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To Infinity And Beyond: The Art Of Digital Painting

To Infinity And Beyond: The Art Of Digital Painting

Let’s get digital, digital. I want to get digital. Let’s get into digital!

Despite being momentarily inspired by the 80’s retro tunes of Olivia Newton-John, we’re firmly into the 21st Century now. We may not yet have the promised flying cars (so unfair!), but it’s well and truly time to embrace the digital era.

While we often think of technology as quite cold, slick and impersonal, thankfully technology has also brought us all the magic, colour and joy of digital painting.

Join us as we tiptoe through some binary code and discover how mere 1s and 0s can result in extraordinary works of art.

Oh – and before we sounds like we’re giving all the credit to technology, that’s clearly far from the truth! The skill, precision and creativity of these talented digital artists is where it all starts – and is jaw droppingly awesome.

So Unreal

In the world of digital art, anything is possible. That’s why the genres of science fiction, fantasy and surrealism sit so comfortably in this style.

There are no limits to a digital artist’s imagination which means, when you open your mind to digital art, you can effortlessly transform any room in your home into a fantastical place to be without changing anything else at all.

Invite the ‘unreal’ into your living room, reading room or child’s room, with alternative realities and magical stories that will embolden, brighten and complement your existing decor.

1. Easy Balance

Digital Painting - Balance

CLOUDLAND: The colours in this fantastical ‘Elephants Crossing’ piece brighten this living room’s masculine decor.

2. Fairy Magic

Digital Painting - Fairy

ENCHANTED: Wile away the ours in your home library or reading room with ‘The Night Watch’ as your muse.

3. Unicorn Love

Digital Painting - Unicorns

FEMININE FUN: Complement a room’s pinks and pastels with this majestic ‘Unicorns Under The Blossom’.

4. Sci Fi Pairing

Digital Painting - Red Planet

BOLD: Fall in love with all that is orange and otherworldly with this spunky digital work, ‘The Red Planet’.

Hi Tech Colour

Anything goes when you live the digital dream. Photography can feature full saturation colour and landscapes become scenes of enhanced reality.

Digital art can transform a photo into an enchanted wonderland where anything is possible.

When working digital art into interior design, you can have a lot of fun with colour as you can be as literal or as whimsical as you like.

Want something complementary? Want something contrasting? A contemporary digital piece will serve you well. All you have to do is step outside your comfort zone and get lost in the beauty of abstract colour.

5. Home Again

Digital Painting - Home

SPLENDID: The mood exuded by this ‘Coming Home’ piece is one of peace and tranquility.

6. Sunset Dreams

Digital Painting - Home

OH JOY: ‘Nightfall’ is the purest definition of everything that is good about our colourful world.

7. Great Outdoors

Digital Painting - Walk

WHIMSICAL: Lovers of pastels will find something special in this contemporary digital work, ‘It’s Just A Six Minute Walk’.

8. Mr Cool

Digital Painting - Jazz

RAZZLE DAZZLE: Bring the ecstasy of music to a hall with the deep red sounds of ‘The Jazz Bar’.

Try This On For Size

When it comes to digital art, there are no limits to print resolution or quality. Artists design in the rawest digital formats, giving you the opportunity to super size your canvas or giclee art choices.

And not all digital art is fantastical or surreal. Sure, there’s often a touch of abstract to a lot of digital art but often you can find some gems that fit into the mainstream of home decor.

The gorgeous blues in ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ will bring colour and life to a beach house while the stylised distortion of ‘Boats On The Chao Phraya River’ is a wonderful piece to dominate a hallway. It transforms a photo landscape into something closer to an impressionist print.

Don’t be shy. Try on a larger size. Your house will love you for it.

9. Blue Fronds

Digital Painting - Fronds

STAYING ALIVE: Nothing will stop you supersizing the beautiful blues in ‘It’s A Jungle Out There’.

10. Bright Lights

Digital Painting - Nightlife

PARTY ON: Enjoy the delights of the bright pinks, purples and blues in ‘Nightlife’ day after day after day.

11. Thai Tranquility

Digital Painting - River

ESCAPE: Be inspired by holidays past and future with ‘Boats On The Chao Phraya River’.

Digital Has No Limits

With digital art, absolutely anything goes. Realist painters turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Digital painters invent the extraordinary. They are limited only by their imagination – what an exciting way to create!

Digital paintings will inspire a child’s imagination, giving them wonderful prompts to create new and different stories to escape into or to share. But it’s certainly not just for kids.

Teenagers and adults will also appreciate the opportunity to escape reality and be taken on adventures to other worlds. Life is short. Embrace the fanciful.

12. Candy Castle

Digital Painting - Candyland

SWEET TREAT: Indulge every child’s fantasy with this ‘Candyland Castle’ pastel perfection.

13. Tree Of Happiness

Digital Painting - Life

FELICITY: Channel cheers into a room with this delightfully digital print, ‘The Beauty Of Life’.

14. Lost In Time

Digital Painting - Dinosaur

FEARLESS: ‘T-Rex In The City’ will bring strength and daring to a boy’s room.

15. Secret Entry

Digital Painting - Enlighten

BRILLIANCE: Open your mind to different dimensions with this impressive digital abstract piece ‘Enlighten’.

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