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Five Finest Reasons To Choose Photography Art

Five Finest Reasons To Choose Photography Art

I like to think I’m a pretty good photographer, but then I look at our gallery of photography art and I quickly pull my head in. Photography masters make it look so easy don’t they? But it’s not easy to capture the detail of a dew drop, the curve of a flower, the vastness of a landscape or the speed of a moving vehicle. And then of course there’s abstract, contemporary and architectural photography and really, at that point, photographers are really just totally showing off their creativity aren’t they? And thank goodness they do!

So what is it about photographic art that makes us say ‘Yes. I want that on my wall!’ each and every time? And why should you give in to its charm? Rather than simply having a handsome photographer flash you his toothy white smile (although that would be quite OK too wouldn’t it?), we’ve instead put together five of the finest reasons to choose photography art.

To inspire:

There’s something about nature that inspires us to be better human beings. When we immerse ourselves in nature, we experience more calm and more peace in our lives. If the ocean brings you calm, invest in a print of the deep blue or the seaside. If walking in the rainforest brings you peace, invite a leafy green wall art print into your living space.

And if you want to be inspired to be a better lover, bring romance into your bedroom with this Passionate Rose print from our Flower collection. This splash of red will complement a black, white or cream decor perfectly and remind you, each and every night, that love is in the air.

Photography Art - Inspire

PASSION PIECE: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – found in our Flower collection.

To colour:

There is nothing brighter, bolder nor more pure than a work of abstract photography. If you’re wanting to clash or complement your interior decor, think outside the oil paint box and discover abstract photography. The colour will leap from your wall and tug at your senses. In our Abstract Photography gallery, you can search by colour – a terrific way to find something to match your own decor. This Dandelion Blues wall art print brings out the blue in the cushions, creating a stunning colour scheme. Who knew grey could look so good?

Photography Art - Colour

TRANSFORM: Add a splash of cool blue to a contemporary grey decor with this gorgeous Abstract print.

To remember:

Yearning to relive your road trip along the Great Ocean Road? Wanting to visit New York City again, damn the expense? Leave the landscape and travel photography to the experts. Say goodbye to the souvenir calendar of Paris you’ve been holding onto for far too long and hello to the Arc de Triomphe. Say goodbye to the dusty old polaroids of you and your old lover outside the welcome sign to the Great Ocean Road and hello to the Apostles Sunrise Panorama.

Remember old times with a new class.

Photography Art - Remember

REMEMBER WHEN: Reflect on fond old times in a new fashionable way with landscape photography art.

To excite:

Whether you are addicted to adrenaline, have a deep passion for food or even a penchant for transportation or architecture, photographic art has the power to excite. Its strength is that the images are real. Sports photography, whether its boating, snow skiing, surfing and even golf, captures the true spirit of the sport – the danger, the dare, the devotion. Food photography excites the tastebuds, a perfect addition to the home of an aspiring chef or just a mad foodie.

Photography Art - Excite

SET SAIL: Begin an exciting adventure with this dramatic Sailing Into The Sunset print from our Sports Photography collection.

To evoke:

There are those who love clutter and those who don’t, but a love of minimalism does not need to mean ‘bland’ or ‘boring’. In fact, it often means exactly the opposite. Less is more is one of the hallmarks of great design, so if you’re a fan of contemporary minimalism, when choosing art, search for clean lines.

When choosing photographic art, consider something that will evoke a feeling of simplicity – consider contemporary photography, black and white photography and architectural photography. Can’t abide the fuss of a fancy stairwell? Our architectural photography gallery features an abundance of stairwell prints that, when mounted to a wall, create a whole new perspective. Why walk up and down a stairwell when you can gaze right through one?

Photography Art - Evoke

EDGY: Be different! Own it! Take a chance with a piece of architectural photography, great for a contemporary decor.

Inspired? Excited? There is a reason why photography art is one of the heroes of the art print world. Photographers who specialise in photography as an art form spend buckets of money on the best equipment, a massive sum on travel expenses and muster much more patience that many of us can manage! Respect to the photographer! To make your home come alive, find your own perfect photo in our gallery.

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