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Express Yourself: Blur The Boundaries With Minimalist Art

Express Yourself: Blur The Boundaries With Minimalist Art

Minimalist art, which thrives on simplicity in both content and form, was a movement that sought to remove any sign of personal expression. Minimalist works were meant to have a purely literal presence where you pretty much ‘see what you see’ without distractions.

However, if you’re keen to blur the boundaries, there are still ways to express yourself at home while keeping true to the minimalist style.

To demonstrate this, we’ve chosen the four classical elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth – with the aim of giving each of them magical minimalist matches.


The element of fire is said to produce zeal, courage, creativity and daring. The colours of red, orange, gold and yellow combine to create a space where passion, sex, lust, energy, desire and strength come to life.

With this in mind, the colours of fire are perfect for seductively styled bedrooms, high energy living areas and creative spaces. The art selection below shows how minimalist art, despite its non-referential form can still be used to express a mood.

1. Feel the heat

Minimalist Art - Heat

HOT: This art print ‘Heat Of The Sun’ turns this living area into a place of passion.

2. From fire to ash

Minimalist Art - Fade

DARING: ‘Fade To Grey’ is an art print without much form, but with lots of strength.

3. High energy

Minimalist Art - Autumn

SIMPLY SEDUCTIVE: Transform a plain space into a golden wonder with this ‘Elements Of Autumn’ artwork.


We love bringing a piece of the deep blue indoors, but not all of us want to display a seaside landscape or an ocean photograph. That’s where minimalism works best.

Using minimalism, you can still celebrate water and the colours blue, indigo, aqua, green and silver without fuss.

Water, as an element, channels understanding, trust, compassion, forgiveness and love. These three minimalist works of art below say all of that without being kitsch.

4. Blue waves

Minimalist Art - Waves

THE BLUES: ‘Waves’ will bring a much needed sense of calm to a minimalist living space.

5. Beach days

Minimalist Art - Beach

MARINE: This minimalist watercolour ‘Beach Days’ will complement a crisp, clean, colourful decor.

6. Loving the options

Minimalist Art - Options

MODERN LOVE: This wall art piece ‘Options’ celebrates indigo, bringing an otherwise classic decor into the 21st Century.


Air is an all-knowing element that’s seemingly everywhere at once. Air signifies freedom, travel, lightness, optimism, joy and laughter. The colour of air is a hard one to pin down, but think yellows, sky blue and pastels.

If you are looking for new beginnings, here are some minimalist ideas inspired by air.


7. Forest of thought

Minimalist Art - Dawn

ABSTRACT THINKING: This ‘Dawn In The Forest’ print captures the oft-unrecognisable colour of air, adding a special lightness to this neutral decor.

8. New beginnings

Minimalist Art - Mondrian

START OVER: To bring joy and laughter to a room, try this ‘Composition’ minimalist modern art piece.

9. Provoke thought

Minimalist Art - Consideration

CLARITY: Inspire knowledge with this ‘Consideration’ art print featuring a touch of sky blue that acts as a magnet to the eye.


Earth as an element is all about stability, perseverance, punctuality, care and grounding. In contrast, minimalist art lets you throw caution to the wind, so while the earth element tells us to be cautious and responsible, it’s wonderful to blur those boundaries.

Drawing from nature and the earth colours of brown, black and green, we feature two stunning minimalist works below that add femininity and strength to these interiors.

Some say the earth element’s magical power is silence, but we think Mother Earth is louder than that.

10. Yellow dots

Minimalist Art - Dots

SPOT THE DOTS: This print, aptly named ‘Two Yellow Dots’, is more about what it isn’t than what it is.

11. Fresh lines

Minimalist Art - Arc

NATURE’S GARDEN: This colourful modern ‘Arc’ print gives this room the grounding it needs.

So while minimalism may at first appear to be emotionless, it’s possible for it to say something. Start your search today.

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