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Purrfect cat art to get your claws into

cat art

On October 29th it’s National Cat Day, but we believe that every day should be a day dedicated to our furry friends. Cat art is the purrfect way to keep you feline fine!

Fun and frisky cat art

When we look at playful animal art we, too, can feel fun and alive. But it’s the sense of wonder and novelty that cats naturally possess that inspire us to do the same in our work and personal life.

Furthermore, cats have been proven to be great for your health and wellbeing and can alleviate depression and help lower blood pressure. And if you want to attract a lady, maybe the key is getting a cat or the next best thing… cat art! Apparently, 90 per cent of single women said that men who own a cat are nicer than other guys!

Here are some ideas to help you feel alive and bright.

 cat art or your living room

Mix colourful mosaic with a wise kitten and you get this eye catching art print.

cat art for kids

These bright, sparkly eyed cats make a great addition to any playroom.

cat art for kids

Brighten up every day with this enthusiastic and cheeky print.

modern cat art

For a shiny modern art piece for people of all ages and all rooms, you’ll love The Orange Cat.

SophistiCATed cat art

Cats are known for their poise and sophistication, with their slinky strides and light foot approach to sneaking around the house and garden. So, why not bring those qualities into your home décor with some elegant cat art?

Ancient Egyptians revered cats as an item of worship and the death penalty was issued to anyone who killed a cat. There was even a whole branch of government dedicated to prevent the smuggling of cats across the Egyptian border!

Even the cats of today still hold a regal air about them and immediately assume the position of superiority within any household. Get kitty classy with these striking prints.

cat art as Audrey Hepburn

Class up your home by combining the two most sophisticated icons ever– Audrey Hepburn and cats!

black and white cat art

This is one black cat that is lucky— to have in your home that is!

cat art for the home

This iconic French cat print will impress all your dinner party guests.

cat art quote

Who’s the boss? Guaranteed a giggle, every time you walk past it.

Cute and curious cat art

Sometimes chaotic but always cute, cats are endlessly interesting to watch. They have a natural curiosity that entices them to explore and roam, often straight into the path of trouble.

Do not be fooled by their charm, however, because cats are not to be messed with! During the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent VIII declared that all cats were evil and as such thousands of cats were burned. Which in turn, caused the rat population to expand and the Black Plague took a strong hold.

Be inspired by their strength and charm with these playful cat art prints.

cute cat art

Calling all lovers of cuteness; this art print goes perfectly with soft, feminine furnishings.

cat art to make you smile

Don’t get muddled up when choosing your art print, let us guide you to the perfect one!

Looking for something for the little ones? Discover more animal art for kids.

cat art for kids

Is there anything cuter than a small kitty on top of another cat? No!

cat art surrealism

Escape into a surrealist fantasy, with this storytelling print.

black cat art

Get your own quirky, silly cat that instantly adds a sense of humour to any serious spot.

Fun fact: most cats are left handed (well, left pawed…)

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