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Celebrate Love With Romantic Art

Celebrate love with romantic art

Celebrate love with romantic art – ‘Two Owls In Love’ print from $39.99

Many people have the wrong attitude and approach to art, whether it’s art to be hung on your walls for your own personal enjoyment or art hung in a gallery for the enrichment of society as a whole: they are overly intellectual about it.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with understanding the history of art and the techniques and advances used in creating it. Such an understanding can enhance your appreciation of art in all its forms and make it an even more powerful force in your life, but it can also bleed art of its raw emotional power and turn it into a purely intellectual exercise.

When it comes to romantic art that’s hung on your walls to celebrate your relationships, your love, and your connection to a special person, losing that raw energy is a shame. The key is to find a balance between your intellectual appreciation of art and the simple, primal reaction you have to a work of beauty. Making your home a more romantic place should definitely involve art, and there are several approaches you can use.

Red hot romantic art

A red-hot romance – ‘The Passion of Dance’ print from $39.99

Be Yourself

Your first step is to consider the flavour or personality of your relationship. Movies and TV shows sometimes give the impression that there is only one proper way to express deep emotion, and that’s through loud, demonstrative passion. But not everyone enjoys public displays or showy exhibitions, and a quieter love affair is no less beautiful or powerful.

The romantic art you choose for your home should reflect the type of relationship you have. A red-hot romance filled with dancing and music might need a warm, exuberant painting, while a deeper, quiet commitment that spans decades might be better served with a more contemplative piece.

Romantic art for a quiet kind of love

A quiet kind of love – ‘Springtime Romance’ print from $39.99

Your Little Secret

The other consideration when choosing romantic art for your home is the details that only you and your partner will recognise. This is also the key when shopping for art for a special occasion (an anniversary, or, of course, Valentine’s Day). Think about the details of your relationship that only the two of you would recognise – perhaps the place where you met and fell in love, or the destination of your first shared holiday?

Think of it like a secret code that only the two of you can decipher. Your chosen art should contain details that refer to the secret history of your love affair, from those turns of phrase that make you blush, to locations and events that make you both laugh while everyone else stares in surprise and confusion. These don’t have to be obvious or overt; in fact, the more subtle they are the more beautiful the work is, and there’s something truly incredible about watching other people react to a work of art that has an extra dimension that only you and your special someone understand. This kind of dual effect for artwork is ideal – appreciated on more than one level, it serves as both general decoration and as a celebration of your relationship.

Remember special places with romantic art

Celebrate a special holiday – ‘The View From Portofino’ print from $39.99

Your Decor

Finally, some practical advice: keep your home’s design palette and style in mind when selecting romantic art. No matter how powerfully a painting speaks to you or reminds you of your partner, if it clashes with the style of your home it will introduce a discordant aspect that will undermine the beautiful sentiment.

When seeking out art for your home, it’s a good idea to have to hand some reference materials – paint swatches, photos of the room the work will hang in, or anything else. This will help fix the colour palette and the lines of the room so you can judge whether the work will complement or fight it.

Romantic art that never wilts

The perfect expression of love – a rose that never wilts!

There is no better inspiration for designing the look and feel of your home than love itself. Choosing art that celebrates your relationship and reminds you of your shared history, creates a warm and emotionally resonant environment that makes a house feel more like a home than any other design decision.

And the best part of all? Every time you walk into the room and see that beautiful print, you’ll be reminded of the connection you share.

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