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5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas

Every expectant mum and dad wants to create not only a safe and restful nursery for their new bub, but one that looks fabulous too!

With these five nursery decor ideas parents will realise they don’t have to compromise their home’s interior style when fashioning a functional and comfortable nursery.

Drawing on some advice from stylist Nicole Rosenberg and inspiration from some of our best homes on sale, here are five pretty ideas to inspire your nursery makeover.

1. Lively wallpaper

The great thing about wallpaper is there are so many different and amazing styles to choose from. From cartoon animal murals, to adorable polka dots, starry skies and bold floral prints, you’re sure to be able to find a cute design to suit your space.

Another appealing thing about modern wallpaper is it’s easy to apply and remove yourself, and it doesn’t leave any damage on walls. “Use a removable wallpaper that you can remove when the child grows out of the baby room look”, Nicole suggests.

If you don’t want to commit to papering the entire wall you could always run the wallpaper part way up the wall (as below) or just add it to the ceiling so the baby has something colourful and interesting to look at.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas


2. Whimsical canopy

“Don’t be afraid of using playful décor- this is one room you can really takes some risks!”, Nicole reminds expectant parents.

A popular and playful trend in nursery décor right now is canopy tents crafted in a variety of colours and materials. We especially love the dusty pink and mint styles we’re seeing, pictured below. A canopy will work wonders to create drama in a nursery space.

Nicole recommends “using décor items, either hanging from the ceiling or hung on the wall, to give the room added interest and a sense of fun”.

Be sure to install the canopy away from the crib to avoid a curious toddler getting tangled up or tugging on it. “Safety is number one, so ensure items you’re buying are Australian certified”, Nicole says.

Fill your canopy with fluffy cushions and a sheepskin rug to create a cosy reading nook perfect for bedtime stories and snuggles.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas

Image: Amelia Stanwix

3. Simple artwork

Not every piece of nursery decoration needs to be bold, dramatic and colourful. A simple gallery wall of four or more animal artworks in soothing pastel and neutral tones is an ideal way to add interest and create a restful environment for the baby.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas


We’re big fans of the understated charm of pairing cute canvas art with custom made baby name wall plaques and dainty wall hangings.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas


4. Natural textures

When it comes to designing a stylish nursery, Nicole loves “to add in natural tones, such as light wooden accents in the furniture and pops of greenery”.

Introduce loads of natural tones and textures with the addition of a boho wicker peacock chair (perfect for nursing mums!), a chic woven jute rug and seagrass storage baskets.

Add some fresh shades of green with botanical print cushions, blankets or canvas artwork, and a leafy houseplant or two. Be sure to check that the houseplants you’re bringing in are non-toxic.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas


5. Soft lighting

The addition of a soft lamp or night light is a nursery décor essential. “When breast feeding or checking on the baby, a soft night light that you can turn on that won’t disrupt their sleep” is a super handy accessory Nicole advises.

There are so many incredible night light designs and shapes including clouds, gummy bears, rabbits, pineapples, ice-creams and toadstools to name just a few.

A cute night light or soft wall lamp is the perfect practical way to jazz up a nursery that’s lacking charm and to improve ease of access at night.

5 Pretty Nursery Decor Ideas


We hope these nursery decoration ideas will help inspire you to create a functional yet stylish nursery to welcome your new baby into your home.

For when your little one grows into the next phase of childhood check out these décor tips for kids’ rooms and these kid-approved play area ideas.

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