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Contemporary Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

Contemporary Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

Living in one of the fastest changing periods in human history means we’re presented with innovations in interior design that, if we blink, we’ll miss.

This means that when it comes to contemporary interior design, it’s often here today, gone tomorrow.

The good news is that there are some constants you can be sure of. The better news is that we’re here to guide you through what’s new.

Discover how to create atmosphere, master materials, curate colours, design accents and maximise relaxation so you can enjoy the beauty of the present and avoid worrying about the future.

Creating Atmosphere

When launching into designing a space using contemporary interior design principles, you can often fall into the trap of thinking that mood is secondary to minimalism. That’s absolute claptrap.

You can create a bright, comfortable, friendly atmosphere without shunning modern design by using natural light, clean lines and open spaces.

Invite in natural light by using floor to ceiling windows and saying goodbye to curtains. Let the lush green garden act as a privacy screen instead.

If you’re looking to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere be inspired by Eastern philosophies in your art and ornaments. If you’re keen for something bright and fun, embrace cool blues and pale greens combined with neat lines and statement furniture.

1. Natural light

Contemporary Interior Design - Natural

NATURE’S WAY: This ‘Meditation’ piece fuses the urban grey of the indoors with the lush green of the outdoors.

2. Clean lines

Contemporary Interior Design - Clean

COSY: Create warmth among the clean lines with a contemporary art piece like ‘Captivating Calm’.

3. Open spaces

Contemporary Interior Design - Open

BLISS: ‘Dive Straight In’ is a cool addition to a contemporary beach house.

Mastering Materials

What’s in vogue for the material girl and guy? It’s time to welcome organic materials into your home and celebrate bare flooring.

Say hello to timber, leather, unpainted walls and unfinished floors. Don’t feel pressured to put down a rug or lay out a throw; it’s time to take a break and revel in your own at-home dance floor.

It’s incredible how much a work of art can determine the masculine and feminine energy of a room, so take care to choose something that the whole family will appreciate.

4. Organic materials

Contemporary Interior Design - Organic

WELCOMING: Relish a hipster appeal with ‘Acoustic Morning’, a wonderful complement to organic materials.

5. Bare flooring

Contemporary Interior Design - Flooring

MOVE IT: Dance the night away with a big, bare dance floor and this fun ‘Urban Beauty’ print.

Curating Colours

Goodbye colourful feature walls. It’s time to go neutral. Whether your base is shades of beige or grey, you can keep a space serene by adding more neutral tones or pep things up by adding colourful or metallic accents.

A splash of colour on a neutral base makes for a high impact, high contrast effect – very 2010s. A shiny, metallic twist in artwork and ornaments adds glamour and prestige.

6. Neutral colours throughout

Contemporary Interior Design - Neutral

SERENE: ‘Winter Forest’ is a poised piece that breathlessly blends with this cool, neutral decor.

7. Neutral base with colourful accents

Contemporary Interior Design - Accents

MAKE A SPLASH: The colourful, bold lines in this ‘Form And Function’ print match the vibrant bedside drawers.

8. Neutral base with metallic accents

Contemporary Interior Design - Metallic

LET’S TWIST AGAIN: The metallics in ‘Optimism Of The Eternal Mind’ and the shiny ornaments add high glamour to this otherwise neutral bedroom decor.

Designing Accents

Lighting is now an artform in itself. Move over recess lighting, contemporary accents now require something much more creative. Dig around for lighting that makes you look twice.

High quality, charismatic wall art is now more affordable than ever, so there are few excuses for leaving a wall bare. Find a super sized work of art to fill a space. Find a signature piece of furniture that, when not in use, looks like artistry.

9. Lighting fixtures

Contemporary Interior Design - Lights

CHILLED: This ‘Blue Bubble Bokeh’ print, multi-coloured blonde timber chairs and hanging light art create pastel perfection.

10. Art and furniture

Contemporary Interior Design - Art

MAGIC MEDLEY: This ‘Monochrome Beauty’ print and statement chair are all charisma.

Maximising Relaxation

Contemporary life is all about balancing chilled tech time with screen free relaxation. Design a space to facilitate down time.

Reading nooks don’t even have to contain bookshelves or books anymore. E-books have taken care of that. The good news is this means you have more space to play with – for that long lounge you’ve always wanted.

Daily meditation practice is now being encouraged as a way to strengthen your mind and find peace from stress. Designate a space for that practice and deck it out with tranquil elements – nature, nature art, plenty of room for a yoga mat or a cosy spot to sit.

11. Reading nook

Contemporary Interior Design - Nook

LOUNGE AROUND: Chill with your favourite e-book with this ‘Dilemma’ print as your only funky distraction.

12. Meditation room

Contemporary Interior Design - Zen

RELAX: Design a meditation space by bringing a piece of nature inside like ‘The Hidden Cascade’ photo print and an edgy hanging chair.

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