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Melbourne Abstract Artist Paints Life In Colour

Colour can be powerful, can’t it? We not only see it, but we feel it.

Melbourne abstract artist Emma Thomas has an extraordinary ability to paint a reflection of life in colour, creating a collection that speaks to all of us.

Not everything is sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. We all have dark days. Accordingly, Thomas paints life in all its glory resulting in art that reflects the rollercoaster of life: fun, vibrant, outgoing, soft, dark, pensive, magical and cosmic.

In painting life in abstract, Thomas gives colour a life of its own. When taking in her art, all of us feel something – and that something differs from person to person.

We see it. We feel it. All of it.


Thomas, who is a busy mother of two boys, aged 4 and 2, is an experimental artist – fun and expressive. She describes the act of painting as an enjoyable release.

“It’s definitely the way I relax. It just makes me happy, that feeling of accomplishment,” said Thomas.

“My husband is so amazing and patient with it all. There’s always my mess of paint and brushes all throughout the house,” she said.

Thomas believes art is the soul of a home.

“It tells a story, it’s the icing on the cake. Everyone loves eye candy,” she said.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Roses

PASSIONATE: This exciting ‘Rosie Roses’ print is bursting with colour, instantly transforming a space from pale to peppy.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Spring

SPLASHY: This ‘Spring Brights 3’ is one of a collection of three dynamic Spring inspired prints that will bring new life to your home.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Watermelon

FRESH: Wow a living space using the pinks and teals in this ‘Watermelon Crush’ print.


Darkness in Thomas’s art doesn’t depress, instead it lifts. It tells us it’s OK to be pensive – to reflect deep or serious thought.

You may notice this talented homegrown artist has a soft spot for blue and teal, two colours found in pretty much all her paintings.

“I think it goes back to my love of tropical water,” Thomas said.

The colours of the water calm us, give us the opportunity to reflect and spur us on to enjoy a new day ahead.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Planet

RELAX: This ‘Planet Earth’ print tells us everything is going to be OK, helping us sleep soundly every night.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Winter Chill

VERY COOL: When it’s too cold to swim, at least we can all enjoy this ‘Winter Chill’ print.


Thomas paints using acrylics and loves experimenting with different colour combinations, often creating a magical or ‘cosmic’ appearance.

“I never have a set plan of how it’s going to look and I love seeing the unpredictable end results,” she said.

In speaking of abstract art, Thomas loves how open to interpretation it is.

“It moves people in different ways and everyone sees something different in it,” she said.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Pretty

IMPRESS: Step outside the square and discover a new kind of ‘Pretty’ with this stunning blue, purple, pink and white print.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Transcend

STELLAR: Get lost in this abstract piece ‘Transcend’ featuring layer upon layer of cosmic colour.

Emma Thomas - Abstract Artist - Universe

ENCHANTED: This powerful ‘Universe’ print is a stylish way to bring a world of mystery into your home.

Feeling it? Check out our complete collection of Emma Thomas abstracts now.

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