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Work It Baby: 14 Interior Design Trends 2017

Work It Baby: 14 Interior Design Trends 2017

Keen to know what’s what in interior design trends 2017?

Well, the good news is it’s our job to keep up to date with all of that, so never fear! All you have to do is simply to sit back, scroll away and take it all in. Sound like a plan?

Discover the latest colours, patterns and accents that you can use to transform a room or even an entire home into the place to be in 2017.

Expect ‘Ooohs’ and plenty of ‘Ahhhs’ when loved ones come to visit.

You got this. Work it baby.

1. Pantone colour of the year 2017

Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343) is Pantone’s colour of the year and we’re into it. The people at Pantone describe the refreshing and revitalising shade as a ‘symbol of new beginnings’, making it a perfect choice for a room revamp.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Greenery

REFRESH: Invite Greenery into your home with plenty of plants, accents and this revitalising ‘Tropical Succulent’ macro photo print.

2. Go troppo!

It’s OK. Don’t stress. The naff tropical designs of the 1980s aren’t back, they’ve simply grown up. Celebrate the colours of the tropics with leafy plants, fabulous florals and flashy fauna.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Tropical

LUSH: Add fun and colour to an otherwise humble home using this flamboyant ‘Exotic Flamingo’ art print.

3. Muted beauty

Muted colours – off whites, beiges, light browns and lighter than light pastels – are enjoying a comeback. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a placatory living area where you can read, chat, relax or even rest your eyes; far away from the worries of the world.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Muted

OH SO QUIET: ‘The Mysterious Woman’ print is an exceptional complement to a muted interior decor.

4. Geometric goodness

Get the edge. Quite veritably! 2017 will see a renaissance of art deco inspired interior design, but without the excesses of that era – a much more contemporary approach using 21st Century graphic design techniques.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Geometrics

EDGY: Welcome geometric greatness into your living space with this funky ‘Handshake’ print.

5. Grey daze

Rather than the colour grey being a new trend for 2017, it simply continues to be ‘on trend’ which is great news for those who’ve urbanised their wall paint. What’s new is adding more grey to your grey, from carpets to cushions to artwork.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Grey

EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING: Use grey to design quintessential comfort and add a floral splash using ‘Silk Flower In Grey’.

6. Butterfly Amour

Butterflies may be a symbol of femininity, but that no longer means they have to be relegated to a girl’s bedroom or woman’s retreat. In 2017, the butterfly is for everyone so bring it into your shared living space and revel in their universal beauty.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Butterflies

BE FREE: Welcome this ‘Butterfly Flourish’ into your living space where everyone can delight in its charm.

7. Patterns unite

In the same way mixed media is becoming part of mainstream art, mixed patterns are becoming part of mainstream interior design. It’s all about taking a risk and seeing what flies. The only limit is your imagination.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Patterns

TAKE A CHANCE: Step outside solid colours with plenty of patterns including this stunning ‘Arabesque In Blue’ wall print.

8. Navy fervour

Navy is the new black. You’re going to see it everywhere – home hallways, family living spaces, public buildings, offices…

Embrace the magical midnight blues which – in case you’re wondering – encourages efficiency. Isn’t that a nifty bonus?

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Navy

MAGICAL: This ‘Bird Of Paradise’ print is the ideal accompaniment to 2017’s favourite colour trend, midnight blue.

9. Soft spot for upholstery

Say goodbye to timber bedheads and hello to absolutely fabulous upholstered headboards. Glam up your bedroom with that one special purchase that blends in perfectly with your interior. Consider muted tones like pearl, lilac grey or beige.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Upholstered

DREAMY: ‘Hanging From The Clouds’ thoroughly completes this perfect pearl and grey picture of sophistication.

10. Escapism

Has your spare room become a storage space? 2017 is the year to declutter your life and escape into a safe place. Transform a space in your home into a library, retreat or reading room. Decorate with furniture, plants, artwork and accents that will bring you calm.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Escapism

RELAX: Escape to anywhere you like without leaving home with a retreat that will offer you peace – plus your very own ‘Garden Of Zen’.

11. New opulence

Splashing out doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t have to be a character on Gossip Girl or Sex In The City to afford nice things. What a relief, huh? To feed the passion for ‘new opulence’ you will find art deco stylings everywhere in 2017, making it more affordable than ever. Seek and ye shall find.

Love the style? Discover more art deco interior designs now.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Opulent

FLASHY: Bring a piece of art deco chic home with this modish ‘New York City Deco Skyline’ print.

12. Innovative lighting

Cool, contemporary, creative and minimalist – they’re the hallmarks of lighting in 2017. The less gregarious the better, so find a space to experiment and enjoy the superior sensibility.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Lighting

COOL: Contemporary lighting is becoming an art form in itself like these trendy long drop bulbs in yellow and white.

13. Moody moments

To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there. – Richard Bach

If you’re seeking something extra special this year, start setting the mood at home. If you’re after more romance, create a romantic ambience. If you’re after more joy, design a happy-go-lucky space. If you want to chill, construct a free and easy atmosphere. And so on.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Mood

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING: Turn the literal world upside down with this ‘Polished Agate’ print, a brazen complement to this ambient bedroom interior.

14. Romantic masters

Speaking of romance, the bedroom in 2017 is all about romance. Bedroom design is less about pure lust and certainly more than just about amenity. It’s the year of excitement and mystery associated with love, so have a think about what bedroom trimmings will bring a sparkle to your eye – and get that happening.

Interior Design Trends 2017 - Romantic

SPARKLE: Bring romance back with a dash of femininity in the ‘Pink Water Lily’ print and metallic gold cushions plus a splash of masculinity in the bedhead and lamp.

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