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How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro

How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro

Interior design is a funny thing really. Despite it being a passion, it’s not necessarily our profession. It’s simply a sweet hobby we do on the side.

Often we envy those who’ve taken the leap and become interior designers, but at the end of the day most of us take joy from channelling our creativity into our own home rather than someone else’s.

The trick to mastering the art of interior design is keeping up to date with the tricks of the trade, so if you’re yearning for some creative insights here’s how to decorate your house like a pro.

Bring comfort to family life

When we think of comfort, we often think of function rather than beauty and, when we think of family life, we often think of turmoil. With a few thoughtful additions to your decor, neither need be the case.

To truly bring the family together, consider creating a ‘techless’ living area. This is a space where items like iphones, laptops and TVs are prohibited. Make this the most comfortable living area in the house by using big rugs, big couches and lots of lighting – a perfect retreat to read, play boardgames and – wait for it – talk to each other!

We’re not saying the entire house need be devoid of technology. In fact, we completely condone the return of the desk. Nurture productivity and the comfort of ergonomics by providing a desk for laptop use. The wonderful thing about creating such a flexible space is that, when it’s minus a computer, it can act as a thing of beauty. First up, choose a stylish desk and decorate it with a vase of flowers and artwork.

Remember the bygone days of the Sunday lunch? Well, bring them back by setting up a dining area that has that special, formal feeling that’s also designed for comfort. To ensure family and friends aren’t quick to rush out the door after the meal, invest in a large table and comfortable formal dining chairs. Create a safe space where loved ones feel welcome.

1. Techless living

How To Decorate Your House - Techless Living

FAMILY TIME: Shun technology and nurture conversation with an interior decor that invites comfort. Top it off with this art print ‘The Old Pier’ from our edgy black and white photography collection.

2. Big formal dining

How To Decorate Your House - Formal Dining

GOOD TIMES: Bring back the Sunday lunch with a dining setting that makes everyone feel special. Add this ‘Sunrise Glow Over Misty Lake’ photo print for extra serenity.

3. Return of the desk

How To Decorate Your House - Desk How To

MELLOW YELLOW: Combine real flowers with this ‘Daffodil Delight’ print, a wonderful way to bring nature into a work space.

Factor in fine finishes

Working nature and organic elements into an interior space creates a refreshing and rustic feel. If you’re bold you can bring an abundance of plants inside the home. Alternatively, if you don’t have a green thumb you can instead opt for a nature print or some raffia weave decorations – think baskets, mats and furnishings.

A wonderful way to really finish a room is to invest in a signature piece of furniture, something that will not only be a conversation piece but that is genuinely beautiful, comfortable and functional.

4. Bring plants inside the home

How To Decorate Your House - Plants How To

GREEN SCENE: Don’t be shy when it comes to plant life. Decorate with real greenery and this glorious ‘Pink Hibiscus Leaves’ print – fresh from our Summer collection.

5. Invest in quality feature furniture

How To Decorate Your House - Furniture

BLISS BOMB: Complement this calming ‘Over The Stormy Dunes’ print with a signature piece of furniture. You’ll never want to move again!

6. Weave raffia into a room

How To Decorate Your House - Raffia

NATURE’S OWN: The definition of perfect is this leafy pastel ‘Butterfly Petals’ pattern print with a raffia floor, raffia furniture and matching pillows.

Mix things up

If you have a daring streak, you will love the concept of mixing styles, textures and colours. In fact, mixing things up is currently every professional interior designer’s newest best friend.

Whether you love minimalism, urban stylings or something else unique altogether, infuse something into the composition that’s the polar opposite to the room’s dominant theme.

Give a minimalist, neutral decor a twist of colour with a larger than life modern art piece. Bring a vintage decor into the 21st Century with some graffiti. Add something completely crazy-surreal to an otherwise retrained modern space. We double dare you.

7. Let’s do the minimalist twist

How To Decorate Your House - Minimalist Twist

CURVE BALL: The name of this art print ‘Structured Mayham’ says it all, giving an exciting twist to a modern decor.

8. Out with the old, in with the new

How To Decorate Your House - Mix Old With New

EDGY: Combine the nostalgia of yesterday with the funk of today by adding this ‘Urban Beast’ graffiti art to a vintage decor.

9. The odd modern out

How To Decorate Your House - Strange Mixes

BEND THE RULES: ‘Dreaming Of Chess’ from the Surrealism collection is clearly the perfect addition to a modern interior design.

Break out the colour schemes

The key to colour is courage. Love a bit of flower power? Then shamelessly break out the Granny florals in bedding, cushions and art. Need to find the calm? Then do a design detox – think quiet, calming hues – grey, stone, white, pale and pastel combos. Like stripes? Then build your own rainbow.

10. Contemporary Granny

How To Decorate Your House - Contemporary Granny

GRANNY GRANDEUR: Embrace flower power with colourful florals galore, including this bright ‘Frangipani Flowers’ photo print.

11. Design Detox

How To Decorate Your House - Design Detox

NEUTRAL NATURE: A colour scheme doesn’t get any more tawny than one featuring this ‘Tawny Owl Landing’ print from our animal photography collection.

12. Rainbow Stripes

How To Decorate Your House - Rainbow Stripes

RAINBOW BRIGHT: To lift your spirits, combine colourful stripes with an exciting print like this ‘Hummingbird In Motion’.

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