Architect Student Creates Alluring Abstract Digital Art Inspired By Offbeat Music And Film

Hong Kong born Australian digital artist Henry Hu creates abstract digital art imbued with stories from music and film, resulting in exceptionally constructed atmospheric works on canvas.

Hu’s inspiration is as diverse as his art with musical leanings covering Bon Iver to Kanye West and with film muses spanning Woody Allen to the Coen Brothers.

Add that to his fascination for both natural and urban subjects, no doubt garnered through his studies in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of New South Wales, and you have an eclectic collection of alluring art that will add attitude and atmosphere to a living or work space.

Abstract Digital Art - Strange Fruits

POP: Give a room an explosion of colour with the stunning ‘Strange Fruits’.

At 20, Hu’s talent for delivering original digital works is evident with many of his pieces formed from hand sketches, 3D visualisation and digital modelling.

Abstract Digital Art - Its Just a Six Minute Walk

COUNTRY: View the great outdoors in surreal style with ‘It’s Just A Six Minute Walk’.

While some of the prints may be mistaken for manipulated photographs, none of them are. They are all from his imagination – dark and strange and seemingly abstract, but very much grounded in reality.

Abstract Digital Art - Sugar Storm

CLASSICAL: With ‘Sugar Storm’ you can take a romantic walk without getting caught in the elements.

Hu has an immense respect for traditional artforms like oil and water colour paints and simply sees digital art as a choice an artist makes.

It’s all storytelling, but in this case it’s through digital enhancements.

Abstract Digital Art - Carina

NEW AGE: When the only way is up, the virtual reality inspired tones in ‘Carina’ will take you there.

An emerging talent to watch, Hu says with today’s advanced technologies, there are no limits to what static visuals can achieve.

“A digital touch can really enhance your work in terms of colours or styles to match the story or concept you want to get across.

“I am all about storytelling or exploring themes and concepts through artworks or motion visuals, so I really do appreciate what computers can do,” he said.

Abstract Digital Art - Nail On The Beach

GRUNGE: Let your hair down with this ‘Nail On The Beach’ print, a wonderland of soft colour.

Hu says that, as an artist, he is just getting started.

“I absolutely love it when I am working on something new. It gets me excited – just like any other artist would.

“I have a deep personal passion for arts and will 100% continue to do it as long as I can.

“I’ve got so many areas I would love to explore,” he said.

Abstract Digital - Pink Stinks

AVANT-GARDE: Embrace eclectic art with this brilliant ‘Pink Stinks’ print.

Not a fan of talking about his works in depth, Hu prefers the art to speak for itself and for every individual to take from the piece whatever they desire.

That said, we did discover more about Hu’s Top 3 favourite pieces:

1. Should’ve Never

Should’ve Never touches on the guilt of parents (with children who passed), grieving, solace and a take on the afterlife or purgatory. It is poster art from Hu’s motion visual short story of the same name.

Abstract Digital Art - Should've Never

BLUES: Reflect on and respect what could’ve been with ‘Should’ve Never’, a heart-wrenching story of loss.

2. Spooks

Spooks is a ‘beautiful tragedy’ or ‘beautiful lie’ based on events occurring around the globe including government coverups. On a perfect sunny day, a boat is on fire, sinking … and no one notices it.

Abstract Digital Art - Spooks

PUNK: Make a statement and get people talking with ‘Spooks’, a wonderful work for a guest space.

3. Epoch

The darker visual tones in Epoche represent the Greek word itself – that moment where ‘all judgements about the existence of the external world, and consequently all action in the world, are suspended.’ (Wikipedia)

Abstract Digital Art - Epoch

TRANCE: Get lost at sea with ‘Epoche’, a glorious monochrome tribute to the deep blue.

While Henry Hu may spend his days working as an architecture student at an architecture firm in Sydney, we’re comforted to know his abstract digital art is a talent that will only rise in notoriety.

To purchase Henry Hu’s works visit his collection or click the images above for direct links to the pieces available for sale.

You can find out more about the enigmatic Henry Hu at

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