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Stylin’ Up: 16 Masterful Modern Living Room Ideas

Stylin’ Up: 16 Masterful Modern Living Room Ideas

There’s only one thing worse than having no style and that is over-styling. Think about it.

Make-up can be beautiful, but if it’s applied too liberally it can become a bit too OTT drag queen. Of course this is fine if you’re a drag queen, but if not then it just becomes ‘too much’.

Same goes with hair. It’s great to use a styling product. I mean, who doesn’t love dry shampoo or a squirt of hairspray? But too much and it just ends up looking greasy and horrible.

Same goes with interior design, particularly with respect to the modern living room. It’s often one of the first rooms in the house where we start to express ourselves.

We hate it when it has no style, so we experiment with new paint, new furniture or new artwork. We do end up going a bit over the top, so we move things around, take things away and continue to add to it. A lot.

We experiment but we do not master.

It’s time to get masterful with modernism. It’s time to start stylin’ up. Let’s show you a few tricks of the trade: styles, patterns, colours and accents.

Modern Styles

The first thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different sense of style. And that’s OK. You don’t have to like what others like and vice versa.

Your home is for you and your family (if you have one!). No-one else matters.

That said, be sure to keep your mind open to possibilities. Here we highlight some minimalist modern spaces – formal, funky and Scandinavian – and show how floor to ceiling windows can make a space feel light and airy.

If you love making a statement you will no doubt love the idea of ‘going large’ and investing in a super sized art print.

1. Favour the formalities 

Modern Living Room - Formal

CHIC: With a bright couch, contemporary pieces and this artwork ‘Lone Tree In The Snow Storm’, formal doesn’t have to mean posh.

2. Keep it simple

Modern Living Room - Simple

SIMPLE AS ABC: Keep your living space fuss free and instead add pizzazz using art like this ‘Retro abstraction’ print.

3. Super size your art

Modern Living Room - Go XXL

PERFECT BALANCE: A refined white and dusty blue decor comes alive when partnered with this massive ‘Iridescent Nacre’ abstract print.

4. Go scandi

Modern Living Room - Go Scandi

SUBLIME: The new Scandinavian design styles are mixing classic whites and blondes with greens and blacks, so balance your Nordic passion with this stunning ‘Beeches To The Sky’ photo print.

5. Let light in

Modern Living Room - Light & Airy

CHANGE YOUR LIFE: If you’re feeling cooped up, perhaps it’s time to move into an exciting, urban space that features floor to ceiling windows then get funky with this ‘Urban Strokes’ print.

Pattern Play

Modern doesn’t have to mean refined, neat and … well … boring. It really doesn’t. We promise!

If you want to mix modern up and throw it outside its comfort zone then play with your patterns. Mix and match styles, patterns, colours and textures.

It’s ridiculously fun.

6. Mix patterns around a palette

Modern Living Room - Go Chic

IT’S A PLEASURE: This colour palette of grey, olive drab, aqua and white only works due to clever patterning that combines bold greys and whites with the zig zag cushions and this ‘Springtime Leaves’ wall print.

7. Combine new with old

Modern Living Room - Pattern Play

ECLECTIC: Don’t be afraid to mix new contemporary stripes and graphic prints with prints inspired by our ancient past like this ‘Tribal Shout’ piece.

8. Disturb perfect symmetry

Modern Living Room - Perfect Symmetry

THEATRICAL: Lavish your home with the luxury of balance and order then throw the rules out the window with an exciting abstract ‘Daydreaming’.

Colour Curiosity

Curiouser and curiouser! – Alice In Wonderland

Where would we be without curiosity? It’s the lifeblood of many an artist and it’s no different when it comes to interior design.

When it comes to colour, if you know the rules you can break the rules. If you don’t know the rules, stick with what you know.

If you know to match the colours in a work of art with a splash of colour from your decor, do that. If you know how to make white on white work, do that. And if you know that copper is the latest metallic trend, go forth and do that.

Just do it.

9. Make it pop

Modern Living Room - Mellow Yellow

MELLOW YELLOW: Brighten a dark room with pops of yellow defined by this ‘Blooming Sublime’ print.

10. Put white on white

Modern Living Room - White On White

CHILL OUT: You can never have too much white so get a white print ‘Intricate Rings’ on a white wall with a white chair and white curtains and white floor …

11. Get into copper

From Barker And Storehouse.

Modern Living Room - Round Mirror

NEW METAL: Copper may be the new silver, but it doesn’t have to dominate so accessorise with a mirror or a lamp.

12. Indulge in natural elements

Modern Living Room - Natural Elements

BACK TO BASICS: Rustic can be modern, so bury yourself in beautiful beige and make this ‘Timber Delight’ print yours.

Accent Aclaim

Give your modern living room an edge by accenting it with something extraordinary. It could be a feature wall, a piece of art, a rug or a fireplace.

This is your opportunity to own your modern space; to really make it yours.

13. Accent your wall

Modern Living Room - Accent Wall

GLAM IT UP: Nothing says unique more than a clashing wallpaper and print combo so get those stripes going on and contrast with this ‘Joyful’ abstract.

14. Splash on some silver

Modern Living Room - Silver Accents

BLING FEST: Turn a room modern in an instant with this silver ‘Urban Steel’ architecture print.

15. Rug up, big time

From Emily Henderson.

Modern Living Room - Rug Up

BE FLOORED: Modern doesn’t have to be dull, so bring your living room alive with a multi-coloured rug.

16. Add a fireplace

From One Kindesign.

Modern Living Room - Modern Fireplace

BLISS: Warm up your living space by adding a gas fireplace, a focal point that is still marvellously minimalist.

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