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Hot Stuff: 17 Room Design Ideas For Winter

Hot Stuff: 17 Room Design Ideas For Winter

No matter how short or long, how mild or biting, how sunny or snowy your Winter is, one constant is true – you either love it or hate it.

We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like that! It’s time to bridge the divide so all of us embrace the cold with delight each and every day.

Impossible you say? No way. Explore 17 super hot room design ideas, below, that will make you want to see more of this sensational season.

Winter is now hot stuff.

1. Throw warmth around

There’s no such thing as too many throws, so take them out of the cupboard or treat yourself to a new addition. The current trend is toward soft, textured ‘one colour’ throws. Think cashmere, sheepskin, faux fur.

Room Design Ideas - Winter Throw

WHAT WINTER: Give a casual living space instant warmth with some textured throws and this ‘Fall In Central Park’ photo art print.

2. Bulk up the bedding

Beds are never as beautiful as they are in Winter. We get to bulk up with pillows and blankets. Give yourself permission to get carried away. Add plenty!

Room Design Ideas - Bedding

BULK UP: Enjoy beautiful bursts of blue with this ‘Under The Ice’ abstract and an abundance of bedding.

3. Go for gold

Gold brings a warm glow to the home. Don’t limit yourself to a gold ornament here and there. Go all out and lavish an entire wall in a lick of golden paint.

Interior image from Sydney Harbour Paint Company.

Room Design Ideas - Gold Wall

4. Snuggle down in the bedroom

To give your bedroom an extra sense of warmth and comfort during those cold months, add a sofa or corner chair. Make it a place you want to be.

Room Design Ideas - Corner Chair

SNUGGLE UP: Give a room a cosy feel with a reading space and this charming ‘Days End’ canvas print.

5. Tantalise with tartan

Tartan accents are back thanks to hipsters, but you don’t have to grow a beard to reap the benefits. Tantalise with tartan chairs, sofas, rugs, cushions or throws.

Interior image from Nicky Dobree Interior Design.

Room Design Ideas - Tartan

6. Cover with plush

Decorate with soft, fluffy warm plush rugs that match the colour scheme of your home. Cover those cold tiles and bare timber floors. Embrace matchy-matchy.

Room Design Ideas - Plush

MATCHY-MATCHY: It’s OK to be warm while enjoying the neutral colours in this gorgeous decor topped off with this complementary print, ‘Hint Of Deco’.

7. Add warmth with wood

If the cold weather makes you stiff, timber trimmings will provide a sense of relaxation. Unwide with ‘woodsy’ additions like wooden sideboards, dining tables, side boards and wall art.

Room Design Ideas - Timber

WOODSY: This sideboard and art print ‘Glacé Branch Sunrise’ shows how easy it is to add warmth with timber.

8. Set your heart on fire

Home is where your hearth is. I mean home is where your heart is…? Both work! For either genuine warmth or even just a feeling of warmth, add a gas fireplace or gas fire ornament.

Room Design Ideas - Fireplace

COOKING WITH GAS: This ‘Circles And Squares’ print and gas fireplace will warm things up.

9. Timber will break the blues

Indigo is a beautiful Winter colour, but can be a bit foreboding. Bring life to your blues by adding timber accents.

Image interior from Site House.

Room Design Ideas - Blue and Timber

10. White, white and more white

This idea is perfect for lovers of Winter. Those who cannot get enough. If you have a white neutral decor, match the white wintery outdoors by adding white on white. Accents might include white birch, white pine cones, silvery trimmings or perhaps a white canvas print that brings it all together.

Room Design Ideas - White

AT PEACE: Embrace the serenity of Winter with white, silver and this ‘Elegant Trees On White’ print.

11. Be inspired by Mother Nature

This idea is perfect for lovers of Summer! If you have a white neutral decor, contrast the white Winter outdoors by adding greenery and bracken to give it a sense of warmth courtesy of Mother Nature.

Image interior from Rachel Bernhardt Pacific Bliss.

Room Design Ideas - White And Greenery Plants

12. Take in touch

In Winter our cold hands yearn for warmth. Plastics and leathers aren’t our friend. Give yourself something warm for your hands and feet to revel in – plush velvet ottomans otherwise known as pure tactile indulgence.

Room Design Ideas - Ottomans

INDULGE: Embrace the tactile softness of an opulent plush ottoman and the visual grace of this gorgeous ‘Travelling In Style’ print.

13. Envelop with candles

Romance the night away with stylish candles that will give an otherwise cool interior decor a warm glow.

Image interior from Pinterest.

Room Design Ideas - Candles

14. Adopt shades of grey

Be inspired by charcoal, mist and fog – all those grey treasures. Focus on the grey rather than the Winter and you’ll create a heavenly haven in no time at all.

Room Design Ideas - Grey

HEAVENLY: Lots of grey and this salute to summer ‘Starfish And Coral’ print will make your Winter better than ever.

15. Be smart with lighting

Winter is the time to finally invest in a matching set of bedside lamps. Why? To avoid getting out of bed to turn out the light, of course! Add ambient lighting to your bedside, tuck in and enjoy that good book.

Image interior from Oh Eight Oh Nine.

Room Design Ideas - Bedside Lamps

16. Become an explorer

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Give your home some wanderlust with ‘vintage explorer’ accents – a globe of the world, nautical ornaments, old books. Bliss bomb.

Room Design Ideas - Vintage

BLISS: Enjoy long days indoors writing that great novel with ‘Exploring Provence’ as your muse.

17. Get into metal

We tend to spend more time indoors in Winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. It’s time to glam things up with metallic accents – gold, silver or copper (or all three!).

Image interior from Eclectic Trends.

Room Design Ideas - Metallic Accents

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