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14 On-trend Interior Design Themes

14 On-trend Interior Design Themes

Do you love interior design and super keen to give your home a makeover, but wouldn’t have a clue where to start?

These 14 interior design themes are not only on-trend, but will help you identify which interior styles you love the most and where you should start digging for more inspiration.

We can throw around words like bohemian, contemporary, industrial, mid century modern, rustic and Scandi until the cows (or the interior designers!) come home but if you can’t visualise what they all mean it’s tricky to get started.

Below we’ve started a visual conversation to fill your ocular senses. Now we’d love to know: which interior design styles do you love the most?

1. Art Deco Delight

If you channel bold, flashy elements of The Great Gatsby of the 1920s and think interior design rather than fashion then you will understand Art Deco.

Features of this interior design style include geometric shapes and graphic patterns, polished chrome or brass, glossy timber furnishings, glass and mirrors and layered sultry lighting. It incorporates being bold and artistic expression with exotic touches. Originating from Paris in 1925, Art Deco is all at once histrionic and elegant. Take a peak at HouseBeautiful for more Art Deco interior design tips.

Interior Design Themes Art Deco

ALL CLASS: Recreate a modish interior complementing modern art Aquamarine with chic furnishings.

2. Bohemian Beauty

If you fancy something more carefree, Boho interior design is your friend. Purposefully messy, this style— with its global inspirations, travel mementos and op shop finds— provides a warm ambience.

It combines different textures and materials from natural to metallic and embraces warm red and purples tones and plenty of layering when it comes to pillows, rugs and blankets. Beaded embellishments, tassels and crochet curtains are all whimsical additions to the Boho interior decor style.

Interior Design Themes Bohemian

WOW A ROOM: This Cubism Cats print is an exciting way to liven up an otherwise restrained interior.

3. Classical Reflections

Classicism emerged in Europe in the 17th-19th centuries with the impressionist art, music, literature and architecture of the time inspiring this particular style.

Today, lovers of tradition who enjoy plush, formal settings tend to be drawn to the symmetry, sophistication, simplicity and reliability of classic design. Think gilded frames, heavy drapery and ornate woodwork.

Classical Interior Design Themes

NOSTALGIC: An impressionist print like City At The Port can help you master the art of timeless design.

4. Contemporary Cheer

Contemporary and modern interior design themes often get confused. The key is to remember that “modern” refers to a particular era (most often the early and mid 20th century) whereas contemporary refers to designs of today; the here and now.

This is the interior design style for those who love to follow fashion trends and change with the times. Right now in the world of contemporary art and design we are loving the simplicity of whites, greys and blondes with the excitement of occasional colour.

Contemporary Interior Design Themes

SUNNY DAYS: Let brightness shine through your living space with this glorious Dahlias Love The Sun abstract print.

5. Elegant Country

Unlike the music, country interior design style is for everyone. Rather than drawing from the dramas and hardships of life, it draws from the calm of the country lifestyle with nature as its muse.

The simplicity and bliss of country life permeates the decor and can be summed up by this quote:

“Country life has its advantages,’ he used to say. ‘You sit on the veranda drinking tea and your ducklings swim on the pond, and everything smells good… and there are gooseberries,” Anton Chekhov, Gooseberries.

English Country, featured below, is a feminine and flowing home design style with floral fabrics, paintings of flowers and botanical prints at the forefront.

Country Style Interior Design Themes

PERFECTLY PROVINCIAL: You can never have too many florals so get into the mixing mood with this Wisteria Watercolour print.

6. Hollywood Glam

This is the home interior style for those who love to make a statement. Hollywood glam is the epitome of luxury with opulent furnishings and over the top accents like velvets, metallics and rich colour palettes that include reds, purples and blues.

Incorporate a red carpet into any room, sequinned cushions and lampshades and lights around your bathroom mirror to make the most of this interior design theme.

‘I’m not interested in money, I just want to be wonderful,’ Marilyn Monroe.

Interior Design Themes Hollywood Glam

ENCHANTING: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet as this Peony Petals print from our Abstract collection.

7. Industrial Edge

While it often seems modern and funky to the eye, industrial design is actually quite rustic and sensible. It takes advantage of exposed steel, timber and brick to create an edgy living space that’s full of character.

It preserves the best quality design of the turn of the 20th century and brings out all its raw beauty and mercurial appeal. Industrial interior design themes offer a unisex vibe that suits larger spaces, both at home or the office.

Industrial Interior Design Themes

FUNK IT UP: It doesn’t get edgier than New York City and this Manhattan Bridge print will transform a bedroom into an industrial attraction.

8. Mid Century Modern

While mid century modern is considered a more practical interior design style, there’s more to it than pure function. It may not be fussy, but it still oozes character with nostalgic elements gleamed from the 1950s and 60s.

Everything is scaled back and simple, but with some fun retro stylings thrown in.

Interior Design Themes Mid Century Modern

LOOK BACK: Uncomplicate your life with a trio of fresh yet vintage vehicle prints.

9. Minimalist Musings

Bachelor pads often embrace minimalist design. Perhaps it’s because it’s easy to keep clean, but it’s actually a house proud interior design style like any other defined by simple furnishings, neutral colour palettes and clean lines.

However, it does not mean it’s devoid of style. Quite the contrary. When art is selected with care, the “less is more” mindset respects creativity, but shuns flamboyant excesses and unmanageable clutter.

Minimalist Interior Design Themes

REPOSE: Scale things back a little and decorate with this stunning Simplicity print from our Modern collection.

10. Nautical Escape

Inspired by the deep blue, nautical themes in interior design are often seen in beach houses and seaside apartments as well as restaurants and cafes to create a sense of adventure and relaxation.

Defined by rustic furnishings, sailing motifs, blue colour palettes and boating ornaments aplenty, the nautical interior design theme is everyone’s chill zone.

‘You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean,’ Oprah Winfrey.

Nautical Interior Design Themes

CALL OF THE SEA: If the ocean is your muse then you’ll love this Waiting For The Tide photographic art print.

11. Oriental Mindset

Asian-style interiors are more often than not a fusion of styles, with Japanese and Chinese expression leading the way of popular interior design themes.

Japanese design is minimalist (think Zen) with colours from the natural world informing the colour palette while Chinese design is more opulent with richer, lavish colours like golds, reds, jades and purples used.

Oriental Interior Design Themes

EXOTIC: Use this Chinese art, Floating Orchid Panorama, to transform a room into a peaceful retreat.

12. Retro Fun

The psychedelic art of today requires far less drugs, despite being inspired by the wayward psychedelic era of the sixties.

Retro design is all about good, clean fun. Using pops of colour in art, furnishings and ornaments will lift spirits and inspire happiness. And as an interior design style it’s a bit sexy. Yeah baby! Yeah!

Retro Interior Design Themes

COLOUR EXPLOSION: Give a room all the colours of the rainbow with this Joyful Pops retro print.

13. Rustic Meandering

It’s time to take a walk outside without even leaving home!

Rustic design is all about bringing the outdoors in, but without the biting bugs and the risks of inclement weather. Think raw, reclaimed timbers, exposed beams and unfinished stones, popular with a lot of hipster cafes and restaurants of today. There’s no reason why you can’t recreate this interior design style at home.

Rustic Interior Design Themes

PICTURESQUE: The Old Winding Alley photo print is the perfect accompaniment to a rustic charged interior.

14. Scandinavian Flavour

Inspired by the simplicity of Nordic life, Scandinavian design has become an artform in itself. It takes to crafting something stylish and cutting edge to functional and simple.

To that end, white and blonde colour palettes are typical of Scandi with splashes of elements from nature such as furs, leathers and natural fibres.

Scandinavian Interior Design Themes

HAPPY DAYS: This incredible panoramic abstract Pink Morning print is quintessentially modern Scandi.

Did you decide on an interior design theme to try out? Match your decor to your new wall prints.

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