The 20 Best Interior Design Blogs In Australia

Don’t you just love the names given to interior design blogs? Seriously, in design blog land I swear it’s the only place where you can totally judge a blog by its name. The creativity out there is astounding. My favourites are Oh Joy, Get In My Home and Homely Creatures. However, I love the name Absolutely Beautiful Things the most because, I mean, why wouldn’t you want to visit? And how fancy does Ish & Chi sound … until you learn it’s simply short for Fish & Chips. Very creative.

When blog hopping, it’s easy to get lost in the world of design, but it’s certainly not wasted time. If not for bloggers, how else would we decide – as creative people – what type of transformative piece is going to suit our homes, our tastes and our budgets?

Take these two pieces of artwork from Wall Art Prints, for example.

Interior Design Blogs - Colourful Cubism

COLOURFUL: This bold cubism print brings this living room to life. Find it in our Cubism collection.

Same interior. Different artwork. Result? Completely different look and feel.

Interior Design Blogs - Abstract Pastel

ABSTRACT: This pastel print is also an abstract piece, but it creates a softer effect. Discover more in our Abstract gallery.

Often you don’t know what you’re going to like in your home until you start looking – and design blogs are the perfect place to source that inspiration.

The thing about design blogs is that they, like restaurants in Melbourne, come and go. Bloggers might write regularly for years on end and build up a massive following then suddenly … nothing. Not even a goodbye. Just gone. On the other side of the coin, Joy Cho from Oh Joy blogs everyday! Every single day! Here’s hoping Joy’s not going anywhere in a hurry. Her design blog is simply superb.

Another thing I love is when a design blog becomes so successful that it has to shift homes. It’s taken off Tumblr or Blogspot and given it’s own domain name. Others transform into online magazines and employ a team of writers who, together, continue to inspire regular readers.

So here’s where it’s at right now; here are the 20 best interior design blogs in Australia to inspire and delight you.

1. Design Addicts Platform

Design Addicts Platform explores and shares great design from Australia and around the globe. Their bloggers are all either qualified designers or design addicts who provide objective articles based on design trends they love. Their coverage is vast and includes architecture, interior design, furniture, art, fashion and photography.

2. Katrina Chambers Life & Design

You may recognise Katrina Chambers as a contestant who made her mark in 2011 on Channel Nine’s hit TV series, The Block. Blogging since 2006, she is a mother of three who, in her Katrina Chambers Life & Design blog, covers all things design, lifestyle, DIY and interior styling. In 2012, she took out the Kidspot Top Blogger of The Year Award. Impressive is Katrina’s Design Tribe Online Chat Forum where you can go and ask interior design questions and get a response!

3. Get In My Home

Emily Osmond’s Get In My Home blog may look simple, but it oozes passion. The theme is an appealing one in that she loves covering global trends and then sourcing local products that fulfill those needs. That means many of the products she covers are from Australian designers and makers. If you want to learn where the sexiest fish and chip shop is in Australia, Get In My Home’s got you covered!

4. Paint Me White

Sandy Palmer is a blogger and decorative painter from the Gold Coast who has a passion for upcycling old furniture. She loves to transform time worn pieces. Her blog Paint Me White is packed with photos and images rather than words and so provides great visual inspiration for the DIY home designer.

5. Absolutely Beautiful Things

The title of this blog Absolutely Beautiful Things pretty much sums it up! Brisbane interior designer Anna Spiro has been running the blog since 2006 which is impressive as it means she’s got hundreds of articles you can browse through, but unfortunately she hasn’t posted since March 2014. Her last post is about New York so maybe she got lost in the big apple…? The good news is her business Black & Spiro is still alive and well, so this blog acts as a wonderful archive for inspiration if you’re keen to live a bright and colourful life! Come back to us Anna!

6. The Happy Home Blog

Blogging since 2007, Belinda has 4 kids and a hubby so goodness knows how she finds time to write The Happy Home Blog, but she’s obsessed with interiors, renovating, decorating and craft. She can also DIY anything, so she’s your go to blogger for inspiration for the affordable and fun. Her focus is on family, so many of her ideas are practical and ever-changing. Interior design changes as one’s family grows, afterall!

7. Daily Imprint

Daily Imprint covers interior design, fashion and photography and features interviews with designers and everyday people, covering their life and love of all things design. Blogger Natalie Walton also writes and styles for Australian interior and lifestyle magazines such as Frankie, Harper’s Bazaar, Home Beautiful and House & Garden, so it’s wonderful she also maintains this incredibly stylish free blog for all of us online interior design lovers to enjoy.

8. Design Hunter

Design Hunter is an architecture and design magazine created by Kim McFayden. Spectacular photography provides a visual feast of homes designed with warmth, texture, sustainability and soul. With a focus on home design, including bathroom and kitchen design, it’s a space to be inspired. Their Pinterest page is also ridiculously full of inspiration.

9. Oh Joy

Oh joy! Joy’s article The Evolution Of A Baby’s Room is the cutest thing to cross my screen in a while! Oh Joy is a daily blog – yes that’s right a daily blog – that focuses on design, fashion and food. Visually it’s bright, colourful and fun so you can get completely lost in the imagery. Also, how good is this YouTube video … ? Watch the transformation from a baby room to a big girl room! It’s just gorgeous.

10. The Design Files

The Design Files, which has been running since 2009, transformed from a blog to an e-zine after it was named by The Times (UK) as one of the world’s Top 50 design blogs. The e-zine covers architecture, interior design, gardens, food and art. Editor Lucy Feagins is a ‘go to’ design aficionado much loved by Australian media including The Block, Triple J and ABC radio. One of the coolest things to do on The Design Files is to look at the Australian Homes section to experience online tours through gorgeous Sydney and Melbourne homes.

11. Homely Creatures

While I’m not a big fan of blogs that don’t have time stamps on their articles, this blog Homely Creatures by designer and stylist Emma Patterson has a magical, playful feel and a wonderful collection of nursery related posts. It’d just be nice to know how current it is!

12. House By The Water

House By The Water is so practical and the storytelling so salt of the earth that you really get to know the people behind the incredible project they’ve undertaken. This blog is more than a passion piece; it’s a place where you can learn about interior painting, colour selection, plans, roofing – the whole shebang.

13. Inside Living

Featuring inspiration from around the globe, Inside Living profiles products, resources and designers from Australia and around the world. Just like us here at Wall Art Prints, they’re all about making interior design more accessible. No matter what room you are looking to tackle, they cover it – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining, kids etc.

14. La Maison Jolie

French? No, Australian! French inspired? Absolutely! Rani’s La Maison Jolie blog is wonderfully creative. I’m not sure if I love her or want to be her! But we say those sorts of things about all things French, don’t we? So if you’re longing for another trip to Paris, but it’s not an option right now, visit La Maison Jolie to find out how to bring a bit of France to your home. Think rustic, yet glamourous. Oh … how do the French even do that?

15. The Little Design Corner

Sydney blogger and mother of three Clare offers up design and lifestyle inspiration in her blog The Little Design Corner – and who better to go to for inspiration than a busy woman? Clare’s got it all covered – food, fitness, school, time management – but her Mums In Design, Home Tour, Design Inspiration and Style On A Budget are my favourite sections. The photography is gorgeous. The writing is fun. A must read!

The Little Design Corner blog inspired me to put together this quirky, fun print from our kid’s collection to share with you:

Interior Design Blogs - Crab Pirate Print

HAPPY HOME: This pirate crab print, ideal for a kid’s room, is all about the fun. Find it in our Kids Room collection.

16. Ish & Chi

Vivian, an accomplished, award-winning blogger, just screams yummy mummy. She lives and breathes design and even the Ish & Chi blog itself is presented in an eye-catching, creative way. The interviews she conducts give us a sneak peak into other people’s homes and lives. Interior design aside, you just have to check out her wedding dress!

17. Interiors Addict

Style without the snobbery – and that’s why we all love it! Editor Jen Bishop is not a qualified interior designer, but that’s why the Interiors Addict blog is so good. Jen – and her team of bloggers – are easy to relate to. With 90,000 Australian readers, it’s now more of a news site than a blog. Her success is our win!

18. Best Home Ideas

Blogger Samantha is an interior designer who, in her blog Best Home Ideas, covers interior design, architecture in the home, in the office and in the garden. She’s also a clean freak who hates cleaning, so now covers all the ‘need to knows’ about the subject. Thanks Sam!

19. The Design Library

The Design Library is one of the places I regularly stop by to discover the latest in design trends. These guys sit on the cutting edge of design, so if you want to know what’s new, this is the place to hang out.

20. Designer Man Cave

Finally and at last! One blog that’s most definitely for the blokes: Designer Man Cave! At least, for the blokes who appreciate style! This blog is all about living, working and playing like a gentlemen, so not the crude man cave definition we might think it to mean. This blog is definitely about showing men how to welcome women, other men, friends and family into their spaces, not locking them out!

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As the resident blogger for Wall Art Prints, Paula is passionate (to the point of obsessed!) about all things art. She loves nothing more than passing away the hours researching the latest design trends and experimenting with how art can transform even the dullest wall into a beautiful reflection of your style and personality.