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2020 predictions: the future of interior design

interior design trends of the future

When you think 2020, you think ages away. Well, it’s terrifying to realise it’s only a year and a half away.

Given the rapid progression of our world, especially of technology, some key trends will change and become part of daily life in only a few years. Although a lot of these worldly predictions are to do with how we live, they will have a significant impact on interior design. Find out how you can best accommodate these changes to be one step ahead.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present, Jim Rohn.

The tech aesthetic

interior design trends with technology

As we fly past 2020, internet and connectivity will expand like never before, making everyone connected. Digital trends, visuals and aesthetics such as VR, robots, Internet of Things and AI will become second nature to us.

There will be four devices for every person on the planet and the web traffic will increase to 188 exabytes which is, frankly, beyond comprehension.

Humans equally love and fear technology and its potential. But we’re ready to embrace it like never before! Particularly when it comes to our interior design trends; even if it means a much loved retro robot art print.

interior design trends

Who knows – it might not be long before you have your very own robot.

Jupiter Research predicts that 1 in 10 households will have a “housekeeping robot” in 2020.

Working from home

interior design trends for the home office

As the global workplace is being reshaped we see more and more people working from home, especially given the culture of connectivity and remote working. That means that the home office will develop into a more valued room in the house. Your home office will require more attention to design and function— rather than just being treated as the spare or junk room. There will be more focus on ergonomic furniture and pleasing office art to keep you motivated at home.

interior design trends for office

And as we say hello to working from home spaces, we say goodbye to more traditional and less used spaces in the home, like the dining room. Apartment Therapy reports that ‘71% of the members predict formal dining room extinction in most homes by 2020 as the space gets used for other things, such as working from home.’

A new population

interior design trends recycled

The majority of the population worldwide will sit within the 20 to 40 year old age bracket. This is the age bracket where people come into their own and set individual tastes and preferences.

These generations will dictate home decor trends, meaning there will need to be a younger aesthetic, fresher designs and a more eclectic and individualised. The “cookie cutter “ look or being the same as everyone else, especially like their parents, will be long gone.

These age groups value eco friendly and sustainable design concepts and will opt for these items when planning their interior decor. Recycled, reused and eco friendly furniture and embellishments will be preferred.

Living situations and interior design

interior design trends for any living situation

Stepping into the new decade will see an increase in population growth. But the world isn’t getting any bigger, so this affects our living situations. You can expect higher density living, with apartments becoming increasingly popular which means people will embrace interior design trends like minimalism and Feng Shui to maximise smaller spaces.

Co living, especially intergenerational, will be more prominent, encouraged and accepted. Homes are going to have to function and cater for a variety of people of different age groups.

The colours of 2020

interior design trends minimalism

Minimalism will still be one of the most widely adopted home decor trends, particularly with millennials and younger generations.

People will own less but make use of more things, especially if they are multifunctional and compact. ‘Furniture will become increasingly multipurpose: 65.7% say movable, modular, small scale pieces are going to overtake things that are built-ins and/or big,’ states Apartment Therapy.

A popular interior decor trend that retains longevity is opting for traditional and organic resources. Particularly those that don’t lose their value or style. Wood, glass and stone will be the home decor materials of choice for permanence and durability.

Healthcare of the future

interior design trends of the future

As our health system will be adopting more and more technological advances with wearable tech, remote monitored devices and screens, healthcare will now have a huge onus on the individual and will have a more collaborative approach with health and medical professionals.

interior design trends for your gym

Exercise, nutrition and healthy living will play a larger role in people’s lives and will impact decor in a number of ways including:

  • more indoor plants
  • more dedicated room for exercise and gym equipment with fitness inspo art
  • bigger and more user friendly kitchens to incorporate bigger fridges and appliances (blenders etc)
  • focus on food art and fresh food prints
  • and more fresh food storage.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open, B.K.S. Iyengar.

If you are ready to get the jump on interior design trends before 2020 is here, take a look at our range of progressive and dynamic contemporary art now.

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