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Berlin Photographer Captures Quintessential Australia

When Berlin Photographer Christian Seidenberg lived in Australia, he could not resist showing his audience the beauty of the country through his clear, colourful, natural lens  – from ocean to city to outback.

Like any young globetrotter Seidenberg, 33, appreciated the opportunity to save precious moments and create beautiful images through the medium of photography while in Australia and during his travels to nearby Asia.

The difference is his ability to capture photographic art that is natural, dynamic and often quite abstract.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Sydney At Night

BIG CITY LIGHTS: ‘Sydney At Night’ is a must-have piece for any home or office keen to celebrate all that is Australia.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Bali Sunset

PRECIOUS: Satisfy your love of sunsets and wanderlust with this stunning ‘Soft Bali Sunset’ art print.

For Seidenberg, photography means freedom.

“With photography, I can show my audience how I see the world. I can show them the beauty of this world,” he said.

“Blue is my favourite colour and our beautiful world brings us the best colours with sunrise and sunset. The composition of colours during that time is unique.

“And sometimes our world is abstract but still beautiful.

“Shapes, lines and contrasts are very important in photographs,” he said.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Melbourne Reflection

FREEDOM: ‘Melbourne Reflection’ is a rare black and white treat from Seidenberg who has captured the beauty in the stillness of this Melbourne harbour.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - The Gate

DAZZLING: This exciting piece ‘The Gate’ experiments with colour composition, creating a unique photographic work of art.

Seidenberg loves seeing his photography printed on canvas and posters.

“To see your own photography printed out, to hold it in your hands and see it hanging on a wall – that is a great feeling and it is so different from seeing it on a screen,” he said.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Singapore Flower

SPECTACULAR: ‘The Singapore Flower’ is the ideal way to dream of a life of travel from the comfort of your home.

Having studied Environmental Informatics in Berlin, Seidenberg holds a strong appreciation for the environment and this is clearly reflected in his ability to capture the beauty of the natural environment.

“My studies and my last journey opened my eyes to the environmental problems we are facing,” he said.

“If everybody would care a bit more about our planet that would help a lot!”

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Red Centre

OUTBACK TREASURE: This ‘Red Centre Sunset’ photo art print will immediately bring warmth and life to a room, the Australian way.

Seidenberg’s collection of photography is ideal for those who appreciate our beautiful unique world and people who want to have a ‘window’ to places far away.

“Every photograph is part of a story. Sometimes the story is hidden in the photograph and not that easy to find,” he said.

Blue Motion 1 is one of Seidenberg’s top 5 photographs in his collection. He loves the motion and the power and the different blue tones.

“The ocean can be so beautiful but still is dangerous!” he said.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg

POWERFUL: Add energy and movement to a bedroom setting with this awesome ‘Blue Motion I’ ocean print.

A quirkier piece from his stunning collection is The Bondi Crowd which shows the typical Australian summer in Sydney, with unusual patterns created by the people. It’s a fantastical display of beach art photography.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Bondi

LAID BACK: ‘The Bondi Crowd’ is a quintessential slice of Australia, perfect for a beach house or family room.

Stepping outside Australia for the moment is Reflection, a photograph taken on Koh Phangan in Thailand showing a local searching for clams.

Photographer Christian Seidenberg - Reflection

MUSE: This Thai beauty ‘Reflection’ is a marvellous work of photographic art that will add peace and tranquility to a room.

So where to next for Seidenberg?

“In 2012, I fell in love with Iceland. The landscape is so beautiful even when the weather is bad.

“I want to go back one time and catch those beautiful landscapes in photographs,” he said.

As a semi-professional part-time photographer who works full-time in IT, Seidenberg loves capturing the beauty of our earth and striking moments through photography, but he said it’s sometimes hard to enjoy a special moment.

“Should I grab my camera and concentrate on taking pictures or should I inhale that moment and enjoy it 100% with my mind and body?” he said.

That’s the age old question for anyone with wanderlust, but for now we’re pretty pleased Seidenberg chooses to photograph the amazing places he visits, places we can all now enjoy.

Explore our full collection of stunning photographic art by Christian Seidenberg.

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