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zen pictures
Types of Art

Stressed out? 15 zen pictures to help you relax

We are all stressed out to the max, these days. It’s quickly becoming an epidemic. Because our biggest investment is our health and wellbeing, we need to do everything we can to relax. That’s where zen pictures come in…

Room Decor

Mood boost: revive your home decor with colourology

What is colourology? Colourology is a form of colour psychology that uses the colours to influence mood, physical functions and wellbeing. It’s also known as chromotherapy, which is ‘… a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors)…

Art Photography

Gift from the heart with photographic art

Photographic art can be a wonderfully unique and touching gift for a loved one. With a huge range to choose from, picking a subject close to their heart – perhaps a favourite hobby or passion – is simple. And…

Room Decor

Exposed! Decor and design secrets from the pros

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Some of the keenest interior eyes have imparted their hottest decor and design tips, just for us. Looking to upstyle your home? Pick one (or a few) and go wild! Tell a tale Storytelling is…

Art Ideas

Art ideas inspired by popular songs

Music is life for a lot of people. With so many great songs spanning the decades, it was inevitable that art ideas would spring forth. Not so much life imitating art perhaps, as art imitating music. So pop on…

Types of Art

The mythology behind our favourite fantasy artwork

Not only does fantasy artwork transport us to another time and place but it provides us with poignant messages and reflections on our psyche and own world. Read through the stories of some of our most popular fantasy artwork,…

inspirational quotes for kids
Art Ideas

The positive project: inspirational quotes for kids

Have you considered inspirational quotes for kids as art that’s not just fabulous to look at but as an empowering mechanism to help them develop? In today’s world, we realise the value and significance of building resilience in children.…

nordic style greenery
Room Decor

Embrace form and function with Nordic style

Nordic style (sometimes known as Scandi) focuses on minimalism, simplicity and functionality. It is often characterised by minimal styling, white walls, muted colour palettes and light wooden floors, which come together to deliver a popular interior design style that…

Types of Art

Splash out: watercolour art for every season

Watercolour art is perennially loved because it is not only beautiful but offers flexibility and dynamism. The transparency of the paint is especially appealing as it can deliver a wide range of effects and colour palettes; from bright and…