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The Many Faces Of Picasso Paintings

Picasso Paintings - Juan Gris Portrait of Picasso

Portrait of Picasso. (Attribution: Juan Gris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

One of the most well-known names in art history and one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century, Pablo Picasso co-founded the cubism movement, co-founded collage and invented constructed sculpture.

Pioneered by Picasso and Georges Braque, cubism is an abstract artform. Picasso paintings show a subject depicted from multiple points of view – broken up and reassembled. This represents the subject in a greater context rather than from just one viewpoint.

While cubism comes in many forms, for example analytic cubism and synthetic cubism, the effect of cubism has enormous impact when breaking down the human form.

You can actually create your own Picasso Head online, endless fun for non-artists and artists alike. The fun tool even includes abstract additions.

Girl Before A Mirror; Seated Woman; Dora Maar au Chat; Le Rêve; Asleep; Nude, Green Leaves and Bust; and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon are among Picasso’s most famous artworks. They’re all representations of the human form, some of them colourful, some peaceful and some rather terrifying.

Picasso paintings have inspired generation after generation of artists, which is why we feature a dedicated Cubism section on our Wall Art Prints online gallery.

Our featured gallery prints, below, highlight that cubism is not only alive and well in the 21st Century, but is suitable for a range of ages and interior styles.

Metaphor for youth

A feature of cubism is that it sends mixed messages to those who gaze upon the picture. This makes it a perfect metaphor for youth where self-discovery, complexity and new questions come to the fore. These two cubism works will spruce up a young person’s living area and become a visual talking point for all who visit, a great first apartment gift for the young student or worker.

Picasso Paintings - Funky Apartment

MIXED MESSAGES: This bold cubist print features two faces of unclear genders. The earthy tones mean it will fit in anywhere. Available for purchase online now.

Picasso Paintings - Living Room

SELF-DISCOVERY: Fun and flirty, this feminine cubist art print will add sass and cheer to a young woman’s apartment.

Colourful cubism

Would Picasso be rolling in his grave if he saw cubism mixed with 1980s fluoro? I think not.

Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso

One is not enough! These two identical prints in different colours are just asking to be placed size by side on a feature wall.

Picasso Paintings - Wall Series

FLUORO: These two colourful prints will add life to a feature wall. Find them in our Cubism gallery.

Cubism for kids

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. – Pablo Picasso

While there’s nothing wrong with kids blu-tacking posters of their favourite sports stars and celebrities to their walls, there’s no need to limit the imagination of children by relegating fine art to the confines of the formal lounge area.

A cubist print can add something that will astound the visual senses of a child’s or teenager’s room, giving them a day in, day out appreciation for and acceptance of art and all its complexities.

Picasso Paintings - Boy's Room - Cubism Print

WOW: This cartoony cubism print, available at Wall Art Prints, is ideal for a young boy’s room.


Picasso Paintings - Teenage Girl's Room - Colourful Cubism

FUNKY: This flouro pink artwork, found in the Cubism gallery, will pop in a teenage girl’s room!

So there you have it, folks! Thanks to Picasso, cubism continues to be one of the least boring forms of art on the market. Check out our cubism art gallery now for these and other colourful, delightful and confronting works.


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