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Corporate art to make your workplace dazzle

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One of the easiest ways to update a corporate office or industry workspace is with eye catching and daring artwork. As a place that most of us spend nearly forty hours a week in (sometimes even more), we have a right to look at beautiful things. Nobody enjoys staring at the same grey walls, every single day. This can affect staff morale, productivity and wellbeing more than you realise.

With simple updates, such as fresh green plants, brightly coloured furniture and emotionally rousing corporate art, you’ll soon have an office space that makes people happy.

Kaylyn Jeffrey from Service.com.au says: ‘The most important factor in making the most of your office space is to decide on a design theme based on the culture and design of your own company’s unique branding. If you are a corporate legal or accounting firm, you’re going to want to go for upscale, sleek neutral designs involving chrome lamps, black leather seating and glass tables. For a trades company, you’re going to want to go for an artistic display of your previous work to market completed projects. And for tech start-ups, try using your decor to reflect your innovative culture.

This could mean using your logo colours to stain the glass office doors and purchasing bean bag chairs to align with the start-up vibe. If you want the space to have a trendy feel, go for an exposed brick wall. If you are a counselling clinic, you’re going to want to go for calming colours, abstract artwork and decor to reduce your clients’ anxiety and make them feel comfortable.’

Not sure where to start? Explore these corporate art ideas for a wide range of industries.

1. Mining and transport

corporate art for mining industry

Nearly two per cent of Australia’s workforce are employed in the mining industry and it’s the second largest industry in Australia. With many offices and headquarters around the country, it’s essential to keep staff morale elevated.

Just because the mining industry may be thought of as “in the field”, it doesn’t mean offices can’t be swanky. The inclusion of carefully picked artwork strengthens the link for those who are based onsite. For example, the luminous ‘Excavator At Dusk’ makes for a classy addition to any lobby, foyer or common space.

2. Energy and utilities

corporate art for energy company

Another industry that you don’t immediately associate with beautiful corporate office space. Energy and utility companies across Australia are thriving and employee many of us; nearly 137,000 of us to be precise.

An industry related print like ‘Global Network’ might inspire your team by reminding them of the end result of their efforts.

3. Technology, IT and design services

corporate art for offices

As a consistently flourishing industry, technology services and information media needs to feed the imagination and brains of the workforce. Technology workers often get stereotypically pegged as “nerds” or “geeks”! But we know the truth— they are just as aesthetically invested as anyone else and need inspiring corporate art to break up the monotony of staring at a screen.

‘Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them,’ Steve Jobs.

4. Agriculture and viticulture

corporate art for agriculture offices

Our country is renowned for its agriculture. With more than 325,300 people employed in the industry (as at 2015), it’s a steadfast sector that helps our country flourish.

Likewise, Australia’s viticulture scene is also nothing short of spectacular as the world’s fourth largest wine export. We make over 1,186,343 tonnes of wine every year. Cheers!

That’s a lot of wineries and corporate agricultural offices with plain walls going to waste. Instead, why not fill the space with stunning art that showcases the natural beauty of our country?

5. Bars and pubs

corporate art work for bars

A big part of the Australian culture is finishing work and heading out for a drink, some nibbles and to socialise. Almost everywhere you go, you can find a local bar or pub that offers a place of relaxation and hospitality.

With huge amounts of money being thrown into refurbishments of old pubs, particularly in capital cities, the common punter will no longer find daggy bar décor acceptable. They want leading edge décor and modern design trends, such as the industrial or hipster look.

Having the perfect artwork is no exception. Appeal to the Insta crowd with trendy photographic art, like ‘Party Of Five’ above.

6. Cafés

corporate art for cafes

Australians are also obsessed with visiting a café or two! Millions and millions of cups of coffee are sold every year in Australia.

Cities like Melbourne, have built almost their entire identity on the fullness of their café culture. ‘…tourists now specifically visit Melbourne due to its infamy as the coffee capital of Australia.’

Every café needs its own collection of food photography art to really complement the décor.

7. Hotels, accommodation and tourism

corporate art for australian workplaces

Is there anything more satisfying than stepping into a luxury hotel lobby and seeing eye catching artwork? Funky, colourful art that features a local hot spot will set the tone for a guest’s stay and showcase the lavishness of the hotel.

8. Office and corporate art

corporate art for offices

Just because you work in a traditional industry that isn’t known for its creativity, doesn’t mean your corporate art has to be dull. There are plenty of art options when it comes to jazzing up your office walls.

For a quirky twist, ‘Rocket To The Moon’ will add colour and vibrancy to an otherwise stagnant foyer. And what a great message to inspire your employees each morning when they arrive for work!

corporate art for offices

If you prefer to inspire your team in a more traditional manner, why not hang a simple but stylish motivational?

Don’t forget the lighting!

‘Firstly, proper bright lighting will let you and your employees be more productive. People working in an environment that has blue-toned lighting (with the colour temperature of 4,600 Kelvins or more) say that they feel happier, more productive and perform better at work, than those who sit in offices with yellow-toned lamps.

Secondly, well-lit offices just look bigger and more welcoming. It also looks more professional, which helps instil trust in your clients, therefore your business will be more successful.

When thinking of corporate interior design, also think about functionality. Because, although aesthetics are important, functionality is crucial. Make sure you offer flexible lighting options to your staff, so they are able to tailor the lighting in their workspace. This will not only make them more productive, but it might also be one of the reasons they decide to come work for your company instead of another one,’ Arthur Smith, lead editor of LEDwatcher.com tells us.

9. Healthcare and medical

corporate art for an office

Places offering medical assistance and healthcare should focus on creating a calming environment. That doesn’t however mean beige hospital walls are the go. Instead, consider hanging joyful or nature inspired artwork to brighten your walls and create a point of interest.

10. Complementary healthcare and wellness studios

corporate art for wellness

It goes without saying that a place designed to nourish, such as a massage therapist’s office or a yoga studio, requires corporate art that inspires relaxation.

For the ultimate bliss bubble, drift away with our Zen Art collection.

11. Manufacturing or aviation

corporate art for offices

In this industry we tend to think of giant sheds, plants or hangars but actually there are many ground staff who work in more formalised workspaces. If these spaces are also oversized, we recommend following suit with your artwork. Choose a print that epitimises the heart and soul of your business and go large with an XXL size. The bigger you go, the more impressive it will be.

12. Logistics

corporate art for different offices

The Australian logistics industry is said to employ 1.2 million people. The efficiency of the sector has a major bearing on Australia’s economy, productivity and wellbeing.

Productive workplaces need inspiring art. So celebrate your business with a statement piece, hung front and centre where it belongs.

13. Corporate headquarters

Whether a global giant or a national SME, many companies choose an Australian city for their headquarters. Although it can be tempting to select non polarising “safe” art for your walls, why not use the opportunity to showcase the city you live and work in?

From majestic city skylines to the less famous nooks and crannies adored by locals, who wouldn’t want to stare at Australian photographic art all day? Especially if office windows are few and far between.

Melbourne corporate art

Feel inspired to make your workplace dazzle? Explore our wide range of art prints online or contact us for assistance.

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