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Create a roar-some home zoo with animal art

animal art

Like animals, kids are often wild.

If it’s not noisy or messy enough in your house as it is, why not create your very own zoo? Not a real one, of course, but one that looks great on your wall and matches those oh-so-adorable traits of your kids. Using animal art is a simple, yet delightful, way to encourage imaginative play and a love for the natural world. What’s more, nurturing a love of animals helps children turn into great adults.

Be inspired by our favourite combinations of animals that play well together (in the form of animal art!) and are enjoyable for both children and adults alike.

Is your herd cheeky?

animal art for your home

Who’s the cutest of them all? ‘Zebra Foal In The Grass’ and all her best buddies!


animal art at home

‘Little Boho Monkey’ and ‘Little Boho Giraffe’ have their eyes on you!

Don’t these eyes just melt you? They may look well behaved but when the lights go out there’s a party every night.

We should warn you: the monkey likes to eat dirty socks, so be sure to keep them out of sight!


Alphabet animal art

This ‘Alphabet Zoo’ is a quieter way to learn all the animals in your home zoo

The quickest way to bring a zoo to life in your home is with this adorable ABC print. Learning letters and matching animals has never been more fun!

For the courageous crew

animal art that is cute

Enjoy being king with the roar-some ‘Wild One’

Lions are bold and brave. They will inspire your little ones how to be courageous in any situation. Allow this king of the jungle to watch over your kids whilst they sleep.


animal art for kids

‘Frangipani Chameleon’ is as sweet as it is colourful

This adaptable little dude can change to the colour of his surroundings. So warn the kids that he’ll change to the colour of “mess” if they don’t keep their rooms tidy!

Those who cuddle together…

animal art for kids room

‘Koala Bear Love’ is just too scrumptious to “bear”

These koala prints will compete for cuteness in your home zoo. Known for their cuddliness, koalas make great zoo animals because they tend to sleep a lot. If only the same could be said for the kids once bedtime rolls around.


Cute animal art

‘Happy Dino’ is not just an adorable print but a great new nickname

Just like the dinosaurs, your kids’ incessant demands might go extinct one day too. Right? Hopefully. In the meantime, keep your head above water and surround yourself with adorable art for kids. This guy should be called “smiley-saurus”, right?

Animal art for bedrooms

‘Little Tiger’ will have your heart at first glance

See? They’re not so fierce now are they? Your new zoo friends without the terrible inconvenience and threat of being eaten in your sleep…

bedroom animal art

We’re not sure which panda is having the most fun in ‘Riding With Dad’ and ‘Panda Back Ride’

Quality time is the most important thing when it comes to family. Share in the love of play with the ever popular panda.  This adorable pair share a heartwarming moment that you’ll be inspired to recreate time and time again.

Carefree together

Is there anything more pleasing than a chilled out kid? How many times have you wanted some peace and quiet so you can catch up on the latest episode of your favourite TV show, podcast or book?

cartoon animal art

Sway the day away with ‘Hula Hippo’ and ‘Surfing Elephant’

Show them the way with this cruisey elephant and hippo for your creature filled sanctuary.

animal art for nurseries

Save the antics for the teenage years but for now opt for ‘No Drama Llama’

Honestly, this animal couldn’t care less. Let the llama lead you to a stress free life where the washing is always done and the wine glass is always full.

Ready to start your own home zoo? Take a walk on the wild side and explore our full range of colourful and emotive animal art for kids.

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