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14 feel good quotes about love

quotes about love

There is a reason people say that love is what makes the world go around. It forms the basis of almost everything we do and is often the main driver of our behaviour. Most people believe that love is the most important thing and it has even been shown that love is healing.

What’s more, falling in love with someone has been purported to feel the same as doing cocaine. Yikes!

There are many ways to express your love to your beloved or family member, but it doesn’t get any better than a heartfelt message to capitalise on all those feel good chemicals. As it’s not always easy to express exactly how you feel, we’ve curated a bunch of swoon worthy quotes about love.

Say it from the heart, write it in a card or gift as a beautiful art print – guaranteed to last a whole lot longer than chocolates!

quotes about love prints

‘Seahorse Love’ speaks the truth


quotes about love and coffee

For lovers of coffee and people! Add ‘Coffee And Love’ to your hallway, kitchen or cafe

Have you ever noticed how just seeing quotes about love is a surefire way to quickly put you in a great mood?

quotes about love

Just looking at this ‘You Are…’ quote produces happy tingles


quotes about love and life

‘Love Is Life’ is the ultimate reminder

Did you know? In the 1800s doctors began to prescribe chocolate for matters of the heart and love!

quotes about love and passion

Passionate and romantic: declare the breadth of your love through ‘My Last Breath’


Quotes about love - music

Fall hard and fast with ‘About You’

We know that music helps love blossom, so here’s a romantic song playlist to help set the mood.

With the vast array of quotes about love available today, you can keep it classy and subtle to match your decor.

happy quotes about love

‘Live Every Moment’ is not just a lovely quote but a loving philosophy


quotes about love for your partner

Speak from the heart with ‘Partnership’

Scientists have discovered that showing gratitude is the key to happiness. Why not boost your happy feels and show your gratitude to a loved one today?

quotes about love and romance

‘To The Moon And Back’ will make anyone feel special


memorable quotes about love

Tell that special person that you’re in it for the long haul with ‘Memories’


quotes about love as gifts

Tell your favourite person just how much they mean with ‘Favourite Day’


Shakespeare quotes about love

Recreate those smiles at home with ‘Because You Knew’


quotes about love artwork

Be more yourself with ‘Me With You’

Let’s also not forget that love is greater than romantic love. Some of the strongest bonds are between a child and parent, family members or dear friends. Gift your little one some heartwarming vibes with an adorable print for kids.

quotes about love for kids

‘As High As I Can Reach’ is adorable and sweet for any kids room

Browse through our collection of inspirational quotes for more heartfelt and feel good art.

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