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Why Poppy Art Lives On: The Essential Guide

Why Poppy Art Lives On: The Essential Guide

Lately I’ve been pondering why poppy art is so popular. Undoubtedly the poppy is a beautiful flower. I get that. But many other flowers are just as beautiful. So why has the poppy held its appeal for so many hundreds, if not thousands of years?

What is it that makes the artist paint and photograph poppies? And why do we, lovers of art, enjoy hanging it in our homes?

Why does a flower that’s used as a symbol of sleep, peace and death become a much loved part of our interior decor?

On one hand, the opium poppy is used to make legal and illegal drugs – think codeine, morphine and heroin. On the other hand, the red-flowered corn poppy has become a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers.

Both of these and all the different species of poppy in between have become the muse of many an artist.

There is immense beauty in the simplicity of the petals and, while blood red is often the colour we think of first, poppies can be found in pretty much any colour.

As a result, the triumphant poppy continues to remain an artist’s muse. It seems this floral art will live on … and on.

The sheer abundance of artwork the poppy has inspired, from colourful close up macro photography to stunning impressionist paintings of fields, combined with a spectacular colour palette from which to choose, has seen this floral art form become a prolific part of our everyday home life.

It doesn’t matter what style of art or what type of decor you love, you will find poppy prints to suit. That’s how versatile this gorgeous flower is.

One thing is for certain, you don’t have to worry about it going out of fashion. Poppy art will live on.

Timeless floral artwork

As part of our essential guide, here we feature six of our favourite poppy pieces. To search for more, simply visit our site and type ‘poppy’ into the search bar.

Featuring reds, oranges, yellows and pinks, there’s something for every taste from feminine watercolours to bold minimalism. Glorious aren’t they?

1. Whimsical watercolour

Poppy Art - Watercolour

CHARM: This poppy watercolour print will give a neutral decor style and grace.

2. Colourful abstract

Poppy Art - Abstract

BIG AND BOLD: Brighten your home with this brilliant abstract art piece.

3. Tranquil impressionist

Poppy Art - Impressionist

SERENE: Calm a contemporary decor with this engaging impressionist landscape print.

4. Moody minimalism

Poppy Art - Minimalist

DASHING: This poppy print is the epitome of understated beauty.

5. Stunning still life

Poppy Art - Still Life

CLASSIC: This vase of brilliant red will live on, bringing a room the joys of Spring all year round.

6. Pretty patterns

Poppy Art - Pattern

GLAMOUR: From our pattern art collection, this pretty poppy print will give any room a feminine touch.

Sumptuous floral photography

Here we celebrate the magnificent blood red poppy or Papaver rhoeas. This is the poppy we wear on our lapels to commemorate those who died at war, often on Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day.

Despite its solemn use, we join the delight photographers have to capture the spectacular fields of this stunning flower.

You too can revel in delight at the poppy with the opportunity to decorate your walls with something that suits your personality – a classic red field, a retro vintage flower patch or a sunset spectacle.

We complete our guide, featuring this and more for you below.

7. Make a meadow your muse

Poppy Art - Meadows

AT PEACE: This work of fine art photography ‘Red Poppy Morning Mist’ will create a soothing space.

8. Add vintage aspects

Poppy Art - Vintage

RETRO FANTASY: The timeless poppy, transformed into a fashionable vintage print, is definitely ‘on trend’.

9. Embrace Summer with enhanced colour 

Poppy Art - Colour Enhanced

BE HAPPY: This ‘Poppies On A Sunny Day’ print oozes optimism.

10. Celebrate life with macro art

Poppy Art - Macro

COME CLOSER: From our fine art collection, this photographic wonder takes us right into a different world.

11. Sunset dreams

Poppy Art - Sunset

ROMANTIC: The wild strength of this ‘Poppy Meadow Sunbeam’ sunset print balances the feminine and the masculine, making it a wonderful wall hanging for the bedroom.

As the poppy in all its beauty and intrigue lives on, so will its art. Find your perfect poppy piece today.

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