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Cloud Nine: 16 Dreamy Bedroom Design Ideas

Cloud Nine: 16 Dreamy Bedroom Design Ideas

Live beautifully. Dream passionately. Love completely.

Do you hate going to bed? Do you prefer to stay in front of the TV, snuggled up on the couch only to reluctantly drag yourself off to the bedroom at some ungodly hour?

Perhaps it’s time to consider redesigning your sleep space.

These dreamy bedroom design ideas will have you living on cloud nine again in no time, with a restful, enriching and regenerative night’s sleep within your grasp.

Just don’t blame us if you can’t get out of bed in the morning!

1. Blush of colour

If you love bold and brash colours, go bold and brash. But if neutral tones and softer pastels calm you then use them in your bedroom decor.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Blush Of Colour

ROSY: This soft floral print ‘Watercolour Carnations’ adds elegance, grace and repose.

2. Inflamed luxury

“You don’t have to be rich to rule my world.” – Prince.

You don’t have to be wealthy to spice up your love life. Black and white with splashes of sexy red will do just the trick.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Classic Luxury

HOT: Contemporary photography like this print ‘Unrequited’ suggests sensuality, ideal for a bedroom setting.

3. Rustic rarities

A provincial bedroom design does not have to be boring. Mountain Modern Life show how you can give a rustic room a twist, below. Swing into sleep!

Bedroom Design Ideas - Rustic

FREEDOM: A unique focal point, like this swing bedside table, can give a bedroom a carefree sense of playfulness.

4. Earthly elements

Take one of the five elements of nature – like earth – and theme it throughout your bedroom decor including wall paint, bedding, rugs and wall art.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Element Earth

GROUNDED: Enhance a neutral bedroom decor with esoteric form rather than commonplace colour, as provided by this ‘Ocre Marble’ abstract print.

5. Fairy tales

Glow in the dark wall decals need not just be for the kids. When done well, they can transform a bedroom into a fantastical place. These fairy decals from Zulily will deliver the fairy dust. Sweet dreams.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Fairy Tales

ENCHANTED: Glow in the dark decals can give a bedroom an ethereal warmth and spritely splendour.

6. Wild at heart

Dare to be different with a bedroom design that pops. Go wild with an animal print rug or wall art print. How good does black and white look, below, when dappled with colour?

Bedroom Design Ideas - Go Wild

THRILL: Bring adventure into your life with a ‘Watercolour Zebra’ print to complement a black and white decor.

7. Hard lines

If you’re sick of your natural decor, glam it up with some art deco lighting and an art deco print. Dream big and live the high life.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Hard Lines

GLAM: A print like ‘Deco Skyline’ from our Vintage collection can add spunk to an otherwise soft decor.

8. Patchwork passion

Patchwork is so ‘in’ right now, so whether you buy it off the shelf or sew something together yourself, bringing it into your bedroom will add colour and charm. Whether it’s a bedspread, a cushion cover, a signature chair or something completely different like this Aguirre Creations wall hanging from Design Feria, patchwork will provoke your passions.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Patchwork Passion

MEDLEY: This patchwork wall art interior design by Aguirre Creations challenges what’s possible in the bedroom.

9. Metallic magic

Are you a silver person or a gold person? Make your room sparkle with your favourite metal through use of lamps, ornaments and even wall art.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Metallic

SHINE: Bring a bedroom to life with a contemporary ‘Gold Filigree Leaf’ print to complement golden lampshades.

10. Second home

Keen to escape your teenagers? Transform your bedroom into a private retreat, complete with sofa, fireplace and desk. This design, below, featured in HomeDIT covers all the essentials.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Second Home

SPACE OUT: This bedroom retreat offers the ideal combination of relaxation, work and sleep.

11. Masculine mystique

Masculinity doesn’t have to equal man cave. This minimalist, Zen decor combined with a mystical moon photographic print combines to create a spiritual space where he can find peace.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Mystique

GALLANT: This bedroom oozes charisma, with a ‘Moon Glow’ photographic print and powerful stylings.

12. Boho beauty

Say goodbye to convention and hello to bohemian with unique, jaw dropping pieces like this stunning Free People bed throw, boho bedding and dried palm leaf combo.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Boho Beauty

ALLURE: Slip into slumber with this Coco Banana Blanket from Free People, styled with cool boho delights.

13. Encounters with nature

Welcoming nature into your home doesn’t have to be messy. A few key plants and a nature photography print can give you the connection you need for shut eye.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Serenity

CONNECTED: This ‘Iridescent hummingbird’ animal photography print complements this minimalist bedroom setting that’s also smattered with plant life.

14. Understated romance

Love doesn’t have to be so ‘in your face’ that it makes you want to barf. To make your heart sing, add a fun word art print to your interior decor. Choose colours that complement your existing decor.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Understated Romance

TRUTH: Keep love honest with this inspirational ‘To The Moon And Back’ print, a great way to refresh a bedroom.

15. Nouveau punk

If you, your son or daughter love the unconventional, know that it doesn’t have to mean tacky. This artistic interpretation of ‘punk’, below, as featured in Home My Design, is a new way of bringing a bit of attitude back into interior design.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Nouveau Punk

HIP: An upmarket, creative interior design for the man who doesn’t want to let the boy go.

16. Wanderlust ramblings

Got the travel bug? Encourage your wanderlust with art that inspires you to travel. Bring it into your bedroom setting to help inspire dreams of that next big trip.

Bedroom Design Ideas - Wanderlust

GLOBE TROTTING: Never forget your travel dreams with this colourful ‘Watercolour Splash Map’ print.

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