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Interior colour schemes— the 2019 palette

interior colour schemes

If you adored the interior colour trends of 2018 as much as we did, then get ready for a whole new year and a whole new look.

Dulux have released their 2019 colour palette and it’s solely focused on ‘creating your happy place and living your best life.’ We’re definitely on board with that!


interior colour schemes to repair you

Soften your space with terracotta tones

The Repair palette encourages us to ‘repair our connection with nature,’ through bold greens, lush vibes and rich tones.

interior colour schemes - terracotta

Image credit: Eat Furniture

Soft terracotta even resurfaces which offers a Caribbean coastal feel, particularly when combined with sage and cactus greens and a neutral backdrop.

interior colour schemes and artwork

Incite Carribean coastal feels with Summer On The Terrace


interior colour schemes for your home

Welcome in crispness with Shades Of Autumn

Furnishings such as natural linens and rough exposed brick sit well with hues of Cinnamon Sand, Auburn Flair and Cobbler proffer a way to wellbeing. If you love this palette, you’ll adore the warm earthy tones of our autumn art collection.

interior colour schemes 2019

Image credit: Dulux


interior colour schemes for your house

Get your self care on with Transition

‘Rituals of wellness to restore your Wholeself.’

interior colour schemes for bedrooms

Image credit: Coco Kelley

Continuing the theme of self restoration and wellbeing, Wholeself is a colour palette that reconnects us with the most important person in our lives: the self. The best way to do this is to switch off from the world and all its distractions. Soothing tones, such as Shetland Lace, Madame Mauve and Pinkham will help to ease the way.

interior colour schemes for the self

The soothing Gondolas In The Mist will help you feel whole again

Offering squishy self care vibes, plush textures and soft flowing pinks, it’s time to think heart chakra, day spa and evenings nurturing the mind, body and soul.

2019 interior colour schemes

At the End Of The Pier is where all your needs are met


interior colour schemes from Dulux

Image credit: Dulux


interior colour schemes for lounge rooms

Blooming Pink offers the ultimate in elegance

‘A Legacy of eclectic elegance.’

interior colour schemes - legacy

Image credit:

Harking back to the days of vintage elegance, without any of the creepy or stuffy overtones, this heady colour scheme is an interesting feature to incorporate into your interior colour schemes. It combines a great mix of timelessness with the fun aspects of the modern day.

interior colour schemes artwork

Leave your legacy with Rhapsody In Red

The colours comprise of rich purples, blushes, deep aqua and a hearty blue, called Trustee. Dense florals and layered patterns are the key to making this palette work.

interior colour schemes with florals

Nostalgic Charm is more than an art print, it’s a style

This colour scheme, involving memorable shades such as Purple Verbena, Porcelain Crab and Federation Brown, is for those who would rather spend the afternoon reading Great Expectations on their favourite chair than living large on a yacht.

new interior colour schemes

Image credit: Coco Kelley


modern interior colour schemes

For pop of classic colour, opt for Flowers Forever

‘Identity empowers you to show your true colours.’

bright interior colour schemes

Make a statement with In Limbo

Be yourself with this bold colour trend, aptly named Identity. It’s an empowering palette that encourages you to be exactly who you want! Plus, surround yourself with the furnishings and colours that you love.

colourful interior colour schemes

Showcase your personal style with Colourful Street In Burano

This scheme welcomes statement objects and caps off your individual style with tones such as Painted Clay, Sunbird Orange and Red Clown. If you’re too shy to paint your walls with these unflinching colours, then why not opt for complementary artwork instead?

bold interior colour schemes

Image credit: Jacquelyn Clark

bedroom interior colour schemes

Image credit:

Feeling inspired to live your best life? Create your own on-trend colour scheme with canvas art that celebrates the richness of these beautiful colour palettes.

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