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Find Your Fortune With Delightful Dog Art

Find Your Fortune With Delightful Dog Art

Celebrate Chinese New Year and 2018’s Year Of The Dog with delightful dog art. While The Dog is just one of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year to honour the qualities of The Dog – loyalty, honesty and responsibility. According to Chinese culture, if a dog comes to your home, it symbolises the coming of fortune.

Bring good fortune into your home with art that reveres dogs in all their friendly, faithful, smart, stubborn glory.

Best Friends Forever

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

According to Chinese astrology, Dogs make great friends as they understand the human spirit and obey their master regardless of wealth or status. All the makings of a good, loyal friend – best friends forever!

These works of dog art embrace everything that makes dogs our BFFs – silly, quirky, devoted. This means the art they inspire make for a wonderful addition to our home living and work spaces.

Fallen in love with this fun art idea already? Browse our full range of gorgeous, colourful Animal Art inspired by fur, feathers and fins.

1. Gift of flowers

Dog Art - Gift

ADORATION: Bring peace to an office space with this placid pooch print ‘A Gift With Love’.

2. Ride in the car

Dog Art - Ears

FANCIFUL: Watch a child’s room come to life with an animated dog print like ‘Ear Flapping Joy’.

3. Zodiac dog

Dog Art - Bluey

SPIRITED: Honour the Year Of The Dog with this astrological art delight ‘Bluey Of The Sky’.

4. Animal lover

Dog Art - Bird

SO SILLY: This ‘Dog And Bird’ epitomises the friendly, funny nature of our four-legged friends, a delight for a children’s playroom.

5. Dog inspo

Dog Art - Person

VISIONARY: Aim high and channel all things ‘dog’ with this inspirational word art print ‘Be The Person’.

Too Cool For Cats

While Dogs have many positive characteristics, they also hold some negative personality traits like self-righteousness, coldness and stubbornness.

Basically, some dogs are ‘too cool for cats’ as represented below by these artistic treasures.

Teenagers will love ‘Suave French Bulldog’ while children will absolutely adore works like ‘Skatey Dog’. For more ‘on trend’ art options for children’s bedrooms and playrooms visit our Animal Friends collection.

6. Soul food

Dog Art - Banksy

FUNKY: This quirky black, white and red illustrative print ‘Soulful Street’ will funk up a room in no time.

7. Super suave

Dog Art - Suave

DA MAN: ‘Suave French Bulldog’ is cool doggo at its best, ideal for a bachelor pad.

8. Walkies!

Dog Art - Rain

RAINY DAYS: Every she shed will shine with this ‘A Walk In The Rain’ print.

9. Fashionista

Dog Art - Sausage

CHIC: A dachshund doesn’t get more dashing than in this super swanky ‘The Height Of Fashion’ print.

10. Skatey dog

Dog Art - Skateboard

TRICKSTER: Nothing screams fun more than a dog doing an ollie, with ‘Skateboard Chihuahua’.

Pawsome Personalities

It doesn’t matter whether you were born in the Year Of The Dog or not, 2018 is most certainly an opportunity to appreciate our four legged friends and their diverse personalities.

Dogs are unafraid of the difficulties they encounter in daily life and it’s these glowing characteristics that make them a joy to be around. Dog art will bring to your home that same spirit of relationship harmony.

11. Precious patchwork

Dog Art - Basset

REFINED: ‘Patchwork Basset’ is an art piece that oozes sophistication, a charming addition to a contemporary space.

12. Pensive pooch

Dog Art - Beagle

DREAMY: The rich colours in this ‘Wistful Beagle’ print will complement a classic heritage decor.

13. Sophisticated hound

Dog Art - Bulldog

WORLDY: There’s something about this watercolour ‘Bulldog Splash’ that makes you want to embrace retro stylings.

14. Pug hugs

Dog Art - Pug

PASTEL PERFECTION: Bring the internet famous pug home by way of this charming pink ‘Hug A Pug’ wall art print.

15. Rainbow terrier

Dog Art - Terrier

BOLD: This colourful watercolour ‘Bull Terrier Splash’ channels the softer, gentler side of this oft misunderstood pooch.

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