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We’re Calling It! 11 Hot Interior Design Styles For 2016

We're Calling It! 11 Hot Interior Design Styles For 2016

Are you bored at home? Or is a particular room getting you down? Once you discover the hottest interior design styles for 2016, there will be no stopping you. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which direction to take.

Just when you thought retro was dead, we introduce you to ‘retro remix’. Despite having it in your head that you can’t possibly afford art deco, we share wall art ideas that will give you a new lease of life.

And to show you can’t keep boho down, we demonstrate how you can use it for maximum interior excitement. That is, unless, you’re now loving the all new industrial movement. If that’s the case, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Like it hot? We’re calling it!

1. Art Deco

Despite beginning in Europe in 1908, art deco will continue to be the definition of luxury well past the turn of the century. It’s an eclectic style of interior design that centres on lavish colours, geometric shapes and abundant wealth whether real or imagined.

While much of art deco was handcrafted around its inception, mass production of furniture from the 1930s saw it more accessible to the everyday person. You and I can continue to enjoy its opulence well into and past 2016, with patterned wall prints and wallpaper making a comeback.

Interior Design Styles - Art Deco

GET INTO SHAPE: A series of three Deco Delights prints will spruce up your living space, available in our Art Deco collection online.

Interior Design Styles - Art Deco

STRIKE A POSE: There’s nothing to it when you discover Catherine Martin’s Metropolis wallpapers and fabrics. Source: Architectural Digest.

2. Boho

Break out the music, art and literature, boho is back in 2016 like never before. We recently started to see the design of cushioned chairs in colourful textiles. Multiple the variety of design and colour by 10 and that’s what bohemian interior design now means for the lover of everything unorthodox.


Interior Design Styles - Boho

CHILL: Relax with boho colour and patterns, accompanied by the fantastical Islamic art print, Marrakesh Dreaming.

Interior Design Styles - Boho

DREAM AWAY: Mix rustic charm with boho colour to create an interior space to delight in, day in, day out. Source: Belle Maison.

3. Industrial

Live large and keep it raw this year by embracing Industrial design, the biggest design trend in the world. The good news is that it shows no sign of waning, so there’s no need to be shy when creating your interior style.

Industrial design hides nothing – everything out there is to be seen for what it is and enjoyed. Think salvaged items, stripped back furniture, exposed walls, raw surfaces and sharp lines. It’s shamelessly unpolished. Go with it.

Interior Design Styles - Industrial

EDGY: Few things say ‘industrial’ more than cables, so this Iconic Brooklyn Bridge print complements the warehouse look well.

Interior Design Styles - Industrial

SO HOT RIGHT NOW: This youthful style is on the ‘must have’ list of many a student and urban young professional. Source: Mother Of Pearl And Sons.

4. Japanese

When creating a Japanese inspired interior, Zen meets minimalism. Screens conceal off areas, colours are soft and neutral, and furniture – beds and chairs – are low to or on the ground.

A Geisha print will give a room a feminine touch while a view to greenery will add natural beauty. Browse through our Zen and Japanese Art collections to discover easy ways to bring tranquility to your home through decoration.

Interior Design Styles - Japanese

FIERCELY FEMININE: This Geisha In The Garden print, from our Japanese Art collection, gives any room a sense of feminine chic with very little pink to be seen.

Interior Design Styles - Japanese

NATURE’S CALLING: Incorporate unique aesthetics from Taoism to create a simple and modest indoor/outdoor interior design. Source: Decoholic Interior Design.

5. Mid-Century Modern

Characterised by stylish minimalism and elegant lines, mid-century modern design features natural timbers and moulded plastics. It’s one of the most versatile interior styles in fashion today, making it affordable and accessible to almost everyone.

So if you love the classic look, but desire a modern twist, mid-century is your new best friend.

Interior Design Styles - Mid Century

SUBTLE FINERY: Simple but fun is the name of the mid century interior design game, so find a fun print like this Retro Pineapples art canvas and complement it with a pastel decor.

Interior Design Styles - Mid Century

ALL HEART: Rich timber combined with sculptural organic shapes like this gorgeous pastel blue chair makes a cosy retreat. Source: Plastolux.

6. Nautical

“Life isn’t about waiting for the winds to change, it’s about learning to adjust your sails.”

Australia’s love of the sea is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, our love of water sees most of us living along the continent’s coastline, just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Nautical doesn’t have to be naff. In 2016, it’s all about embracing the cool change with sand and sea hues. Tap into a child’s sense of wonder about pirates and treasure with a bedroom interior that will awe their friends.

Interior Design Styles - Nautical

SAIL AWAY: Your yearning for the water will subside with this Last Rays Of Sun print, cleverly resting on a seaside styled mantlepiece.

Interior Design Styles - Nautical

PLAY LIKE A PIRATE: Get the kids in on the fun of active sea life with exciting nautical accessories. Source: Nautical Cottage Blog.

7. Quaker

Quaker design isn’t about suddenly becoming a member of the Christian religion, but it is a design form inspired by liberal Quakerism that emphasises peace, pacifism and living simply.

Free of fuss and fanfare, it’s the ultimate in minimalist design, but rather than the shine and shimmer that goes with contemporary minimalism, it features a softer, earthier touch. Quakers value high quality workmanship and distrust ostentation, so less is more.

Interior Design Styles - Quaker

MODEST: Embrace peace and simplicity with this Quaker-friendly art piece Patience, a striking companion to a timber table setting.

Interior Design Styles - Quaker

MINIMISE LIFE: Get back to basics with this unfinished kitchen interior look, the epitome of simplicity. Source: Expensive Life.

8. Retro Revival

If you haven’t yet discovered Retro Remix, you haven’t truly entered 2016. Take the 60s and 70s, add post modern design and mix in youthful expression and you get the new retro movement.

It’s fun, playful, nonconformist and optimistic. Experiment now with acid brights and clash them with faded browns and olive greens. Make David Bowie proud.

Interior Design Styles - Retro

BREAK FREE: Say goodbye to boring with bright wallpaper, a fun art print like this Girl On The Beach canvas and accessories that clash.

Interior Design Styles - Retro

PLAYFUL: This 2016 trend from Delux is called Retro Remix, a blend of the nostalgia of yesterday with new technologies and fluid forms. Source: Yellowtrace.

9. Scandanavian

Scandinavian design has evolved beyond ‘just white’ and now features copper, pops of blue, bursts of green, feathers, grey walls and paper lanterns. Combine that with Nordic design staples like white, monochrome, leather, wall art and timber wash and you have 2016 wrapped up in style.

Interior Design Styles - Scandinavian

CALM: Channel the cooler climate and create natural cheer with this Sunlight Forest Panorama print, perfect for the bedroom.

Interior Design Styles - Scandinavian

NORDIC NOUS: Build privacy all round with a textured white wall and sheer white curtains, ushering in modern Scandinavian style. Source: Decoist.

10. Vintage

In the last decade, the vintage design movement has transformed from the individual act of going through Nanna’s old things and can now range from upmarket French elegance to rustic flea market chic. Some of it may be mass produced, but it never looks all shiny and new.

Vintage is a style like any other and, like any other style, can be done well and also fail miserably. To create a quaint look, add an intentionally well-worn styled wall art print and use it to decorate old worldly furnishings. For a more provincial feel, use timber, calico and lavender.

Interior Design Styles - Vintage

REFLECTIONS: This Seagull print from our Vintage collection is every bit as quaint as the chair and table it roosts above.

Interior Design Styles - Vintage

LAVISH WITH LOVE: Raw timbers, pastel paints, pale haberdashery and fresh lavender make this room quintessentially vintage. Source: The Inspired Room. Design: Desiree Ashworth of Decor De Provence. Photo: Eliesa Findeis with ‘be photography’.

11. Moroccan

Celebrate multiculturalism, taking the best of Moroccan style to create a bold, warm, eclectic interior. Channel Northern Africa’s romantic fantasy rich in cultural traditions. Decorative tile work, intricate lighting, colourful fabrics, Islamic art pieces and grand arches all combine to create a vibrant, exquisite flair.

Moroccan design is not about playing it safe, so open your mind and let your home enchant and captivate you and all who visit.

Interior Design Styles - Moroccan

BEAUTIFUL: Timber ceiling, lamps galore, textile and textures create warmth despite being open to the outdoors. Source: Home Design Lover. Photo: Luke Gibson.

Interior Design Styles - Moroccan

BOLD AND BUSY: There’s so much going on in this room, but this Moroccan interior is well balanced with cultural Moorish and Muslim influences. Source: Indoor Architecture.



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