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Adventure Time: Art Of A 21st Century Explorer

Adventurous Adelaide artist Pam Amos is pushing the boundaries with her contemporary art, exploring new forms of expression to realise a diverse and eclectic style.

With most of the real world already discovered, this is what exploration looks like in the 21st Century – new, yet to be imagined lands.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Floral Fractals

BEAUTY REIMAGINED: Unearth elegance in the bedroom with this classy contemporary print ‘Silk Flower In Grey’.

For Amos, contemporary art is ever-shifting.

“It’s about embracing what is available and tweaking it and playing with it, until you create something that is a combination of your exploration and imagination working together,” said Amos.

“My landscapes are a realistic interpretation whereas my fractal designs, and some of my encaustic artworks, are abstract representations of art,” she said.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Floral Fractal

COLOURFUL: This magical floral fractal print ‘In A Spin’ is quintessentially contemporary, the perfect artwork for a fun, stylish home.

Completely self taught, Amos loves to use colour, light and texture in her artworks. She also loves exploring new techniques.

As a contemporary artist, Amos takes advantage of the tools, media and technology available to artists in the 21st Century.

After exploring acrylics, folk art and encaustic painting (painting using molten, pigmented wax and pastels), Amos began exploring digital art using fractals.

She now paints using a Wacom stylus pen and tablet and creates the fractals using Apophysis and UF5 software.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Natural Fractal

NEW AGE: This ‘Inner Depths’ print by Amos combines nature and technology to create a whole new world of beauty.

Amos also enjoys photography and manipulates images using Photoshop layers to paint over the photos to create a ‘painterly’ style of photo.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Painterly

CHANGING VISTA: ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is a contemporary photography piece that gives us a new twist of an old icon.

Amos believes digital art allows more freedom when painting.

“In traditional painting there are ‘happy accidents’ and you go with them, but paintings can be muddied if overworked,” said Amos.

“With digital art, if you don’t like what has been painted you can remove it completely, and repaint.

“It allows the artist to push the boundaries a little more.

“The artist can try something new and, if it works, continue with it and, if it doesn’t work, you can start again. You can’t do that with traditional painting,” she said.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Landscape

QUAINT: Monochrome meets a splash of colour in this ‘Port Fairy Harbour’ art photography piece.

Amos’s biggest inspiration is the world around her. As well as an explorer, she’s an observer.

“I am forever taking note of colours, textures, shapes and all the other beautiful things in this amazing world of ours and I mentally store the images for future reference.

“I also take photos whenever I can and make notes in a journal to jog my memory,” she said.

Amos’s art appeals to people who appreciate new styles of art. Her fractals – images that provoke thought – are ideal for a home office or a workplace.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Antique Rose

WOW: Stimulate the senses with ‘Antique Rose’, a floral fractal art piece suitable for the workplace or home office.

Her floral fractals are perfect for the home – the lounge or bedroom environ. Delicate and soft, they add a feminine touch.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Lifestyle Fractal

CHARMING: Let femininity flow with ‘Flower Twirl’, a delicate fractal beauty that celebrates pink in all its perfection.

Amos’s creative landscapes are a wonderful way to create a feeling of space in a room that doesn’t have many windows. People can wander through a landscape which is great for clearing the mind.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Spring

ESCAPE: Take a walk on the wild side with ‘First Days Of Spring’, a great way to open up a living space.

When creating her art, Amos feels joyful, content and proud.

“I paint when I feel happy. If I feel sad or down, I feel blocked. I can’t access that creative part of me.

“Time slows. My mind shifts gears and quietens. I am in the moment and everything else fades away. It’s like meditating,” she said.

But what is art like from the beholder’s perspective? For Amos, art should add joy and colour, texture and light to a home.

Pam Amos - Contemporary Art - Joy And Light

WOW: This contemporary ‘Softly’ piece is an exciting, colourful work of art that will make any room pop.

“When you hang a piece of art on your wall it is a window into a world of possibilities. It can take you places,” said Amos.

“It can provoke you. It can make you smile. It can make you question, wonder, feel and think. It’s food for the soul,” she said.

With Amos’s colourful, bold, inventive, expressive contemporary art before us, it seems we all become 21st Century explorers. Are you ready for your next big adventure? Wander through our full range of art by Pam Amos

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