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12 Landscape Painting Ideas To Lift Your Spirits

12 Landscape Painting Ideas To Lift Your Spirits

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Einstein may perhaps be one of the most famous theoretical physicists that ever lived, but this quote speaks to the soul rather than to science.

That’s the power of nature.

The power of landscape painting is that it lets us appreciate the diverse and beautiful gift of nature in our own homes. No matter how far away our favourite natural landscape might be, we can use landscape art to lift our spirits, day in day out.

Let’s take a look at some ideas that will boost your mood. Who knows, perhaps it will even help you understand everything better.

1. Colour your world

If you thought landscapes were all just greens and browns (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), you’d be wrong.

Bring an otherwise ordinary room alive with a colourful work of art. Nature delivers colour on a platter – or is that a palette?

Landscape Painting - Colour

BRIGHTEN: Give your spirits a lift with this colourful ‘Golden Lavender’ print, a sure way to transform your home into that happy place you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Let your personality shine

Are you someone who loves to stand out from the crowd? Then it’s time to think big and bold.

You love purple so much you bought a purple couch. When you choose a landscape print, don’t feel you have to complement colours. Just embrace more of what you love.

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as too much purple.

Landscape Painting - Personality

POP: Give a living space a dose of instant character with this stunning ‘Tree In The Lavender Meadow’ print.

3. Create a window to outside world

It’s not easy been green. Well, unless you’re a landscape painting of course. Let’s face it. No-one hangs a picture of a coal mine on their wall do they?

There’s something about trees, rivers and riverbanks that helps us reconnect – with ourselves, each other and with nature. Let nature inspire you as you live, work and play.

Landscape Painting - Window

RETREAT: Find a safe space to unwind with this gorgeous ‘Down By The River’ nature print.

4. Surround yourself with flowers

We all love fresh flowers, but we all hate watching them die. The beauty of floral landscapes is you never have to experience that sadness.

Find a floral piece for your home that captures a moment in time – the most glorious bloom – and keep that cheer alive to enjoy each day.

Landscape Painting - Flowers

DELIGHT: To surround yourself with cheer, decorate your lounge room with this ‘Flowers Forever’ print.

5. Let water flow over your problems

Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We shall get there someday. – A. A. Milne

Symbolism can be powerful, so surround yourself with art that speaks to you; that tells a powerful story.

Decorate your space with a river landscape and watch as your problems seemingly drift away.

Landscape Painting - Reinvigorate

AT PEACE: This ‘River Through The Woods’ work of art, with its greens, yellows and purples, wonderfully complements this gorgeous interior decor.

6. Inspire wanderlust

The Greek Islands is at the top of everyone’s bucket list, right? Put Santorini – or your favourite destination – in the spotlight and dream of travelling to far away lands.

Often those fantasies are the only things that get us through a day.

Landscape Painting - Inspire

HEAVENLY: This ‘House Near The Sea, Santorini’ will make all your troubles disappear.

7. Keep that smile alive

Imagine walking into your bedroom every night and experiencing a sense of contentment. We’re not talking big belly laughs here – just a sweet smile. That’s the power of a sunset landscape.

The day got done. It wasn’t without its challenges, but you tuck yourself in knowing that you did your best and, as your head hits the pillow, it also hits a place of hope. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Landscape Painting - Smile

HOPE: Say goodnight with this deliciously charming ‘Golden Daisy Sunset’ print.

8. Escape to paradise

If you’re looking for something to decorate a holiday house or that special room you retreat to, imagine your ideal paradise and find something that expresses it.

Do you love beautiful buildings, flashy flowers or a spectacular ocean view? Whatever your preference, choose something that makes you happy – that makes life feel like paradise.

Landscape Painting - Escape

WONDERLAND: Sit back, relax and breathe in all the beauty of this ‘Summer House Near The Sea’ print.

9. Add warmth

Nothing lift spirits like a good snuggle, so create a place to snuggle with a loved one – human or fur or cloth.

For a warm ambience, add a funky vintage landscape into the mix.

Landscape Painting - Warmth

CURL UP: Use a vintage style print like ‘Sunflower Memories’ to create a nest where love and warmth can live.

10. Design a chill out zone

Put your feet up and indulge yourself in a good book, some Facebook time or a Netflix marathon.

Whatever your cup of tea, we’re talking about setting up a fresh space where you come alive and appreciate your downtime rather than disappear into a hole of depression.

Choose a cool print – nothing is cooler than a Winter landscape.

Landscape Painting - Be Cool

CHILL OUT: This ‘Soft Winter Woods’ print will provide a space with a sense of purification.

11. Harmonise

Carefully consider the colours of your existing furniture, rugs, cushions and ornaments then find a print that creates perfect harmony.

The sense of unity you construct will impact how you, your family and your visitors feel when they enter the space. They will feel at home.

Landscape Painting - Harmonise

HOMELY: This glorious ‘Bridge Over The Forest Creek’ print is perfectly partnered with this room’s green, timber and stone decor.

12. Have fun by clashing

Stripes and landscapes? Don’t overthink it. Just do it because … fun.

Landscape Painting - Have Fun

MIX IT UP: Bring ‘on trend’ colour and style to a room with this ‘Summer By The Lake’ art print.

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