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favourite office decor art
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Office decor to inspire creativity

A lot of us are still working from home. Which brings many benefits – less time in traffic, working in our pyjamas (go on – admit it!), popping on a load of washing in between meetings. But have you…

piano artwork ideas
Art Ideas

Artwork ideas inspired by cult movies

There is nothing quite like escaping with a good movie. The perfect antidote to the challenges of everyday life, movies allow us to take a well-earned break from reality – if only for a couple of hours. If you’re…

bedroom wall decor
Art Ideas

Bedroom wall decor for a heavenly hangout

You may think that picking your bedroom wall decor is the final finishing touch. However, the design you select for your walls can set the tone and style for the entire room – from calming and minimalist to dramatic…

granny chic decor style
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Cosy up: feel-good grandmillennial decor style

People in their twenties and thirties are embracing what was once their granny’s decor style and reclaiming it as a hip new take on home styling, known as grandmillennial or granny chic. The style itself combines the comfort that…

wildlife art
Art Photography

Paws for thought with wildlife art

It’s not often we get to experience seeing much loved animals in the wild, particularly when so many are increasingly becoming endangered. With protecting endangered species a priority, it can be challenging to observe animals without further damaging their…

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12 easy home decor ideas on a budget

Who among us isn’t triple checking our bank statements and telling ourselves to cut back on spending? Somehow, it doesn’t stop us wanting to revamp our home and enjoy a fresh new look though. But don’t worry – it…

chinese artwork
Types of Art

The magic of Chinese artwork

Dating back to more than 4000 BC, traditional Chinese artwork is one of the oldest styles of art to ever exist. Whilst it changes slightly depending on the era, Chinese art typically features strong symbolism woven into the rich…

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Interior colour trends — 2020 forecast

Dulux have released their very human centred and wholesome interior colour trends for 2020 with a range of appealing colours and combinations. The four distinct sets of colours have been designed to lead you to the very essence of…

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Mood boost: revive your home decor with colourology

What is colourology? Colourology is a form of colour psychology that uses the colours to influence mood, physical functions and wellbeing. It’s also known as chromotherapy, which is ‘… a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors)…