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Get Into The Spirit: 18 Divine Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Title

Pop quiz. When it comes to Christmas, do you prefer classic tradition or cutting-edge style? Answer the questions below and, if you discover you lean towards cutting-edge style (or want to!), read on to discover divine Christmas decoration ideas you will be unable to resist.

1. Will you and your family be enjoying a traditional dinner (think roast turkey, roast veges, brandy pudding) and pulling store-bought crackers?

2. Will you and your family be opening presents wrapped in all different types of gift paper from under a green tree that’s been decorated with old family heirlooms?

3. Will the outside of your home be donned with coloured fairy lights and the inside decorated with tinsel?


4. Will you, your family and a group of friends come over for lunch, each bringing a plate (think seafood, salads, cold cuts) and pulling a hand-crafted cracker featuring original toys handpicked by you?

5. Will you and your family be opening presents wrapped in colour coordinated gift paper from under a silver tree featuring decorations that perfectly complement your living room decor?

6. Will the inside and the outside of your home sparkle with plain white fairy lights?

If you answered more from 4, 5, 6 than 1, 2 and 3, the ideas below will no doubt delight and inspire. We explore Christmas colour palettes; how to use red and green without overdoing it; how to transform pinecones into glamorous centrepieces; items to include on a table setting; and quirky ways to spread holiday cheer.

Christmas Colour Palettes

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with decorating your home in traditional reds and greens, if you truly love mixing it up at Christmas time, don’t be afraid to be different. If you don’t want to buy a new tree, instead buy decorations to match your current interior decor (e.g. to match your cushions).

Alternatively, invest in a new tree. To create a white Christmas, buy a white tree. Or do something edgy and build a black and white Christmas nook.

Spoil yourself with a Christmas canvas print that truly exudes contemporary style or DIY together natural fabrics and fibres to create a warm, rustic ambience.

1. Pastel perfection

‘Snowflakes’ by Wall Art Prints

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Pastel

PERFECTION: Combine this gorgeous white Christmas ‘Snowflakes’ art print with pinks and purples – think baubles, ribbons, candles.

2. Winter whites

By Centsational Girl

Christmas Decoration Ideas - White Christmas

3. Monochrome magic

By Heart Handmade UK

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Monochrome

4. Rustic reindeer

By El Pais De Satzah

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Rustic

Red And Green That Can Be Seen

We’re not saying red and green is bad. We’re just saying that it’s tempting to overuse it. Here are some ideas on how to embrace tradition (stars, santa, trees) without causing too much of a fuss. Also, stylish doesn’t have to mean boring. For proof, check out the santa cushion and the dancing tree!

5. Modern interpretations

Green Stars by Wall Art Prints

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Cute Art

NEW AGAIN: To avoid being too ‘busy’ with red and green, add a few key elements to a room: this ‘Green Stars’ print for your wall and two styles of white decorations for your green tree.

6. Berry joy

By Seventh And J

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Joy Bottles

7. Fun dancing tree

By Christmas Kingdom

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Dancing Christmas Tree

8. Cute, cuddly cushion

By Comforts Of Home Decor

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Santa Cushion

Turn Pinecones Into Glamorous Art

It’s amazing what a bit of coloured spray paint can achieve. Transform the simple pinecone into a stunning work of art, simply with a lick of paint. Or skip to #11 to see how even a basic bow can create a flashy tree decoration.

9. Fireplace bouquet

By Serendipity Refined

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Mantlepiece pinecones

10. Blue, gold and nature at the table

By The Family Handyman

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Gold Table Setting

11. Simple but stunning pinecone with bow

By This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Pinecone gold ribbon

12. Pink painted pinecones

By Shabby Fufu

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Pink Pinecones

Treats For Your Table

Christmas isn’t just for the rich. Whether you have a lot or a little, it’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit. Get those birthday lolly jars out of the cupboard and surprise visitors with sweets galore. A few strategically placed candles and baubles will add something special to a room.

13. Sweet and silver surprises

By Catch My Party

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Sweets Jars

14. Glitter balls

By Melusine.H

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Purple bonbons

15. Calming candles to bring good will

By Indulgy

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Blue Candles

Quirky Goodies To Spread Holiday Cheer

Christmas is for everyone – children, families and lovers. This year, spread the holiday cheer. Check out this amazing chalkboard wonderland, this clever, crafty gift shelf and – last but not least – a lavish display of love.

16. Children’s chalkboard

By Mommo

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Kids Room Chalk

17. Tree shaped gift shelves

By Alexander Breeze from House And Garden

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Shelf Tree

18. Elegance and romance

By Home White Home

Christmas Decoration Ideas - White Christmas

So many ideas. So little time. Here’s to stepping outside the red and green square this Christmas and creating a magical world where dreams of peace, love and goodwill really do come true.

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