Live the magic – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas after all…

Bold and bright

It’s time to move past those strands of straggly old green and red tinsel – bright colourful decorations are on trend. Go all out with a rainbow display of decorations for summery festive vibes in your home. Definitely a case of more is more!

1. Technicolour Decor

Budget poor? Get back to basics with rows of technicolour paper chains, streamers and bauble wreaths. These tried-and-tested decorations will brighten up your space without breaking the bank. 

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Technicolour

Source: Bright Bizaar

2. Colour Your Own Art

A lovely idea for old and young alike, colour your own art in whatever colour scheme you fancy. Gift for self maybe?

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Colour Your Own Art

 ‘Colour Me Santa’ is delivered ready to hang, so all you have to do is the fun bit!

3. Candy Coloured Wreath

Who knew a pink and sky blue wreath could look so Christmassy? Made from all things pretty including crocheted flowers, pompons, lace and little glass baubles, this little beauty will spread the festive joy far and wide.

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Candy Coloured Wreathe

Source: Silly Old Suitcase

4. Boho Christmas Trees

Get your boho on with these pretty cotton reel Christmas trees. A unique alternative to more traditional centrepieces and best of all you can mix-and-match patterns and colours to your heart’s content.

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Boho Christmas Trees

Source: Bochic


5. Felt Ice-skate Ornaments

This set of felt ice-skates with paperclips for blades are creative genius. They also come in vast array of 38 dazzling colours to match any style and scheme. Put your skates on and create the festive rainbow of your dreams!

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Felt Iceskates

Source: Artful Ends


Rustic refinements

Sure, rustic decorations are a little bit hipster, but there’s nothing wrong with that because they’re also incredibly awesome. They combine the best of yesterday with contemporary design and as homemade Christmas decorations they look great in every style of home.

6. Popsicle Stick Sleds

Get crafty with the kids by making these fun and easy popsicle stick sleds. They can be as simple as you like or dress them up with any number of creative embellishments. And of course, eating the popsicles first is a key part of the project!


Homemade Christmas Decorations - Rustic Tree Ornament

Source: Clean And Scentsible

7. Pallet Christmas Tree

Give a gift to our planet this Christmas by opting for upcycled decorations rather than mass-produced trappings. This stunning tree is easy to build out of weathered pallets and is deceptively simple to construct. The trick is a bunch of cuts at the same angles to create the chevron shape.

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Pallet Christmas Tree

Source: Her Tool Belt

8. Twine Ball Ornament

Nothing says Christmas like rustic ornaments that bring a surprising burst of joy. Once you’ve made one string bauble, there’s no going back. Amazeballs!

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Twine Ball Ornament

Source: Busy Creating Memories


Metallic beauties

Bring out the bling for a sparkling silly season. And if you prefer just a sprinkle of sparkle, don’t worry – there are plenty of more subtle gold and silver options to choose from.

The hardest part will be taking down your homemade Christmas decorations at the end of the holidays!

9. Silver And White Display

Rejoice in vintage vibes with a metallic shabby chic display. From the antique window to napkin ‘snowballs’ in silver candlesticks, repurpose what you can find for an inexpensive way to add flair to your festivities. 


Homemade Christmas Decorations - Silver Green And White Display

Source: The House Of Smiths

10. Cute As A Button Tree

A wonderful way to use up all those old buttons you have lying around, create your own sparkling Christmas tree. For a dazzling display, opt for gold, silver, brass and mother-of-pearl if possible. 

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Gold Button Artwork

Source: Lynnery


11. Reindeer Card Holder

Fed up with your Christmas cards falling over on the mantle? Keep it neat and fuss-free with a reindeer card holder instead. For added sparkle, entwine a garland of twinkling fairy lights!

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Reindeer Card Holder

Source: Not On The High Street


Unique designer fun

The key to mastering quirky style at Christmas is to step outside the gift box. Year in, year out, you want your visiting friends and family to expect the unexpected.

How? Super cute holiday gnomes and beaded spiders for starters. Are you ready to embrace the Legend of the Christmas Spider? It’s meant to bring you good luck and you’ll never live in poverty again. Bring on the spiders!

12. Alternative Christmas Trees

Move past the traditional Christmas tree and let your imagination run wild. From Christmas collages in the shape of a tree to acorn stacks and baubles dangling from branches, there’s really no limit to the options. 


Homemade Christmas Decorations - Wall Tree Art

Source: Little Bit Creations

13. Striped Paper Straw Wreath

So easy to make, this eye-catching wreath will add a dash of festive fun as you welcome visitors to your door. For candy cane vibes choose red and white striped straws, or try different colour combinations to suit your style.  

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Stripey Straw Wreath

Source: Tatertots & Jello

14. Beaded Christmas Spider

Are you ready for the infamous beaded spider?? Once you learn how to make this unique ornament, you’ll want to make one for everyone you know! They’re not only pretty and sparkly, but no two are ever exactly alike.

Find out how to make them with this easy to follow tutorial and read the story behind the legend (also known as the Christmas spider poem or Christmas spider story).

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Beaded Christmas Spider

Source: Dans Le Lakehouse

15. Holiday Gnomes

A DIY gem, these charming Christmas gnomes will take your seasonal styling to the next level. Best of all, the project is rated as easy, so it’s perfect for beginners and pros alike! 

Homemade Christmas Decorations - Holiday Gnomes

Source: Made In A Day

Still looking for Christmas decoration ideas? Bring the festive feelings home with our collection of magical and joyful Christmas Art.

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