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Creativity is mysterious. Sometimes we wake up teeming with inspiration, other times we can’t think of a single thing that inspires us. You always have to be feeding your brain to keep the creative engine running; so here are some awesome art ideas to kick-start that engine today.

bedroom wall decor
Art Ideas

Bedroom wall decor for a heavenly hangout

You may think that picking your bedroom wall decor is the final finishing touch. However, the design you select for your walls can set the tone and style for the entire room – from calming and minimalist to dramatic…

Art Ideas

Art ideas inspired by popular songs

Music is life for a lot of people. With so many great songs spanning the decades, it was inevitable that art ideas would spring forth. Not so much life imitating art perhaps, as art imitating music. So pop on…

inspirational quotes for kids
Art Ideas

The positive project: inspirational quotes for kids

Have you considered inspirational quotes for kids as art that’s not just fabulous to look at but as an empowering mechanism to help them develop? In today’s world, we realise the value and significance of building resilience in children.…

contemporary art gemini
Art Ideas

It’s a sign! Contemporary art and your zodiac

Many ancient cultures and traditions have used star signs and the zodiac (also known as astrology) to provide wisdom, prophecy and guidance. Astrology has been dated to the 3rd millennium BC, with the Babylonians introducing the first organised system.…

quotes about love and coffee
Art Ideas

14 feel good quotes about love

There is a reason people say that love is what makes the world go around. It forms the basis of almost everything we do and is often the main driver of our behaviour. Most people believe that love is…

popular prints in blue
Art Ideas

Revealed: 20 eternally popular prints

At Wall Art Prints, we like to think we know what’s what when it comes to art that stands the test of time. So, we’ve taken the liberty of curating twenty eternally popular prints to provide you with inspiration.…

dramatic large wall art
Art Ideas

Supersize your style with large wall art

Large wall art looks spectacular in a variety of homes and spaces and it can really make or break your décor. The effect and the impact of large wall art is undeniable and worth considering for any home. It’s…

Christmas Gifts - Zuru X Shot
Art Ideas

18 Christmas Gifts For Your Psychopath Relatives

We all have them. The sister-in-law who would do anything for her twenty-two cats (hasn’t she discovered Tinder yet?). The nephew who worships Kylo Ren (he’s a murderer not a role model, people!). And that Uncle who always…need we say more! The…

Painting Ideas - Joyful
Art Ideas

15 Painting Ideas To Transform Your Mood

When something’s not sitting quite right in your life, we often talk about how music (sound), aromatherapy (smell), a square of chocolate (taste) and even a hug (touch) can transform your mood. But tapping into the sight sense can be…

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Tropical
Art Ideas

Make A Splash: 14 Watercolour Painting Ideas

The important and fascinating thing to know when seeking inspirational watercolour painting ideas for your next interior design project is that watercolours aren’t just a trend. In fact, when it comes to trends, watercolours are one of the oldest…

Art Inspiration - Living Room
Art Ideas

Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

There are three ways of visualising your home as a blank canvas, with a view to completely opening your mind to new, exciting and high impact art inspiration. 1) It’s your new home. There’s nothing on the walls at all…