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9 Modern Interior Design Examples To Inspire

9 Modern Interior Design Examples To Inspire

You look around and you realise your home is looking old and drab. You find yourself fantasising about living elsewhere. You start ogling real estate websites, looking at all those beautiful new apartment developments.

Then reality sets in and the fantasy turns into a nightmare as you realise you will actually have to change your whole life – not just pack up your stuff, but leave behind your favourite local cafe, your gym membership, the quiet, safe street for the cat – your whole world! “No way,” you say to yourself. There are other options…

“We have to renovate!” you declare to your partner. He looks at you with disdain then returns to playing his new favourite video game. You momentarily forgot he’s not the handyman type.

The good news for both of you is that it doesn’t matter how many walls you knock out or how big that new back deck is going to be, if your interior design is old and drab, your space is going to continue to look old and drab, regardless. So before you start contracting out a builder, start focusing on your interior.

To inspire you to stay in your much loved home for years to come, we’ve put together 9 examples of modern interior design. We’ve focused on three core changes: something quirky, something hot and something colourful.

Something quirky

When we think ‘modern’, sometimes we think it has to be simple with clean lines and plain colours. But modern does not have to be boring. In fact, it can even be quirky.

1. Sheepskin chair

Interior by Maison Hand. Photo by Romain Ricard.

Modern Interior Design - Maison Hand

2. Blue and purple

Blue Rings artwork by Wall Art Prints.

Modern Interior Design - Quirky

QUIRKY ART: Blue Rings, available in our Modern Collection, will give your home a new life.

3. Timber chandelier

Interior by Lisa Sherry Interieurs.

Modern Interior Design - Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Something colourful

There’s nothing like a piece of signature furniture or colourful artwork to transform your home. If you’re not into colourful furniture, go for colour on your walls instead. Colourful doesn’t have to mean gregarious, either. If you prefer a more refined look, consider a marbled wall effect – Idea #6 – and complement it with a piece of nature photography.

4. Wall art that pops

Chaos by Wall Art Prints.

Modern Interior Design - Modern Art

BRIGHT START: Rather than painting it, colour a dull wall with a fun piece of art like this Chaos print from our Abstract collection.

5. Patchwork furniture


Modern Interior Design - Patchwork

6. Marbled walls

Succulent print by Wall Art Prints.

Modern Interior Design - Marbled

REFINED: Colour your walls the way you want them then add a piece of art that suits your personality – perhaps this floral print.

Something hot

Funky gas heating is all the rage. Clubs and restaurants are starting to use it to make their establishments seem inviting. And it works! You can now do the same at home. Warm your home with fire and art or, as highlighted below, make art out of firewood!

7. Hot art

Swirling by Wall Art Prints.

Modern Interior Design - Fireplace

SMOKIN’!: Combine our Swirling print with a gas fire to give a room a sense of warmth without the smoke!

8. Wood stack

By interior designer Gabriel Fontes de Faria.

Modern Interior Design - Fireplace

9. Firey focal point

Modern Interior Design - Fire

Inspired to create beauty indoors? There’s so much you can do at home without the need to rip up the floorboards. Sure, that might help but it’s not the be all and end all. Think outside the square and you can transform your home into a place you never want to leave. Start your redesign online now.


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