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Enhance Your Interior With The Art Of Photography

Enhance your interior with the art of photography

Nine times out of ten, fine art photography depicts something real. It’s that ‘realness’ that gets to us – hits us in the spot where we feel joy, sorrow and love.

The art of photography is that it speaks to our emotions. The rest lies in choosing what photographic print ought to go where – in which room, on which wall, in the home or in the office.

So while we’ve given you some ideas on how to enhance your interior, the soul seeking must be carried out by you. You know what emotion you want to let into your life – that’s the photography you need in your home.

Give shape to sharp lines

Clean, crisp, minimalist interiors can be softened using photographic artwork featuring circles, curves, arches and spheres.

The trick to doing this well is making sure the photo art blends in with the rest of decor, so try to match colours as much as possible.

The Art Of Photography - Sharp Lines
SOFTEN: This white and grey room’s angular features are softened using this elegant piece ‘Spherical’, a black and white abstract photographic artwork.

Brighten a dark room

When you’re renting, it’s not as though you can knock down a wall to let in some light. Nor can you repaint a wall that’s painted a dark colour. Hanging a light, bright print is your answer.

Nature photography works well as the greens of the plants, the blues of the ocean and the yellows of the sunlight bring light and life to an otherwise drab interior.

The Art Of Photography - Lighten Dark Space
BRIGHTEN: This wondrous ‘Viridian Reflections’ nature photo print transforms this study into a better place to be.

Turn spartan into stimulating

Loving minimalism doesn’t mean settling for a stark wall. In fact, a minimalist space is an interior designer’s dream as it’s as close as you can get to a blank canvas.

And excuse the pun, but a photographic canvas is the first step to transforming an otherwise austere interior into an energising place to call home.

A black and white photographic wall art print focuses on life and movement as the focal point rather than colour, making it the ideal choice to enhance a minimalist interior.

The Art Of Photography - Minimalism
ENLIVEN: This black and white ‘Blowballs’ photographic art piece gives energy and animation to an otherwise still, minimalist interior.

Use fond memories for added charm

Photographic travel prints are a conversation starter and therefore sit perfectly within a dining setting. It’s very rare for one’s own travel photography to capture the full glamour and appeal of a place – that’s where art photographers come in.

Whether your memories come from visits to one of the world’s big cities or from one of the seven wonders of the world, amazing art photography is available to tell your story.

The Art Of Photography - Remember Past Journeys
TELL A STORY: This ‘New York City Aerial’ print will inspire conversations of travel that will extend into the night.

Add colour to enliven a space

When your old interior world is getting you down and dull walls are just too much for you to face, this happy, colourful streetscape will help you enliven a space (apologies to James Taylor).

There’s nothing more colourful than real life. Photographic travel prints from Europe feature all the sass, contrast and hue you need to convert a plain bedroom into a place you never want to leave.

Here’s hoping you can bring yourself to get out of bed!

The Art Of Photography - Colour
SLEEP SOUNDLY: The answer to cheering up an otherwise sad space is this ‘Colourful Street In Burano, Near Venice’ photo travel print.

Just say no to deer head mounts

To achieve the hipster look without mounting a dead deer head to your wall, say no to hunting and yes to animal photography.

The art of photography is finding a way to complement a print with your existing surrounds. Look around your room and take note of three dominant colours. When browsing the wildlife photography collection, keep those colours in mind.

The Art Of Photography - Mother Nature
BRING WILDLIFE HOME: Enjoy this ‘Red Deer In The Morning Sun’ photographic print in the knowledge the deer is either alive and well or lived to a ripe old age.

Bring peace to a personal space

Encourage meditation and inspire intuition with a piece of Zen photography.

If you want your reading room or quiet retreat to be a place of peace and calm, a magnificent print of Buddha, stone stacking or water drops will provide the enrichment you’re seeking.

The Art Of Photography - Personal Space
INSTILL CALM: Awaken your spirituality with this Zen photographic art print of Buddha called ‘Meditation’.

Nurture their love of animals

Strategically placing photographic prints of real animals in a child’s room will help excite their mind and cultivate their compassion.

Get your daughter passionate about horses and she won’t discover boys until she’s well and truly left school. What more could you hope for?

The best thing about this idea is Dad will be 100% all for giving your daughter’s room a makeover.

The Art Of Photography - Nurture Love Of Animals
FEEL THE LOVE: There’s no getting away from the horses in this majestic ‘Running Horses’ photography print.

Create a culture of healthy living

There’s a reason they call it food porn – it’s absolutely irresistible and even when it seems so wrong it feels so good.

Why is it that apples, chillies, pears and plums look amazing when they’re a metre wide? It’s unexplainable really. Clearly porn.

What is right about this idea is how brilliantly a 2 metre print of food photography can act to promote a culture of healthy eating, wonderful for the home or workplace.

The Art Of Photography - Healthy Living
YUM: This ‘Tangerines’ photo print looks sensational in a kitchen or dining setting, but match it with its friends ‘Green Apples’ and ‘Golden Pears’ and you’re onto a winner.

Love how art photography, despite being ‘real’ can still add wonder, life and dynamism to an interior space? For more ideas check out our entire photography collection now.

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