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Hot Trend: Why Abstract Landscapes Are The New Black

Hot Trend: Why Abstract Landscapes Are The New Black

If abstract art involves a degree of autonomy from visual references in the world around us and landscapes are a coherent composition of real natural scenery in the world around us, how can abstract landscapes exist?

Well, they do!

Therefore, this hot art trend is being used in interior design to break down the barriers that exist between the real and the imagined world and add an extra sophisticated level to home decor.

Abstract landscapes are inspired by what exists in real life but are intentionally different, with a focus on basic forms rather than literal interpretations. The natural world has always been a source of wonder and abstract landscapes offer a new way to see it. This kind of landscape paintings offers something unique for the art lover that wants something different from traditional landscapes, without skimping on the mystery and allure.

Below, we look at why abstract landscapes are the new black; the latest fashion in the world of interior design.

They can produce a mood

Due to the twisted colour palettes and stylised brush strokes, abstract landscape art can transform a room from staid to sensational and give character.

No matter what your existing colour scheme, add feeling with the melding of colours and an almost familiar scene, with a unique twist.

Moody abstract landscapes

ATMOSPHERE: This Rustic Expressions’print adds an earthly spirit to this bedroom’s neutral decor.

bright Abstract Landscapes

BRIGHTEN: Use a colourful print like Orange Horizon to add soul to a living area.

They can colour

While landscapes often use colours from nature, when they are painted as abstract art, the colour can be exaggerated, providing oodles of options when confronted with the task of brightening a room.

Abstract Landscapes that are colourful

BOLD: The way this stunning Tree In The Meadow print brightens this children’s bedroom is a sight to behold.

Abstract Landscapes with autumn colours

BLOSSOMING: Even just one colour— yellow— as presented in this Autumn Birches print can bring a room alive.

They can invite calm

Seaside landscapes represent the real and their abstract neighbour can blend shape, form and colour scheme to produce a completely original artwork.

The various blues, whites and sands commands a sense of calm, whether it’s oil or watercolour abstract art printed on canvas.

Abstract landscapes seaside art

PEACE: Add The Waves print to your home office to instil some tranquility in an otherwise hectic schedule.

Abstract landscapes art canvas

SERENITY: What a perfect place for this At The Beach watercolour print. Now breathe.

They can bring vibrancy

Abstract artists love expressing the energy of life. These works of art— inspired by real landscapes— can breathe new life into a room.

As a result, you can transform a living space or hallway from refined to fantastical with the addition of a vibrant abstract wall art print.

Vibrant Abstract Landscapes

SEE THE LIGHT: This abstract print The Beach showcases the brightest time of day.

Abstract Landscapes with vibrancy

WHAT A RUSH: Add energy and animation to a hallway with this stunning Rockpools abstract landscape.

They can complement

An abstract artist, when basing their work on natural landscapes, can emphasise colour while synthesising form.

The trick for you, the home interior designer, is to complement your abstract art. You can do this by using a dominant shade (think blue, bronze, taupe, black, white etc) within your decor and then choosing the perfect abstract painting that features that shade.

Abstract Landscapes complementary colours

PERFECT MATCH: The beige tones in The Quiet Sea print superbly complements the neutral tones of this bedroom decor.

Abstract Landscapes that complement your home decor

UNIFY: The dominant colour in this Seaside Sunset print is a gorgeous marigold and the sea green matches the signature chair.

They can nod to nature

Let’s end with a nod to nature, something that is core to the abstract landscape. This is art that relates us as humans directly to the environment. We love connecting to works of nature because we see ourselves replicated in it. We also love the outdoors but, ironically, from the safety and comfort of our own home. Landscape art is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

These pieces hung in the home leave us feeling much closer to nature, without all the creepy crawlies and jungle giants that come with it. It is, quite simply, for us to enjoy.

Abstract Landscapes of nature

WOW: Let nature in with this beautiful Wildflower Meadow At Sunset print.

Abstract Landscapes of nature

CAPTIVATING: A dash of green, a dapple of brown and a splash of red combine to impress in the Change Of Seasons abstract art print.

Take a look at the range of abstract landscapes and add the blurred beauty of colour into your home today.

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