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Romantic art for a quiet kind of love
Types of Art

Celebrate Love With Romantic Art

Many people have the wrong attitude and approach to art, whether it’s art to be hung on your walls for your own personal enjoyment or art hung in a gallery for the enrichment of society as a whole: they…

Landscape Photographers - Clyde Butcher
Art Photography

7 Inspirational Landscape Photographers

There is nothing more inspiring in the world than beauty, and arguably nothing is more beautiful than the natural world we inhabit. Yes, architecture is thrilling in the way it reshapes the world to our needs and preferences, and…

Weird art is a powerful design tool
Types of Art

Why Choose Weird Art for your Decor?

Interior Design is an art form. That isn’t a controversial statement – it’s a way of using colour and shape and texture to express a point of view, therefore it is art. As with all art, it can be…

DIY home decor on the cheap
Room Decor

DIY Home Decor on the Cheap

We’ve all been there. You scour the Internet, local papers, and real estate listings until you find that diamond in the rough: an apartment or house that fits your budget and is in the right spot. These bargains usually…

David Choe - influential graffiti artists
Famous Artists

The 6 Most Influential Graffiti Artists of 2014

You know you’re living in the future when you realise that graffiti has gone from denigrated vandalism performed by rebellious teenagers to admired artwork that gets those teenagers (who are often not teenagers at all these days!) endorsements and…

New technology and powerful tools enables artistic photography
Art Photography

What is Artistic Photography?

One of the most difficult questions to answer in any field where creativity and individual point of view has a role has to be, ‘Is it art?’ Starting with the question of whether art can be defined in any…

Bedroom Design Art Ideas
Art Ideas

Bedroom Design Art Ideas

When it comes to interior design, sometimes it’s all in the service of fun and creativity, and sometimes it’s about creating a space that will affect us every day of our lives in a variety of ways. Your lounge…

Post Modern Art
Types of Art

Post Modern Art – A Beginners Guide

Post modern art is one of the most controversial and least understood art movements in history. It’s made even more difficult by the fact that it’s evolving and changing around as we write. This beginners guide seeks to answer…

Five famous photographers everyone should know
Art Photography

Five Famous Photographers Everyone Should Know

Photography is a peculiarly modern art form. While other art movements are considered and described as ‘modern,’ they are all simply permutations of classic and even ancient forms – modern painting, modern music such as jazz, or modern dance.…

Pop Art Artists
Famous Artists

Pop Art Artists – 5 of the Best

Art is always difficult to define – in a broad sense, any creative object is art. But then concepts such as taste come into play, and we start the busy work of categorising art into ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ ‘fine’…