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Art + Science = Inspired Nature Photography

Liz Hubbert’s passion for the environment inspires a photographic wonderland of nature images, sharing a message of how beautiful yet fragile our world is and how we need to take care of it.

Liz Hubbert - Bay Of Islands

ON FIRE: Add mood to a living space in an instant with this spectacular sunset print, ‘Bay Of Islands’.

Living on the Mornington Peninsula in southern Victoria, the seaside is Hubbert’s muse resulting in a myriad of magical landscape and nature photographs.

Hubbert said she spends time at the beach with her family, playing in the sand, exploring rock pools, walking along the cliffs and getting to know the area.

“When you fall in love with a place it is easy to find the beauty within it and to capture this to share with other people,” she said.

Liz Hubbert - Seaford

MAGICAL: Fall in love with Australia all over again with this tranquil ‘Seaford Wetlands’ piece.

A part-time photographer who aspires to become full-time, Hubbert studied environmental science and teaching. As well as being a Mum, she works as as an environmental educator.

When it comes to photography, Hubbert enjoys the mix of science and art.

“Living on the Mornington Peninsula, I have so many options as to where to go.

“Before I work out which beach to visit, I spend time looking at the tides, the swell and height of the waves, where on the horizon the sun will set, as well as the type of cloud cover we are experiencing,” she said.

Liz Hubbert - Sullivan

ART OF SCIENCE: The photographic skill featured in this glorious ‘Sullivan Bay’ sunset will blow you away.

“Once I arrive at the location I will spend time working out the best compositions,” said Hubbert.

“I often have two or three compositions in mind before the sun begins to dip.

“Once the sun starts to set, I usually have between 5-15 minutes to capture the magic of the scene, so if I want to get a couple of compositions on the same evening I will often be racing along the beach between sites,” she said.

Hubbert is a dedicated, passionate naturalist and photography is her means of escape.

Liz Hubbert - Bridgewater Bay

ESCAPE: With beautiful ‘Bridgewater Bay’ you can go rock hopping from the comfort of home.

She said enjoys the time on her own, in the moment, enjoying life and the amazing world we live in.

“Photography is a way for me to share my love of our planet and try to encourage people to care of our world and show respect to our natural spaces and wildlife,” she said.

Liz Hubbert - Grevilliea

AMAZING: Give nature the royal treatment by combining this bright ‘Pink Grevillea’ print with a colourful piece of feature furniture.

“I get out of bed at crazy o’clock to get to the beach at dawn, and then I stand around up to my knees in the freezing cold waters of Bass Strait in the middle of winter,” said Hubbert.

“I often spend time getting the shot I want and then turn around and spend the next half hour collecting rubbish, particularly plastics, off the beach.

“I love the world I photograph and I want to share its beauty with everyone,” she said.

Liz Hubbert - Pelican

WILDLIFE WONDER: We all love the ‘Australian Pelican’, the perfect print for a beach house.

Hubbert strongly believes nature photography can enhance a home’s interior design.

“We are all so busy in our work lives we are losing our connection to nature.

“To have a beautiful print of a relaxing scene from nature helps us to reconnect and remember why looking after our world is important,” she said.

Liz Hubbert - Bridgewater Bay

RECONNECT: Bring nature home to appreciate it each and every day with this moving landscape, ‘Bridgewater Bay’.

Hubbert imagines her photography is for anyone who finds nature beautiful and anyone who likes the beach, particularly people who have beach houses.

Three of Hubbert’s favourite pieces include ‘Crystal Water’, ‘Shelly Beach, Portsea’ and ‘Moody Shelly Beach’.

She said the day she took ‘Crystal Water’ the water was very inviting.

“I was up to my waist in the water, bending right down to make sure I picked up as much of the reflections and patterns as I could.

“After this shot we went out for a swim – how could you not!”

Liz Hubbert - Crystal Waterr

BLISS BOMB: This stunning ‘Crystal Water’ print will add instant tranquility to a reading room.

This gorgeous image is of an iconic local beach box at Portsea. Hubbert said she loves the subtle colours and how the railing draws your eye into the image.

Liz Hubbert - Shelly Beach Portsea

AT PEACE: Become one with the seaside, using this ‘Shelly beach, Portsea’ print as your anchor.

Different from her normal style, Hubbert said she loves the movement of the water and the detail of the timber jetty in this moody print, below.

Liz Hubbert - Moody Shelley Beach

MOVING: Leave a special place in your home for ‘Moody Shelley Beach’, taking a whimsical step into the unknown.

Love the Australian environment? Love the wonder of nature? Check out Liz Hubbert’s entire collection now.

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