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18 Christmas Gifts For Your Psychopath Relatives

18 Christmas Gifts For Your Psychopath Relatives

We all have them. The sister-in-law who would do anything for her twenty-two cats (hasn’t she discovered Tinder yet?). The nephew who worships Kylo Ren (he’s a murderer not a role model, people!). And that Uncle who always…need we say more!

The question is, what on earth do you give these relatives for Christmas? Fear not, this year we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low to create the ultimate list of Christmas gifts for the more ‘unique’ members of your family.

1. Daily Mood Warning

The Daily Mood is perfect for that tiresome family member who forces you to tread carefully whenever you’re around them. Imagine how their workmates feel? Never be caught off guard again – let them choose their mood and display it for all who pass to know. And with 47 moods to choose from, they’ll be covered each and every day of the year.

Christmas Gifts - Daily Mood Chart

2. Insane Canvas Print

This ‘Insanity’ canvas print is the perfect quote to gift an entire family. When madness is in the genes it’s hard to hide, so let Mum, Dad and the kids sing it loud and sing it proud. And let’s face it – who’s family isn’t bordering on the dysfunctinal side?!

Christmas Gifts - Wall Art Print

3. Almost There Coffee Mug

This is for the coffee lover in your life who can’t function without that first cup. The Now You May Speak mug is a crowd favourite among coffee aficionados – and now everyone will know how to speak their language … or at least when to speak.

Christmas Gifts - Now You May Speak Mug

4. Freudian Slipper

Got a crazy psychologist or a nutty professor in your family? These Freudian Slippers will tug at their mind strings. Just don’t put your foot in it by attempting to explain the gift! Fluffy. Comfy. Completely mad.

Christmas Gifts - Freudian Slippers

5. Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal is the perfect gift for those who insist on colouring outside of the lines. Encourage their inner anarchist while fuelling their desire for ‘destructive’ acts – poking holes through pages, defacing photos and splattering with coffee. That’s therapy, right there.

Christmas Gifts - Wreck This journal

6. Light Saber Chopsticks

This gift will be a dream come true for the Star Wars nerd in your family – you’ll be their new favourite person in the whole entire cosmos. Light Saber Chopsticks are available in Darth Vader (red) or Luke Skywalker (blue), so you can pick from the dark versus light.

Christmas Gifts - Light Saber Chopsticks

7. Moon Box

Know a good witch? This exceptionally classy gift will put you in their good books, free you from their wrath and avoid being a victim of their curses. The Moon Box is a monthly CrateJoy Subscription Box, featuring the ritual and altar tools required to embrace the energies.

Christmas Gifts - Moon Box

8. Calm Down

Keep getting in trouble for saying ‘calm down’? Let the 365 Days Of Calm book handle it for you. An inspiring collection of quotes focused on creating calm in your day, plus tips towards peace and tranquility. That’s them (and you) covered for the whole year.

Christmas Gifts - 365 Days Of Calm

9. Bubble Ball

You know exactly which friends or family members will revel in this Zuru X-Shot Bubble Ball. Those with way too much energy who just need to let it all out. In fact, why not stack one crazy relative against another crazy relative on Christmas Day and see how it plays out?

Christmas Gifts - Zuru X Shot

10. So Zen

There’s got to be some truth in these ancient philosophies, right? Help the stress ball in your life manage their panic with this contemporary style Mini Zen Garden. Chill out, dude. Chill out.

Christmas Gifts - Zen Garden

11. Star Wars Voice Changer

Another Stars Wars gift, this time for the one you’ve already lost to the dark side. The Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask will give the nerd in your family the opportunity to freak out their loved ones. Because everyone deserve to be evil. Errrr … right?

Christmas Gifts - Kylo Ren Voice Changer

12. Moon Lamp

Who knew howling at the moon could be so stylish? This rechargeable 3D Moon Lamp is the coolest new kid in town. It has all the mood and mystery of space channelled into a useful decor item. Anyone would be over the moon to receive it.

Christmas Gifts - Moon Lamp

13. The Hillary Nutcracker

What else would you give that annoying Uncle who needs to learn a thing or two about equality? The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker makes complete sense. With stainless steel thighs, Hillary cracks the toughest nuts. You go grrrl.

Christmas Gifts - Nut Cracker

14. What Not To Say

A not so subtle hint for the person (you know who they are) who’s always saying the wrong thing. The What Not To Say book is a must for foot-in-mouth sufferers, one that is sure to be read cover to cover when they find it under the Christmas tree, signed ‘Love from Santa’.

Christmas Gifts - What Not To Say

15. Most Creepy Tshirt Ever Made

At least 1504 people have bought the It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin tshirt from this Etsy shop. Let’s reflect on that for a moment…Gift this to your favourite Silence Of The Lambs fan and then add ‘finding new friends’ or ‘losing family members’ to your list of New Year Resolutions.

Christmas Gifts - Lotion

16. Sleeping Bag Suit

This gift is ideal for the family member who is constantly whinging about the cold. With the Sleeping Bag Suit they will enjoy a seamless transition from sleeping to rising. They will never again have to experience the trauma of getting out of bed. Genius!Christmas Gifts - Sleeping Bag Suit

17. Crazy Cat Lady

Just when you thought we forgot the classic butt of everyone’s jokes – the Crazy Cat Lady – we present you with the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure. Complete with 6 cats (but sadly no fur balls or dead mice), it’s every girl’s dream come true.

Christmas Gifts - Crazy Cat Lady

18. Adult Animal Onesie

In honour of the adult onesie trend that never went away (no matter how much we hoped and prayed), we bring you the Adult Animal Onesie. Choose from the roosters, sharks, lions – the list is pretty much endless. Warning: there will come a time when they wear their onesie out in public. Know that you only have yourself to blame.

Christmas Gifts - Adult Onsie

18 1/2. Peace At Last

Do you know too many people who’d love the gifts above? Are you now feeling troubled because you fancy some of them for yourself? Is it all too much to cope with?

To help you regain your balance, why not browse our collection of beautiful Zen art prints. Ahhhhh that’s better. Peace at last.

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