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Bird’s eye view: take off with drone photography

Drone Photography

Drones have been said to date back to 1907, when the first rudimentary quadcopter was used for military operations. Ever since then, drone technology has continued to improve and be used for a myriad of things, including drone photography.

So take a moment to spread your wings and soar as we delve deeper into the wonderful world of drone photography and explore the world from above.

drone photography of a blue wave
BLUE BUT NOT LONELY: ‘Lone Wave’ is an eye-catching delight

It wasn’t until 2006 that the Federal Aviation Association in the US issued the first non military, commercial drone permit that allowed drones to be flown for recreational purposes. This opened up a wealth of new possibilities for the practical application of drones, particularly in the field of aerial photography. There’s even been a predicted $8.8 billion impact on the entertainment and media industry, thanks to this kind of technology.

The benefits of drone photography

Drone photography has become a game-changer in the craft of fine art photography, opening up a world of possibility for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Cheap and easy to access

Due to the spike in popularity of aerial photography, drones today are cheaper and easier to use than most professional cameras. The versatility of these lightweight vehicles means that they can go places that humans haven’t been able to, especially given their small size. This makes for epic landscape and beach photography opportunities.

beach drone photography
FEELING SWELL: enjoy a coastal crush with ‘Opal Ocean’

With exceptional technology like 4k video, sensors for obstacle avoidance and decent battery life, unmanned vehicles are one of the most effective ways to capture a different perspective of life on our planet.

Many photographers have found that drones provide inimitable opportunities to compose images perfectly. Most drones today allow the user to get the right level of shadow or add different lighting effects. They also provide the ability to capture precise frames due to their easy manoeuvrability and offer a range of cool features including obstacle avoidance, intelligent tracking and smart GPS systems.

View from afar

Drone photography offers a unique perspective and an infinite number of composition possibilities. Rather than being limited to standing on your two feet to capture moments at eye level, drones allow photographers to free their imagination with a plethora of viewpoints available.

drone photography of Las Vegas
TRULY ALIVE: get the party started with ‘Viva Las Vegas’

Flying the drone allows me to find my own perspective on the static cityscape.

Drone photography offers a distinctive view that we are rarely able to access as humans. From wild and rugged natural landscapes to the buzz of a busy metropolis, aerial shots are capturing the beauty of our world as never seen before.

drone photography of japan
THE HIGH LIFE: above the hustle and bustle of ‘Tokyo Crossing’

Taking pictures from above provides inimitable views and amazing patterns that you wouldn’t normally see when shooting on land. Additionally, drones are often able to get into areas that planes or helicopters can’t.

drone photography over london
SHIMMER: enjoy the city from above with ‘Tower Bridge Aglow’

Drones have launched a new era in photography and continue to change our view of the world. A drone’s ability to hover closer to the ground than a helicopter ever could has revolutionized photography. Today, the creative potential of aerial photography in a world saturated with eye-level digital images gives artists an edge—without needing to rent an expensive helicopter.

drone photography of rice fields
POINT OF VIEW: go green with ‘Jatiluwih Rice Terraces’

The big picture

There is a certain power we feel when viewing the world from afar; we feel more in control and able to handle things. When we are faced with a situation up close we often lose sight of the bigger picture and fail to see important details right before our eyes. What blinds us is directly in front of us. ‘Blinded by the forest’ you might say.

drone photography in black and white
CHILLY UP TOP: reach cool new heights with ‘Mind The Bend’

…the human desire to see the world from above has been a constant.

drone photography wall art
LIFE’S TWISTS AND TURNS: don’t let them drive you ‘Round The Bend’

Did you know? The very first surviving aerial photograph was taken in 1860 from a hot air balloon by American innovator James Wallace Black of Boston, USA, 690 yards in the air. And it didn’t stop there: “adventurous amateurs” launched cameras into the sky using balloons, kites and even rockets!

The art of photography

Drone photography abstract salt pans
RED OR GREEN: enjoy an abstract from nature with ‘The Burgas Salterns’

Aside from practical and commercial applications, drones offer a myriad of artistic opportunities that can be enjoyed by everyone— from amateur hobbyists to professional media firms. With just a little imagination, anyone can make use of drones to create amazing visuals. Think sweeping landscapes, bustling cityscapes and even spectacular abstract photography.

drone photography of people
COLOURS OF THE NIGHT: light up your life with the ‘Night Market’

Did you know? In 1907, people started using homing pigeons fitted with cameras to take aerial shots. So even though drone photography is something we’re newly embracing, it’s been around for a lot longer than you think!

drone photography of trains
FEELNG HIGH: explore the world from above and get ‘On The Right Track’

Less people power

One of the best things about drone photography is that it doesn’t need a lot of people power. Generally, it only requires one or two people on location to control the drone, which is an incredibly cost efficient way to get some of the most spectacular shots on the planet.

drone photography seascapes
NEVER TETHERED: despite being ‘Anchored In Oludeniz’

Stealth mode

Due to their minimal noise and inconspicuous nature, drones are an excellent device for filming animals and people without disturbing natural environments and behaviour.

wild landscape drone photography
POWERFUL PEAKS: the wild and rugged beauty of ‘Terra Nullius’

This creates an opportunity for some of the most captivating shots that we couldn’t achieve as a cumbersome human!

ocean drone photography
GIANT IN THE SKY: ‘Big Rocks On Little Beach’ looks better from above

Did you know? In 2010, a French company released the first ready to fly ‘out of the box’ drone. Nicknamed the Parrot AR Drone it was controlled using a mobile phone, which made it much easier for amateurs to get a feel for aerial photography.

The future of drone photography

drone photography of solar panels
RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY: with aesthetically pleasing ‘Solar Power’

Commercial drones have come a long way and the next ten years will see even more advances in the way drones are used for aerial photography. Expect to see:

  • better drone cameras
  • improved co-piloting systems
  • new technologies and innovation
  • better hardware.
road drone photography
SOCIAL DISTANCING: enjoy the rush hour with ‘On The Road Again’

In the meantime, enjoy life with your head in the clouds as you explore the world from above. For a fresh new perspective, see our full range of breathtaking fine art photography.

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