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Design 101: Super Delicious Colour Match Guide

Colour Match Guide

Just when you thought an interior design colour match tutorial couldn’t get any better, we’ve kicked it up a notch with a mind-blowing palette (or is that platter?) of delicious colour combinations.

And by delicious we mean that in the most metaphoric way we know how – we’re talking tasty, scrumptious, delectable, appetising.

That’s right folks, to fill all your senses, we’ve matched the visual beauty of colours in interior design with some of the most on trend food combinations.

Embrace the learning experience as we take the ultimate foodie tour through the world of complementary and contrast interior design colour schemes. Mmmmmm divine.

Matcha Latte

You can’t get more on trend than a room inspired by a matcha latte – a creamy latte using green matcha tea. Matcha was made for lattes and the colour green was definitely made for cream.

This is a wonderful way to combine greenery – Pantone Colour Of The Year 2017 – with a luscious creamy base. What a magical way to start the day.

Colour Match - Matcha

MAGICAL: Start each and every day with this matcha latte inspired ‘Spring Splatter Tree’ print, gorgeous with a greenery decor.

Strawberry Shortcake

Homemade shortcake, whipped cream and juicy strawberries. In this instance, what we mean by ‘homemade’ is ‘made for the home’.

If your home features shortcake coloured neutrals, add a work of strawberry and cream art as a special treat for the wall and for all who walk by to savour.

Colour Match - Strawberry

TANTALISE: Treat yourself to this strawberry and cream ‘Sakura Celebration’ print, a tasty complement to the shortcake decor.

Cinnamon and Fig

Baked figs sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s sweet. It’s spicy. It inspires a sensational decor choice that provides richness and warmth to a room.

Think rustic timbers and opulent reds served up as a special treat on a plate of china blue. Can you smell the bliss?

Colour Match - Cinnamon

RUSTIC: Spice up a dining area with a cinnamon and fig delight like ‘Autumn dream’.

Cotton Candy

Sugar itself may not be the flavour of the month, but the pastel pink and soft blue colours of fabulous fairy floss means you can indulge your sweet tooth through the art of creative interior design.

The process of creating cotton candy always seems so magical, so channel the carnival spirit – fun, joy and happiness – into your furniture, ornaments and artwork. Life is short, make it sweet!

Colour Match - Cotton Candy

HAPPY: This abstract pastel ‘Spring Blush’ print, when combined with a cotton candy decor, is all sorts of sweet.

Honey Mustard

Who knew a simple dipping sauce could create such an extravagant interior. So simple. So stunning.

And that’s the thing with interior design. Sometimes we try to make it so complicated when often some of the best beauty lies in keeping it simple. Dip your favourite room into a beautiful bowl of honey mustard now.

Colour Match - Honey

STUNNING: This room revels in luxury with its honey mustard ‘Vintage Streetscape’ print and opulent cushions.

Mango and Lime

Are you salivating already? Invite the summer holiday feel into your home with the sublime combo – heavenly mango and cool lime.

Channel the tropics without sacrificing class by creating a contemporary space that screams ‘enjoy me!’ as soon as you walk in the room. Dance like no-one’s watching and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Colour Match - Mango Lime

SUBLIME: How exquisitely courageous is this ‘Molten Summer’ mango abstract print combined with lime couch and contemporary decor?

Mint Yoghurt

Mint yoghurt not only soothes a hot meal, it can soothe a space in your home – a space you want to use as a tranquil retreat.

Swirl the two ingredients together by way of an abstract work of art or keep the mint and the yoghurt as separate elements in your decor. What an excellent accompaniment to your home.

Colour Match - Mint

SOOTHE: This abstract ‘Mint Tide’ print is the epitome of mint yoghurt which makes the mint yoghurt decor a dream match.

Peaches and Cream

It’s an old classic that continues to win well and truly into the 21st Century.

It’s a timeless dessert that gives us comfort after a long hard day and, in interior decor, makes for a gorgeous combination that gives a room appeal and amenity.

It can also be a little bit cheeky, a little bit sexy, so a wonderful colour match to enchant and seduce.

Colour Match - Peaches

GORGEOUS: This ‘Mint Peach Mandala’ print and decor brings the peaches and cream combo into the new age.

Caramelised Plum

A luxurious treat for the tastebuds, caramelised plum calls for prosperity and decadence in home design.

Simple yet indulgent, the brown and burgundy colour combination is a wonderful Winter warmer. The longer you leave this dish, the more delicious it becomes – the way every good home should be.

Colour Match - Plum

DECADENT: Nothing provides warmth more passionately than caramelised plum and this ‘Monument Valley Sunrise’ print acts as the ideal focal point for this rich colour combo.

Choc Banana

Embrace a retro revival with choc banana all the way. I mean, it’s almost healthy right?

Rather than going full banana yellow, the addition of chocolate makes the decor much easier on the eye. It brings a sense of artistry and refinement. Is your tummy rumbling yet?

Colour Match - Choc

QUIRKY: ‘Unfolding Abstraction’ features the ever popular choc banana colour combo with the decor delicious in its flawlessness.

Pineapple Blueberry

Two of the most coveted fruits for their detox qualities, you can’t go wrong with a pineapple and blueberry combo.

While the lastest fad is to blend such fruits into smoothies, maximise the appeal of these two colours by way of contrast.

How glorious do each of the colours look independently when featured together? Not fruity at all. Pure genius.

Colour Match - Pineapple

COVETED: Pineapple ‘Pansy Splash’ is a strikingly radical contrast print for the more conservative blueberry decor.

Saffron Eggplant

Spice up a room with two of the most unexpectedly gorgeous colour combinations.

We know eggplant is a popular base for any meal or interior, but couple it with a generous lashing of peppery saffron and you have a toasty treasure of a room. So, what’s for dinner again? Got to get me some of this!

Colour Match - Saffron

APPETISING: The firey saffron colours in ‘Sunset Over The Sea’ complement the luxury eggplant couch creating a divine retreat.

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